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By: Charlotte McConaghy
Published By: Momentum Books, Pan Macmillan
Released: Available Now
Details: Digital copy from Publisher for honest review, 348 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads

When emotions are erased from the world, creating a civilization of mindless drones, only those with fury can survive.

On the same day each year Josephine Luquet wakes naked, shivering and covered in blood that is not her own. Under the cold gaze of the blood moon she is someone else entirely, but when dawn breaks her memories flee and she is left with only an icy horror, a burning fury. Amid a sea of drones, she alone hasn’t been cured. 

It will be the same each year: atrocities forgotten, truths hidden and pieces of herself left to die.

Until Luke. 

He isn’t like the other drones. With secrets whispering behind his eyes and a hunger for all things Josephine, he is the only one determined to help her discover the truth before the next blood moon rises. 

But time is running out. Is Luke willing to risk his life to be near her? Does he truly understand what violence she is capable of?

Raw and full of passion, Fury is a story of love in a dystopian world, and how much we are willing to forgive in the struggle to remember our humanity.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

“‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil
 is that good men do nothing.’”

This story is told from three pov’s, Anthony the shrink, Luke and Josephine.

I found this a great read. I did have my moments where I had to take my time with dates and how the book jumps around chronologically.

I did find this to be a bit of a distraction. I did get used to it, as the book just keeps doing it, then add that to the character pov continual change and it did take some getting used to.

There were some great twists and secrets that get revealed, that kept me interested.

Anthony Harwood is our resident shrink at the asylum where Josephine is telling her story, trying to convince Anthony of how dangerous she is.

We learn early on that Josephine has not been, ‘cured’, she has her fury and emotions intact.

Enter Luke. He is part of her story telling. He wants to be part of her life.

Josephine is rude and rash, sarcastic and angry. She is emotionally unstable. She’s too young and she’s too difficult. She’s inexperienced, frightened and loud. At any moment she could fly away. But as I lie on the couch with her sleeping in my arms, I think I’m already in love with her.

The dates jump around from 2063 into 2065.

This is a dystopian world where humans get the cure. But some don’t. 

Walls have been built around cities and the cure was being administered.

Everything on the far side of the wall is wild, chaotic and exhausting. Everything here is calm, beautiful and healthy.

Charlotte has given us her dystopian world.

The world is a sea of ghosts. When the plague annihiliated us there were riots in the streets. Buildings came down in a flood of dry rubble. A fury made of fear was born, and the world grew dangerous. Nine years ago the government -- every government -- built walls around the remaining cities and started administering the cures. No more anger for humanity. No more aggression. The fight went out of us; we were malleable, controllable drones. But with one emotion gone, the other parts of us grew skewed and out of shape. Now everything is distorted--our perceptions of the world are damaged.

Anthony has been cured.

I don’t want to write any spoilers, so I have to just go with my thoughts on this book as it is a story that reveals the more you read.

I am really keen to read the next book in the series, after the ending to this one.

I was left wondering all sorts of things about Josi as I was reading.

What is she?

Why is the 16th of September each year such a dangerous year for those around Josi.

The more you read the more you find out, so hang in there. The first part of the book is deliberately a little confusing because we are waiting to hear more of Josi’s story to the good doctor.

We find out who is keeping secrets from whom and why.

What you think you know, may not necessarily be so.

I have a secret... I must guard it with everything I have...

I did enjoy this read, but I did think it was a little hard work keeping up with the time bouncing about, but it is all part of Josi’s story and Lukes.

Anthony is the man trying to believe what Josi is telling him.

Sub characters come into play in the race to beat 16th September 2065 and stop what will happen to Josephine on that date.

“But for one day, on the 16th of September--“

“The night of the blood moon.”

“--yes, the night of the blood moon, I become someone else. I disappear and she comes out...”

I think you just have to go with the fact that it only happens on that date every year or you will be questioning the why of that. We get told something, but still I couldn’t help questioning why just one day of total ... happens. I’m not sure if the why being blood moon is explained. Maybe it was and I missed it.

This was a great start to this series. I would like the next book to be a little less heavy on the time bouncing about. I would expect it would be due to how this one finished.

“Maybe I’m hoping someone will hear.”


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