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By: Ryan Michele
Published By: Ryan Michele
Released : Available Now
Details: Kindle, 270 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

After spending the last two years stuck behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Harlow ‘Princess’ Gavelson’s time inside has finally come to an end, and she’s ready for revenge. Unfortunately, being the daughter to the Vice President of the Ravage Motorcycle Club cuts into her plans, as orders must be followed. Trying to settle back into this life is proving difficult when the tables are turned and the woman who framed her is out for blood. Lucky for Princess, growing up in a MC has taught her how to hold her own.

After spending years in hell overseas, Donavon ‘Cruz’ came home to lose the very thing he went into hell for, sending him to the darkest moments of his life. Joining Ravage two years ago was his safe haven, and he protects his family at all costs.

When a dark-haired bombshell struts into the club’s shop, he’s caught off guard but immediately knows she’s the one he’d do anything for. Tough as nails, and taking no crap from anyone, he’s captivated by a woman who could handle this life. Trying to meet the needs of the MC business and follow his heart proves to be difficult when the two collide, and lives are at stake.

Can these two find a way to be together, or will the needs of Ravage cost them everything, including their lives?

*Contains mature content including, sex and violence. Mature audiences only.*

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I’ve been getting into the MC genre of late and enjoying it. It’s different. It’s a harder life and it does come with its sexist behavior, but I just got to suck that up. The MC world are rule breakers, a law unto their own. They look after their own. It’s rare they will give a second chance to somebody. If you f*&ck up, you are pretty much dead.

Harlow aka Princess is the daughter of the Vice President of the Ravage MC’s. You get one hell of an introduction to this chick who is stepping straight out of prison and can’t wait to ride her man.


* eyes boggle * 

Gotta say I haven’t read a scene like that before.

I may have a pussy, but I ain’t one. I’ve got bigger balls than most guys out there. Even though I’ll never be a member of the club, because it’s not possible, I always hold my head up high. I learned at a very young age that bitches didn’t ever get patched in, and I accepted that, but I’d be damned if I acted like some pussy motorcycle club princess.

Speaking of balls, she is also a real ball buster... pun intended.

Ravage Me had me really liking Princess in the start and her attitude, she doesn’t take shit, but she knows when enough is enough and what lines not to cross.


I think maybe she went too far. Too much information for my eyes. I would be frightened to be her friend, I think. When she has revenge on the brain, holy shiz! 

Without a doubt this is a gritty read and very violent in parts. Makes me frightened to look at a MC guy or woman, cause, shiz in this book... let's just say there was some pretty fierce stuff going on.

I got to say , knowing my cousin thirty plus years ago was involved with a motorcycle club, has me wondering what part she played in it.

Hell, girl!

I know she walked out with a baby.

Cruz is a smexi, tough, takes what he wants character. I really liked him in this MC read.

“I love you,” I whispered so softly I didn’t think he could hear me, not knowing what his reaction might be.

“Thank fuck, Baby.” He lifted his body up, looking me in the eyes, the passion and love permeating through them. “I love you, too, Baby. Just you.”

Sometimes I did think Princess’s character was a little too strong. She may have out shone Cruz, but she is a tough chick.

Did I just say that? I do like my chicks strong, but...

She was quite blokey in her attitude, sometimes, but then we got glimpses of her more vulnerable side too.

If I wasn’t woman enough for my man, he didn’t need to be mine.

She is fierce, she knows how to throw a punch and shoot straight, she knows how to exact revenge.

I gotta say my boobies were feeling one scene. GAHHHHhHHH!!! I don’t mean a good feeling, either.

Sometimes I did feel like I was the one sitting at home figuring stuff out, but...then I got an awesome twist.


Loved that twist.

Then, I think the story got real graphic in my head and I wasn’t sure if I got to much information for my little head to cope with. That visual was nasssty.

We like to romanticize MC life and the caveman attitude of the guy. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about this first installment in the series. It certainly is a fast paced read with the shiz that was flying about.

Yes, I got a tough chick who sometimes confuzed me a bit with her attitude changes, but she is a stand out memorable character.

Yes, it is a gritty violent read that crossed a line in my head, when it comes to the law. We have the law to keep citizens behaving, but in this read, by the time I got to the end, I was a little muddy who was right and wrong and revenge and... and...sure that should never have happened, but then...gahhhh.

All I will say is it certainly is a memorable read. I'm looking forward to Seduce Me, G.T and Casey's story which is up next .

Released : June 9th 2014



  1. I haven't read an MC since UnDeniable. I loved its grit. It sounds like Ravage Me is even grittier. But it definitely made an impression on you. I'll give it a go, I think. :) Thanks for the great review!

  2. Lmao, what a heroine you got there! I like my heroines with bad-ass character too, but this one does sound abit over the top, but then gain- it's a biker romance, who can resist those ;)? Great review!


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