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Magic Bites # 1
Magic Burns # 2
Magic Strikes #3
Magic Mourns # 3.5
Magic Bleeds # 4
Magic Dreams # 4.5
Magic Slays # 5
Magic Gifts # 5.4
Gunmetal Magic # 5.5
Magic Rises # 6
Magic Breaks # 7 - July 29th 2014
Magic Steals # 7.5 - November 25th 2014 - Jim & Dali - Novella


I started reading Kate Daniels series in August 2013. I had originally bought the first four books from the Book Depository, couple years earlier, but with blogging, it can take me a while to get around to some book series.

Then it came time to start reading the series, knowing I could have a good binge without having to wait for too many to be released.

The pseudonym Ilona Andrews is made up of  the husband and wife writing team , Ilona and Gordon.

I really enjoy this urban fantasy series, it is rich in all things urban fantasy...errr... except, don't expect this adult urban fantasy to come with too much of the * waggles eyebrows *  smexi.

They simply brush over it. 

I'm used to it now. I think I will fall over backwards if they actually give me a full on adult smexi scene between Kate and Curran.

Don't expect to get the Bones and Cat smexi we adore in Night Huntress series, it just ain't on the cards for this series.

But, we did get something in Magic Bleeds # 4. I took this comment from my review.


Praise The Lord!

Curran and Kate actually make it into the sack in this installment.

Now, I am not being a perv, it is just unusual for an adult urban fantasy series with a guy like Curran who is all ALPHA and a chick like Kate who is in her own right an Alpha type character and an adult series to boot, to not get a little horizontal tango time going on.


But, it doesn't stop me enjoying this series. It is a story rich in characters and world building.

Kate and Curran have a slow relationship. The series really is about Kate Daniels and what shenanigans she gets up to and is a part of. Curran always makes it into the story when it counts. He's just not all that much of a main character like Bones is in Night Huntress.

Some wonderful sub characters. Derek is a fave of mine. Aunt B is a straight shooter. Andrea and Raphael are another great set of characters and Doolittle is always there for medical help.

I will admit this is a series that took me a good couple books to get into. I know it is hugely popular and I am glad I kept reading. I will admit I gave Magic Bites # 1,  3.5 stars, but each book got better and better for me. I think I explain myself in my review. I wasn't the only one who got off to a bumpy start with this series. So I think I was fair with my rating.

In saying that, I am quite addicted to the series now.

You can read all my reviews HERE just scroll down to the start.

I have read all the little novella's ( inside anthologys )  that I can get my hands on. I adored Jim and Dali's novella - Magic Dreams # 4.5. I wasn't overly fussed at the other couple I read. Jim and Dali are great characters.

I'm excited to see there is another Jim & Dali novella releasing inside the anthology Night Shift - titled Magic Steals - November 25th 2014. I really LOVED their little story in Magic Dreams which was inside the anthology - Hexed. Jim and Dali are a couple that I think need more airtime in this series, I think having these novellas is my way of getting more of them. I really do like them. Once you understand who they are, you will know why. Dali is a little different. I could quite honestly have a spin-off series with these two and I do love Dali's mamma. She is hilarious.

This fan made vid is probably the best I can find
 that gives a good idea about the series.

Magic Breaks #7 is releasing 29th July 2014.
 I just have to read Magic Rises.
 I keep getting it from library and running out of time to read it.
I can see from Goodreads that there are at least another 3 books in the series to write.

This is an urban fantasy series I do highly recommend,
 it is uber popular and gets very addictive.

Another series I keep getting from library and not enough time to crack open is their - The Edge series. It sounds great!

I'll get there :D

Pop over and check out their web page HERE it's all kinds of wonderful. I nabbed me some wallpaper.



  1. Oh this series is one of my fave and I just loved loved Magic Rises! I want more it's terrible!

    1. HI Melliane, I got to read about fifty pages of Magic Rises and then I had to return at library, then I just got it again couple weeks ago, but somebody else reserved it, so I couldn't extend my reservation. I am aiming to read it next time I get it, ready for Magic Breaks :D

  2. Huh. I had no idea these books were by a husband/wife pseudonym. Guess you learn something every day. Love this segment Mich--another long running series I hope to day :)

    1. Hi Rach, YES! I always learn something new everyday. Thanks. I am having fun with this segment. I realize when I write them how many urban fantasy books/series I have read. Whahh!

      Got many more up my sleeve too :)


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