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I started reading the Downside Ghosts series in 2010, when I first spotted them at my local library. I had heard nothing about them . I just saw the covers and picked them up. 

They were the older covers, and they just caught my attention .

Not long after I found them in my local independent grocer store and picked these three up for a bargain.

Here is an interview I managed to snag with Stacia, it is one of my faves. I did this back in 2011 with Stacia.

The Downside Ghosts is a very gritty , dangerous series. Visually I see it playing out very dark and yet colorful in my mind. 

Chess Putnam would be , I think, my all time # 1 female kickass lead in an urban fantasy series.

She is different. She is an addict, she cares for her friends and she seems to get herself into a lot of trouble. I loved reading the first three books in the series. I now have some catching up to do. I keep getting them from the library but keep having to return Sacrificial Magic and Chasing Magic, cause I run out of time to read them. Plus there are also a few novellas I need to catch up on.

Terrible, yes that is his name, is quite a brilliant character. He is not your normal male hero. He isn't even particularly attractive, but the more you read him, the more you love him.

When a character can do that. The author is good!

Terrible has his own local tongue when he talks. So you really feel Terrible when you read him. In your head you are talking like him. I really like this about him, even if it did slow my reading a touch when he spoke, sometimes. It made him more the character he is.

Terrible even has his own group on Goodreads.

I Gots Terrible Fever

You can join Stacia's Downside Army and get information when she releases it . HERE

Lots of great things on her page.

This is a series I highly recommend sinking your teeth into. It is adult so comes with adult maturity in smexiness. 

Giddy Up!

You can find my reviews for the first three books and the novella plus other postings HERE Just scroll down to you get to them.

Stacia also has another series, Megan Chase. I have not yet read this series.


If you are looking for a good gritty time in an urban fantasy world, then pick up Downside Ghosts if you haven't already.



  1. Ah stacia kane... I read unholy ghost a while ago and I really liked it as it was different but I confess even if I bought book 2 I never read it. I really need to go back to the series. Thanks for reminding me that.

    1. Hi Melliane,

      It's awesome you read the first one. Keep going you really get to know Terrible and he is a great character, totally different to the normal hero :D

  2. Hmmm. I've always heard mixed things about this series. Some love it, some not so much. I may pick them up one day myself seeing as you do obviously like them :)

    1. Awww Rachel I only hear awesome stuff. I totally dig it. I think you would to. It is different and Chess is a crazy good female character. Check out your library and grab the 1st one and give it a go. :D

    2. I may just do that one day when I find the time :)

  3. Yay for Stacia Kane! I'm not caught up in the Downside Ghosts series but I love Chess and Terrible (especially him). I've also read the Megan Chase series and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's different from Chess' world - not quite so gritty - definitely lighter reads. But good, nonetheless. Thanks for spotlighting Stacia!

    1. I just read your interview with Stacia - I did NOT know she was December Quinn. I loved your questions about Chess & Terrible. Now I can't wait to get caught up in the series! :)

    2. Stacia was a wonderful author to interview. I simply love this interview because she was so accommodating with my questions. I didn't know until I did my research that she was December, either. So there ya go!

      OO you MUST read this series. Just meeting a character like Terrible who by book 3 you are really starting to understand him. #1 as Stacia said, she was going to knock him off. So glad she didn't he is a very strong character and smexi in his own right. I shall have to read Megan Chase. I just need more heads :D


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