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Hubs and I got the in-laws over from South Australia to look after the three kids for our first childless weekend away in seventeen years.

We arrived Friday around check in time at the Outrigger on the Gold Coast. I saw Abbi Glines in the foyer so I wander over and tug on her top. I know, who tugs on a top. I mean how does one approach an author like Abbi G in the foyer. Tugging on her top came to mind so I went with it. I told her who I was and then we said, 'see ya later.'


Abbi Glines - Like I had to tell you that!

Hubs and I found our room up on the fifteenth floor. Nice ocean view and also a view of the , 'Vominator.' 

From 15th Floor Balcony

Well I call it the vominator. The ride that spins people around until they can't hold it any more. Not that I saw any projectiles. I'm sure I would.

A quick walk about the streets. The tram line is in construction, so lots of construction about. Bought a wine and water for the mini fridge. 

Tram line down middle road

Then we went for a drive to Pacific Fair , because I assumed, wrongly, that there would be photo labs handy, as it is a tourist destination.

So off to Pacific Fair to get one pic for my lanyard for Saturday printed. I handed over .20c. I was a big spender at K-Mart. The older chap behind the counter wanted me to keep my receipt for that big expenditure too.

Then quick shower and change and onto the foyer to meet everyone for the Sandbar drinks and eats at 5pm.

Bit nervous at first. Best way to overcome nerves is to grab a cocktail. Also loosens the lips.

I got chatting with Kelly Elliott. No doubt told her inappropriate stuff. I think condoms was in there, somewhere. Got excited and squealed when I saw Kylie Scott sitting in front of me when I was chatting to Kelly. Then I double squealed when Bella Jewel was sitting next to her. 

I was very well behaved.

Penny Rudge and I hooked up our hubs from the start as both Geelong supporters. So that was like weirdo shiz right there! They were deemed to be drinking buddies. 

Hubs had a wonderful time with his awesome foursome of beer-in-hand lads. Kylie McDermott's hubs, Pepper Winter's hubs and Penny Rudge's hubby, all enjoyed some manly time together chatting and beer drinking at the Surfer's Sandbar around the corner from the Outrigger Hotel. They then carried it on at the VIP party on the Saturday night.

Tony, Paul ( Hubs ) , Dominic and Adam

Then up early for breaky Saturday morning , wondering where we were going to plunk ourselves down and Kylie, Kirsty Dallas's sister in-law was in the line behind us, so she kindly invited us to her table. She introduced me officially to Miss Kirsty D. I laugh because she calls me Super Mich in cyberspace, and so she did in person. I met her mum and other relatives. 

There were a couple speeches. Jessica Shirvington did an inspiring speech and Abbi Glines talked to us also about her road to success. Really enjoyed those.

Water Cooler shot with Jessica Shirvington

Then time for a quick rest in room, before going down to the event. We didn't have to line up, so we got in about 9.30am. I was STUPID enough not to go to Abbi Glines table before the doors opened, as I didn't want to bother her. Darn it! Should have as the line for Abbi G was LONG. So I missed out on the swags going off. But that is ok. I ended up after she had her lunch break being first in line. I was that tired from lugging everything about, that I kneeled at her table.

Like dudes! My back was killing me. Old age what can I say. Hubs stayed for first hour but then he went for a coffee and I lost him for a few hours. He would come back grab some book bags off me to lighten my load. Then disappear for a bit, then come back and lighten my swag bag load. 

By 2pm I was done. 5.5 hours of walking, talking and photo taking.

All the authors were wonderful. I got a bed full of swag to giveaway and give to Rachel over at The Rest Is Still Unwritten. I got her books signed by Abbi G. She is in Sydney, I am here in QLD so we cover two states. LOL!!

UK personal trainer, fitness model and book cover model, Richard Lawrence was happily having photos with whoever and keeping one side of the event, ( the authors had a smile on their faces) happy. Richard had his shirt off the whole time. 

Tough on the eyes. 

Very tough.

