Thursday, September 6, 2018


By: JC Andrijeski
Published By: White Sun Press
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle purchase, 280 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

"My name is Black. Quentin Black."

Gifted with an uncanny sense about people, psychologist Miri Fox works as an off and on profiler for the police. So when they think they've finally nailed the "Wedding Killer," she agrees to check him out, using her gift to discover the truth.

But the suspect, Quentin Black, isn't anything like Miri expects. He claims to be hunting the killer too and the longer Miri talks to him, the more determined she becomes to uncover his secrets.

When he confronts her about the nature of her peculiar "insight," Miri gets pulled into Black's bizarre world and embroiled in a game of cat and mouse with a deadly killer--who still might be Black himself. Worse, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Black, a complication she doesn't need with a best friend who's a homicide cop and a boyfriend in intelligence.

Can Miriam see a way out or is her future covered in Black?

Standalone novel. No cliffhanger.

*Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young readers.*

BLACK IN WHITE is book 1 in the Quentin Black Mystery series - a series set in the Quentin Black World. It is also a spinoff from the Bridge & Sword (Allie's War) series and takes place in the wider history/world of the seers.

Next in the Quentin Black Mystery series: Black As Night, Black On Black, Black Is Back.

THE QUENTIN BLACK WORLD encompasses a number of dark, gritty paranormal mystery arcs with science fiction elements, starring brilliant and mysterious Quentin Black and forensic psychologist Miriam Fox. For fans of realistic paranormal mysteries with romantic elements, the series spans continents and dimensions as Black solves crimes, takes on other races and tries to keep his and Miri's true identities secret to keep them both alive.


This is my first JC Andrijeski read and it won’t be my last!

OMG! I SOOO enjoyed Black In White, but just hear me out on a few things little ol' me as the reader/reviewer has to say below.

Miriam Fox aka Miri is a great character. To be truthful I thought—purely from this first installment of the Quentin Black Mystery series—that it should have been titled the Miriam Fox series. Miriam is the focal character, in my opinion, with a delicious helping of QB on the side.

Quentin Black…OMG! I LOVE Quentin. He is such a great character. Well done JC! There was only one time where I was physically shaking my head and pulling a NOOOO face when he did something.

I do love Nick as well. He was a little too determined about one thing and kinda let his professionalism be swept away, but I really like him in Miriam's life.

I’m not going to say much more than that because I reckon you need to dive in and read for yourself.

I am gonna go a little crazy here and still give it 4.5 stars even though I (personally) felt it was too darn easy to pick the baddie. It was a bit of an eye-roll for me when we got to the da…da…da…daaaa... big reveal. This I usually take stars off for and I think quite rightly so as a reviewer. If more suspects were thrown into the plot then it wouldn't be so darn easy.

I also felt at times the author (for me personally) wrote some plot areas too conveniently. What I am trying to convey is certain things happened more in the telling, rather than the showing and it was too convenient the outcome for me as a reader. I would have liked more detail in those areas and it wouldn’t be filler-in, it would possibly enrich the storyline. I do have examples, but I don’t want to point them out as they are my personal issues I have. 

But each to their own. It could be a case of it's me and not you.

I really did love the bones of this story. Actually, I freakin’ loved the bones of this story and at the moment Quentin’s personality has totally washed the negative away for me.

This does not happen at all with me as a reviewer usually.

There are so many more books in this series already written that I can hardly wait to dive back in. The cover designs are gorgeous.

I am still admittedly trying to work out the title meaning: Black In White. I have been pondering it and can't seem to nail the title. 
New edit: I think I just worked it out. 

I understand QB series is a spin-off of the Bridge and Sword series. I happen to have ROOK on my Kindle and the second book Shield is currently FREE (at the time of this posting).

I do recommend meeting Quentin Black and Miriam Fox. QB is a new book boyfriend of mine.

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