Wednesday, September 17, 2014


By: Alessandra Torre
Published By: Harlequin
Released: Available Now
Details : Paperback from publisher for honest review, 296 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

The man was sinful. It wasn't just the looks that made him dangerous, it was the cocky confidence that dominated every move, every touch. And the frustrating yet ecstatic fact about the whole package was that he could back it all up…

Julia Campbell never knows what to expect with win-at-all-costs Brad De Luca. And she's starting to like it that way. She gave up safe, conventional relationships when she let the elite divorce attorney seduce her into his world. Now that he's determined to strip her naked of every inhibition, she's in danger of falling too deep and too fast.

But their affair begins to feel even more dangerous when a murder leaves a trail of suspicion that points straight to the mob…and Brad. Trusting a man with a bad reputation and a past full of secrets seems like a mistake. But when she's forced to make a choice, the consequences will take her further than she could ever have imagined.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

With the build up of sexual revelations from Blindfolded Innocence, I thought I was going to be in for a kinky time in Masked Innocence.


Not my fault I thought that. I just assumed we were going to be exploring Brad and Julia’s relationship, much deeper and the parties and contacts Brad has in the world of kink and his sexual good times he enjoys.

Sure we got that at the start of Masked Innocence.

I rather enjoyed Jessica and Marco’s talents for transforming Julia for the invite only party.

She turned on a mirrored spotlight, illuminating my face, examined it closely, then sat back with a satisfied smile.

“What look do you want to go for tonight?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve never been to a party like this before. Won’t the mask hide a lot of the makeup?”

She clapped her hands and smiled at me excitedly, and turned and grabbed a thick binder from a nearby stool. “Tonight, the mask is going to be the makeup. 

Yes the party scene was YOWZER and then... well, then... the story took a completely different direction. One that outs Brad and his inner sanctum.

Brad De Luca, you have been holding out on us!

Murder and hits are the flavor of this installment.

The kinky group sex and parties got left behind.

Enter Martha.

“Honey, it’s me being honest. I believe women need to know what they’re up against. If you want sunshine blown up your ass, you picked the wrong black woman.”

Enter the Magiano Family.

“Christ, Brad, you’ve known the girl, what, a month or two?” Stevie stood up, walked over to Brad, looking into his face, which was growing darker. “You, with the heart of steel and the unending supply of ass. You’re supposed to be the smart one!”

“If you need help, you know you have my loyalty.”

“This is not your fight.”

“It’s not yours, either.” Stevie leaned forward, dropping his voice to almost a whisper. “She’s pussy, Brad. I know you hate collateral damage, but you need to let this one go.”

Brad is losing his grip on his controlled life of bedding women for his own sexual pleasure. Feelings are starting to come into play and he doesn’t quite know what to do about it.

“I’ve never really cared if a woman ‘broke up’ with me. With you it is different. I am a gambler, Julia-- I love the thrill of it. But with my heart, with my life, with you, there is too much at stake.”

“You are a gamble in that you are young, you could fall out of love as quickly as you fell in it.”

This was a a really good follow up to Blindfolded Innocence, the story turned about on me and I am left wanting to read End of Innocence ASAP!


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