Miss Monica James, top left pic gave me a most enthusiastic welcome. She has such a bubbly personality. Chantal and her sister are both so exotically beautiful. Lola poked her tongue at me and took me over to Richard L. Jay Maclean and hubs were throwing hand fulls of badges or pins at me and Kirsty Dallas is an awesome writer who I LOVE reading.

I was climbing behind tables to have photos with the authors I chat to all the time. Even though in these pics we are in front. HA!

I got lots of book cover prints signed to use for blog giveaways. Nice and cheap to post international.  

I have swag to set up giveaways with in a few days. Just gotta do some organizing. On the topic of swag. These authors spent their hard earned money on the most wonderful swag for the readers. They went to an enormous amount of effort.

Lip balm, bookmarks, condoms, lollies, lollipops, magnets, lunchbox with nutella and crackers ( yes, I got one of those and a knife/fork pack) beautiful jewelry style bookmarks and phone thingys, hand fan, key rings, cupcakes, wrist bands, post cards... the list goes on. It was very colourful. I think Carmen Jenner , for me was the most colorful table with her candy jars filled with Tiffany blue lollies and her pie scented candles and all the other stuff she had.

They spent a lot of money on swag and getting themselves to the event for everyone.

*Glove clap*

The things I got one of I might keep, but all the rest will go as swag giveaways. I will space them out as it all costs to post. I may even do a review and giveaway posting.

Hubs and I headed to casino at around 3pm. He lost his money. I felt my vibes on the chocolate wheel and won $120. Woot!! I kinda just made back what he lost. But when that 23 to 1 spun up...bagged it and went and had a light lunch , well afternoon lunch in Spinners cafe.

Then back for a rest. Hubs had a swim. I wasn't so brave to show the lily flesh. Then watched the vominator, took some pics on the balcony and on to dinner and VIP party.

Kirsty and Kylie saved a spot on their table. Well we were the only ones, then Drew and Narelle arrived, Zane and then Mr Abs arrived with Natalie Gayle ( Richard is her cover model ) and a lady named Kim. 

I boogied in my seat. Richard was getting lots of requests to dance, but he isn't a dancer, he had to extract himself from some eager ladies.


Kirsty and I went to the photo booth. Hubs didn't fancy the photo booth so Kirsty and I worked the feathers.

Great little night. By midnight I was stuffed. Then I woke up at 4am cause some dude was yelling out "F&*^%%," from the ground. I was waiting for bullets. Not sure why. I think I was turning the dude yelling into a scene. I was waiting for him to start yelling...  STELLLA!!! But he eventually stopped whatever his issue was and I went back into dream land.

Hubs and I found a really cool cafe, it was SWISS. We shared a breakfast which was so delicious. The chef looked like a viking from Asterix. 

No shiz!!

Spinach, poached hard eggs ( I hate runny) toast, some green fancy squiggle of sauce on the wood platter, coriander leaves, cherry tomatoes cooked, little fat hot sausages, bacon, mushrooms and some big vegie ball thingy . $1 buck extra to share it as it was a HUGE platter. Just the thing after a night of wine and vodka.


The one thing I realized was I didn't take a photo of Jess and Jodie. 

Dang it! 

Jess and Jodie put so much effort and time into the first EVER Australian author event. Now these Author events are popping up in other states. Sydney in November 2014 and Melbourne in October 2015. 

These two bloggers, who are wives, have jobs, have kids, did something no one else in Australia had thought to do. They did an AMAZING job. They set the bar. It was such a wonderful turn out of both authors and fans. 

Until next time....



  1. Looks like you had an FANTASTIC time Michelle. I got so jealous looking at everyone pictures from the event and Gold Coast looks AMAZING. Crossing my fingers and toes that if I plan and save ahead of time I'll be at the Melbourne signing next year. Maybe I'll see you there?

    1. I am there at Melbourne as I have a date with Jay Crownover. Wouldn't miss it for the world :D This was a very professional , well executed event. The girls did and AWESOME job. :D

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