Sunday, July 12, 2015


By: Melissa Eskue Ousley
Published By: Castle Garden Publications
Released: 11th July 2015
Details: Paperback from author for honest review


Blurb: Goodreads

As the new king of a world in turmoil, life for David Corbin is grim, at best.

Abby Brown, the love of his life, has vanished without a trace, and David fears the worst: that she was brutally murdered by the Daughters of Mercy, vicious creatures employed by Tynan Tierney, an evil lord vying for the throne. One of David’s best friends, Jon, has been captured by the Kruorumbrae, Tierney’s army of bogeymen, and David has no idea if he’s still alive, or how to rescue him. The powerful Eastern Oracle has pledged loyalty to Tierney’s cause, and all communication with David and the other three Oracles has ceased. Cai Terenmare is on the brink of war. And, to make matters worse, a new evil has arisen, the mysterious Sower, a monster puppeteered by Tierney himself.

On the bright side, David has his treacherous aunt locked up in his dungeon. Lucia’s not happy that her ex, Tierney, tried to kill her, and she owes David for saving her life. Lucia may have critical information about Tierney’s plans for the Sower, but after all the trouble she’s caused, can David ever trust her again?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I am going to start by saying I think Lucia turned out to be quite the surprise character in this trilogy, without really knowing it at first.
It took me to read this book to see under her layers and what made her tick.

This has been a wonderful YA fantasy trilogy to read. You can see how much Melissa loves writing in this genre.

The cover art has always been a stand out for me.

We join Abby and David, who for me has done a complete one eighty, he was the motorbike guy in Sign Of The Throne and he became King material in The Sower Comes.

Jon has been a fave of mine and we only see him for a small part of this book but he is such a valued friend to Abby.

Hedeon is another character I really liked even though he again is not in the book a great deal.

Tierney, now I almost...almost, felt sorry for him in a certain scene. I can see how Lucia had her emotions mislead.

Speaking again of Lucia and that tray scene, when you have no weapon you make do and she certainly knew how to use that tray!

This instalment has a plague that really had me scratching my head how it was going to be stopped. Visually that scene played out quite spectacularly in my mind even though it wasn’t a very long scene.

This has been a great journey I have spent with all these characters and I feel very satisfied how it all turned out.

Well done Melissa. J



  1. Thank you, Michelle! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, and thanks for going above and beyond in reviewing the entire trilogy.


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