Thursday, January 6, 2011


By : Amanda Hocking
Published By : Self Published at Smashwords.
Released : Available Now
Details : Smashwords Ebook , 168 Pages


Alice Bonham thinks she's finally found a balance in her life between the supernatural and real life with her brother Milo. Jack - her sorta vampire boyfriend - keeps her at arm's length to keep her safe. As for his brother Peter... she's not sure where he's at, or what he wants with her. Worse still, she's not even sure what she wants with Peter.

When tragedy happens, Alice finds herself struggling with a terrible choice. Her decision has consequences that reach farther than she'd ever imagined...


'Fate' , is proving to be difficult emotionally on Jack, Peter and Alice.
Chubby cheeked, large innocent brown eyed Milo turns 16 and learns to drive.

Jack is always there, that guy that will help where needed. He decides to step it up and learn the ropes from Ezra,  after all eternity,  is a long time to just sit about playing X-Box games.

The story changes up a beat,  leaving Alice spending more time than she would like by herself and she doesn't like it. Alice tends to fill in time badly. Alice is looking for answers and Ezra it seems is the only one that can attempt to give her them.

Jealousys simmer below the surface, urges battle it out quietly and life changes dramatically for some of the characters. Emotions need to be kept in check for fear of the outcome. Alice seems to draw the wrong attention these days and Jane and her idea of a great night out have a lot to live up to.

Amanda is throwing in some twists at sharp turns and POW's that will make you stop and think. New characters are introduced and life will never be the same for some. I would recommend having all 4 books currently available ready to read one after the other in rapid succession as I can't imagine you putting them down until they are totally devoured. Amanda's rollercoaster storyline is only warming up.


"You're wearing a purple thong?" Jack raised an eyebrow, but since I was drunk, I couldn't get a read on his emotions. I didn't know if it was an intrigued I'd-like-to-see-more eyebrow, or a disapproving you're-a-huge-slut eyebrow.
"Yeah . Wanna see? "  I offered.
"Just get in the car," Jack said, not unkindly, and walked around to the driver's seat.

"It's beating like a moth caught in a jar, " Violet smiled wistfully at me.  "I can't help myself. It sounds so beautiful."

With one magical leap, I managed to jump on the nearest platform. It was about two feet off the ground, so it wasn't that impressive, except I'm 5'3"running through a crowded gay club with a torn dress and a vampire on my tail.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful your heart sounds? "Jack asked me quietly, and I shook my head. "You have no idea how beautiful and amazing any part of you is."



  1. I'm glad that there aren't any spoilers since I haven't read book one yet. But I liked this review and I might just check this series out!

  2. Hi Kailia Sage,

    I try not to write spoilers, but is very hard when it's a great series with lots happening. I personally highly recommend them:D

    The Trylle trilogy I think is even better. Finn is beautiful.



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