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DAY 12: Yehaaa! It's cowboy time with Kasey Millstead. Check out her giveaway and the Q & A session I have with her. Have a read of her excerpt to wet your whistle.

Welcome Kasey.


Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.

Any book signings or events:

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I will be attending the Indie Authors Down Under signing on the Gold Coast 22nd March 2014.

Title of Book : Sky Cowboy
Author: Kasey Millstead
State: New South Wales

Series Title: Down Under Cowboy Series
Published By : Self published
Date Released: 15 October 2013
Genre : Contemporary Romance
Book Cover Designer :  Cover It! Designs'

At what point do you stop wanting someone you know you can never have?

Ava Crawley only had one dream in life; grow up and marry the boy next door, Jeremy Henley. When she was twenty, her dream was crushed by her nasty, vindictive, deceitful sister Kennedy. Unable to handle the hurt, Ava fled.

Jeremy Henley is a Sky Cowboy in Australia’s Northern Territory. Along with his twin brother, Jackson, he is Pine Creek’s finest catch. Jeremy doesn’t give a damn about that, he only cares about the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen; Ava Crawley. After years of waiting for Ava to show an interest in him, an opportunity presents itself and Jeremy takes it. Then, Ava up and leaves for France. No explanation. No goodbye. Nothing. She doesn’t come back for three years, and when she does, Jeremy has a baby son.

Will Ava and Jeremy be able to overcome the pain of the past and give their love a chance? Or, will Ava lose her life just as she’s starting to live her dream?


Michelle:  What five words describe Kasey Millstead the AUTHOR?

Kasey:  Procrastinator, easy going, friendly, imaginative and thankful

Michelle:  What five words describe the person behind the author?

Kasey: Friendly, talkative, funny, easy going and broken.

Michelle:  If you were given the task of walking up to somebody random in the street and you were to explain your book series Down Under Cowboys to them in a short speech what would you tell them? Not your book blurbs, but something more...deeper.

Kasey:  My Down Under Cowboy series follows the lives of three couples in Australia’s Top End. The series and the characters are extremely real and very relatable to the reader. Each couple has their own story; Eden & Jackson, Ava & Jeremy, Jules & Clay. They have ups and downs, they fight and make up, there’s miscommunication sometimes and it’s not hearts and flowers all the time - just like real life. But no matter the rough waters they have to travel, my couples always get the happy ever after that I wish everyone in life could experience.

Michelle: Cowboy Town and Sky Cowboy are the first two books in the Down Under Cowboys series.

What ten words describe Jackson Henley from Cowboy Town?

Kasey: Tall, tanned, mesmerizing, sexy, muscled, sensitive, cocky, sincere, caring, genuine.

Michelle: What ten words describe Jeremy Henley from Sky Cowboy?

Kasey: Tall, tanned, sexy, thoughtful kisser, muscled, hardworking, fantastic father, caring, asshole-at-times, stubborn.

Michelle:  What ten words would Jackson use to describe Eden Cross?

Kasey: Best I’ve ever had – in the sack and out! Not ten words, but that says it all ;)

Michelle: What ten words would Jeremy use to describe Ava Crawley?

Kasey: The most stubborn woman I’ve ever met in my life. But me and Oscar love her more than anything.

Michelle: What quote do you think is the most powerful from Sky Cowboy?

Kasey: I have absolutely no idea. I really find it hard to pick quotes from my own work.

Michelle: Is there a song you listened to the most while writing for each of Cowboy Town and Sky Cowboy and why?

Kasey: Not really. Most of the time when I’m writing, the kids are playing/yelling and the TV is blaring. There’s not really a chance for me to listen to music!

Michelle:  What song best describes Eden & Jackson’s relationship and why?

Kasey: I Need You – Tim McGraw feat Faith Hill

Michelle: What song best describes Ava and Jeremy’s relationship and why?

Kasey: The Broken Road (God Blessed) - Rascal Flatts

Michelle:  Casting call. Could you please give me images of who you think best represents : Eden & Jackson and Ava & Jeremy

Kasey: Eden and Jackson

Kasey : Ava and Jeremy

Michelle:  What has been the one thing that stands out to you in your journey as a writer?

Kasey: All the different people that I’ve ‘met’. From readers to bloggers, other authors and everyone in between. I’m so grateful for the friendship I’ve made, with people I probably wouldn’t have ever known if I didn’t start publishing.

Michelle: Where were you and what were you doing when you came up with the initial idea for the Down Under Cowboys series?

I was sitting at the computer when Edie and Jackson’s story came to me. Initially, it was going to be a stand-alone, but after talking to my brother one night, I decided to give Jeremy and Ava a story as well…then I thought, why should Jules be left out? So she’s getting her story. I had so many requests for more Jackson after Cowboy Town was released, that I decided to do a fourth book. It will tell each couple’s story ten years down the track – an extended epilogue, of sorts.

Michelle: What has been the most memorable book signing or book event you have been to and why?

Kasey: I haven’t been to a signing yet, but my first will be on the Gold Coast in March next year. I am soooo freaking excited!!!!

Michelle : If your life at this point in time could be described in a chocolate flavour or an icecream flavour, what flavour would it be and why?

Kasey: Kangaroo Island Honey & Pasticcio Nut – it’s a little bit sweet and a little rough and bumpy. Once you crack through the chocolate outside, the centre is soft, and it’s all held together by a strong backbone (stick lol)

Michelle: Thankyou Kasey for taking the time to answer my Q’s and all the best with your writing. 

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“So, what’s been happening since I’ve been gone?” Mum, Kennedy and I are sitting around the table, drinking coffee and eating leftover pastries that weren’t sold at the Coffee House today.

“Well, let’s see. Scott and Maggie Henley retired. They took off traveling around Australia. They’ve since returned and left again. Jeremy and Jackson have taken over the property. Jackson built himself a house on the other side of the property – he runs the cropping part of the Station now. Jeremy lives in the main house with Oscar and he takes care of the cattle.”

No surprise that the only news she has to tell me is about the Henleys.

“Who’s Oscar?”

“Oh! Ava, I just thought of a fantastic idea.” My mother claps and beams like she’s just struck gold.

“Again, Mum. Who’s Oscar?” I ask, a little impatiently.

I look to Kennedy and she has a smug, all-knowing grin on her perfect face. She hasn’t changed a bit since I’ve been away - in looks or personality. She’s still got the same long, shiny chocolate brown hair, the same perfectly proportioned body and the same flawless skin. And she’s still a mega bitch.

“Why, he’s Jeremy’s son, of course. I thought I told you. Maybe I just told Kennedy.” Her words fade off; drowned out by the sound of my heart breaking.


2 x ebook sets. 
Each winner receives an ecopy of
 Cowboy Town 
 Sky Cowboy.

Sky Cowboy book blitz on the 18th of November (US time) and it will be on sale for 99c.

Tomorrow heading over to Tasmania to visit Jenn Roseton and to have a  Q & A session with her.

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