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By: TJ Hamilton
Published By: TJ Hamilton
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback, 301 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads


She may have left prostitution, but can Mia face the demons of her past? Now working for a different kind of Agency, with a new set of rules and a new life. There is so much to learn in so little time. The world of espionage is not too far from the secret life of prostitution that she’s trying to leave behind. Can she withstand the mental and physical training that’s involved in becoming a secret agent?

Agent Nick Davis is Mia’s mentor. He’s also all that she desires. He is everything she ever wanted in a man and he is the one person who understands and accepts her. She may have known him before but the more she learns about him now, the more she loves. Their love may grow stronger by the day but is it strong enough to survive her return to Tench?

Her quest to find the truth about her friend may continue to lead her further into the dark life of crime boss Joe Tench. While at the same time, his obsession for her is developing into something sinister. Can she discover what evil he is orchestrating in time before he discovers the truth about her?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

After finishing Buying Thyme by TJ Hamilton, I knew I was going to like her storytelling. Her writing is solid. I was eager to read Making Thyme.

TJ merges the high-class escort world with being a special agent very well. 

Mia has agreed to be trained by the OCT-U, Organized Crime Taskforce Unit under Agent Nick Davis. Her mentor. The man she is having feelings for.

Crime boss Joe Tench is under surveillance and Mia aka Miranda is the Agency’s way in, to get the information they need to put him away for good.

I really enjoyed Mia’s training and discovering along with Mia what she is capable of. TJ spends time getting us to go through the training motions with Mia, convincing us of her capability.

TJ is an ex police officer herself so she brings her knowledge to the pages. We watch Miranda the ex high-class escort become more.

Much more.

We almost forget her past.

Miranda is left behind and Mia shows us she won’t be bound by the Agency’s rules. She is proving to them how able she is to look after herself. She can only really trust herself. It’s what works best for her.

She won’t be caged and watched.

Nick wants Mia.

“You don’t have to be Miranda with me.” He slowly pulls me back up to his lips.

“I’m going to make love to you Mia... I’m going to show you how people love each other. It’s going to be slow and it’s going to be all night... I’ve wanted to do this to you for a long time. No fast fuck. Just you and me... how it’s supposed to be.” Nick utters every word I’ve only ever imagined anyone ever saying to me.

But he is also Agent Davis.

Nick shows us what he is made of and how far he is willing to go to get to Tench.

To bring him down.

There are some fave scenes of mine in Making Thyme. Visually they were well written. I loved the use of the Opera House it brought quite a magical moment to a fave scene of mine.

TJ writes about Australia and it’s landmarks but she doesn’t give us the vegemite slathered slang.

This I enjoyed. 

Charlie is a great character, he lights up the page when he is on it. I would go on a date with Charlie. He knows how to take a girl out for the evening.

Good guy.

Joe Tench is the bad guy and I have to keep reminding myself what depths he will go to.

TJ also showed me that vulnerable side to Joe.

Joe is hurting.

But, Joe also knows how to seek his own justice out and you don’t want to be on the end of bad Joe because bad Joe is a brutal killer.

Tench brings out the darker side in Agent Thyme. She can’t help herself. She is Mia the agent going in and it doesn’t take long for Miranda to appear.

Can Agent Thyme be let loose in Joe Tench’s world again without Miranda taking over?

Will her dark desires take over?

Fuck you Joe Tench! I hate you...and now you’re acting all amazing on me! I slam my head back against the sun lounge with more sexual frustration than I care to have right now.

Is she strong enough to fight her darker side and get the job done?

Why do you have to be so bad Joe Tench?

In Buying Thyme we meet Miranda. In Making Thyme we meet Mia. Who will be the more dominant character in Keeping Thyme?

After finishing Making Thyme I am literally tearing my hair out for Keeping Thyme. Anybody who has read Making Thyme will understand what I am talking about.


I was left staring at my page.

I reread the page.

I stared at the page.

What the hell just happened?

I’ve got to say TJ packs a punch and she will have you doubling over trying to catch your breath.

Bring. On . Keeping Thyme.

I look forward to many more stories from TJ in the future, she believes in researching her topics and it shows in her plotting. She is an author to watch out for.


In the meantime, You Can Call Me Miranda the companion novella is due for release in January 2014.

Stay tuned...


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  1. I think I got a review request for this too but at that time I was a little tired of erotica or super sexy reads. After your review I think this is something that I can get into. I still am tired or sexed up stories, I can tolerate it if there's some suspense involved.

    Happy holidays, Matey!

  2. Ahhh it was TJ I was talking to about you and yes she had sent you a review request. I said Pepper , so disregard that comment on my Quintessentially Q review. I got a bit confuzzed :D I think you will like this series matey!! Give it a go :D

    Happy Holidays!


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