Thursday, January 6, 2011


By : Amanda Hocking
Published By : Self Published at Smashwords.
Released : Available Now
Details : Smashwords Ebook , 200 Pages

RATING 5 TEAM PETER STARS!!!( What? I Can't help myself )

Her younger brother's love life is heating up, while hers is...more complicated. Mae is falling apart, her best friend Jane is addicted to vampire bites, and if Alice doesn't get her bloodlust under control, someone will end up dead.

Alice volunteers for a rescue mission with Ezra. But going up against a pack of rabid vampires might be too much, even for him.


Oh ,  'Flutter', is full to the brim of excitement and mayhem. It's been 3 weeks since Alice went through her change. She is handling it very well considering the bloodlust she must endure. I think I like 'Flutter' the best so far as soooo much happens. POW's and twists at every corner.

Ezra and Alice travel to Finland to save Peter from his worst enemy, himself. Alice learns that not all vampires are like her new found family. Ezra makes payment for Peter's suicidal mission.

New characters are introduced. Jane is going down the WRONG!!! path. Oh, Jane, don't go there girlfriend!! I kinda wanted to give Jane a good slap, if it would do her any good.

Mae has her own problems she must confront , she is desperate to be understood. Has she over stepped the line?

Alice has to restrain herself in more ways than one. Oh the tension oozes in this book.

Milo has a new friend and Alice must deal with it. Milo must also deal with the danger his new friend holds for him.

Amanda will make your eyes pop in 'Flutter', lol!! I know mine did several times. There is action, drama, emotions are on high alert, betrayal weazles it's way in, confusion ripples below the surface, but through it all Ezra is a rock. Everything is going haywire around him, his family is going through their own little crisis's, but Ezra will always be there to help and defend his family...... or are some things just too much to overlook......Oh Mae...what have you done.........


"Are you Han Solo? " I raised my eyebrow at him.
"Yeah, I wanted him to be Princess Leia, but he wouldn't go for it, " Bobby gave Milo a pouty look, and I was momentarily relieved that Jack wasn't around so he couldn't try out that exact idea on me. Then I realized that Jack wasn't here, and I got sad again.
"I am not going to wear a gold bikini, "Milo said.  "Even I'm not gay enough for that!"

"Did you really want my blood that badly?"
"Your blood is divine, " he admitted sadly. "But I always wanted more than that." he exhaled huskily.

The air was so thick with the scent and feel of him that I could almost taste it, and I wanted to taste him. I wanted him in the most visceral way.

With Ezra so close to me, I had the strangest urge to kiss him. That was just the blood talking, so I lowered my head before I could act on it.


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