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Who hasn't heard of the Fever series?

Who hasn't heard of Jericho Barrons?

If the answer is yes, (* gasp *  shock horror ) you need to be reading this posting, then hit your library up or your Kindle.

They are all adult reads.

I was introduced to the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning by a friend and author, Lisa Sanchez back in 2010. I started reading in September 2010. I had the first three books ready to go, one after the other I read them like a bullet. I read the 4th one on Kindle as it was such a long wait to get the paperback. Sometimes with this series the publisher releases the hardback first, then like four months later you can get the paperback.

For those of you who haven't started, or have not finished this series, you really do need to. I have put more readers than I can count, onto this series around the world. I love to preach about it. 

It is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Oh the discussions that were flying about cyberspace before Shadowfever was released. I absolutely adore this series and my mixed lot of covers I have. I have some paperback and some hard back.

I love this cover gif for Shadowfever.

There are couple different sets of covers to this series, I just showed you the ones above. It is a highly popular urban fantasy/paranormal series. I really am a bit lost these days what is the difference between these two genres. I get Twilight was pure paranormal romance with Eddy being a vampire, but these days I do find it hard to separate these two genres sometimes. 

Dani O'Malley the Mega , went and got herself a spin off series and it is brilliant. Iced is available and Burned is coming January 2015. It's been a long wait, but it will be worth it.

I adored what KMM did with Dani in her spinoff book, Iced. She keeps her fourteen years old with Ryodan sitting back and waiting. I will admit my review for Iced took me four days to get right. I was consumed with this book. You can't jump to this spinoff series, you need to read Fever series first. 

My review, KMM actually posted it on her facebook page at the time. I have received over 3700 views of it.

Iced review HERE

There is a most brilliant smexi scene that KMM popped as a separate read on her web page  for the Fever series. Once you have read the first five books, read it, it will actually make you think of Jericho a little differently.

I will say no more. Goodreads JZB Sex Scene. You can read it online , I think over at Karen Marie Moning's web page. I think that is where I read it at the time. Not sure if it is still about, this scene. Holy mac and cheese it was worth a read, though.

You can catch KMM putting up lots of teasers and bits and pieces from all her books on her facebook page. I often lurk and stalk her page.

Jericho Barrons is a most brilliant male lead, then you have V'Lane who is... well, I can't say. This series is a most amazing page turner. 

Just think if you haven't started it, you can binge to your hearts content.

I love all the characters they are so well written and the plot is thick and rich. 

This is quite a good fan made trailer. It showcases Mac and Barrons, and V'Lane. 

I can not explain how much I recommend the Fever series and spinoff series. KMM is brilliant at deception with her writing. I really enjoyed Darkfever # 1, but I think she got better and better as she wrote the series. She has the best visuals as you read. I saw all the books like movies playing out on the streets of Dublin.

Pay attention to all the detail, it ALWAYS means something. That is my tip.



  1. This is another series I'm yet to read about everyone adores. One day I'll be sure to read it :)

    1. TRUST ME Rach, sooner than later for this one!! It is brilliant!!! You gotta keep reading to get how the books get better and better and the cleverness of KMM!!


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