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By: Aleatha Romig

Published By: Aleatha Romig

Released : Available Now

Details: Kindle, 372 Pages


Blurb : Goodreads

Book #1 of the Bestselling Consequences Series:

Anthony Rawlings had a plan—to teach Claire Nichols to behave.

Claire Nichols had a plan—to survive!

In an unfamiliar bedroom within a luxurious mansion, Claire Nichols wakes to memories of a brutal abduction. All of her recollections have one common denominator, the man she just met—Anthony Rawlings. Unbeknownst to Claire, Anthony has had her in his sights for a long time. Every action has consequences—and his actions resulted in their chance meeting.

Facing incomprehensible circumstances, Claire must learn to survive as she comes to terms with her new reality—every aspect of her livelihood is now dependent upon the tall, dark-haired, dark-eyed tycoon. Anthony may appear to the world as a prosperous, benevolent, kind businessman, but in reality Claire learns he is also a menacing, controlling captor with very strict rules: do as your told, public failure is not an option, and don’t divulge private information. Failure to follow these rules and more, are met with serious consequences.

In an effort to earn her freedom, Claire learns her lessons well and before long, she unknowingly captivates her captor. Anthony/ Tony reluctantly becomes enthralled with Claire’s beauty, resilience and determination. Their interaction instigates strong emotions, including—fear, anger, love, and lust—as their journey flows into uncharted waters of intrigue and passion.

From the opening criminal abduction, through the twists and turns, to the unlikely romantic thrills, the suspense climaxes as Aleatha Romig utilizes vivid detail, allowing this novel to unfold like a movie.

Can you put the pieces of the puzzle together? Claire Nichols abduction wasn’t a random act—did she learn her lessons well enough? Will these unlikely lovers remain true--or will she learn the truth before it’s too late?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I bought Consequences 8th December 2012. I didn’t read it fully until now. I saw Braine’s review and that rather gah gif she has attached to her review on the 12th December 2012. I didn’t read her review at the time, I saw some key words, lol and knew it would be good.


Every thesaurus word I could look up wouldn’t be enough to describe my emotions when reading this book. You only have to go to Goodreads and see the reviews. Everybody is saying similar things about this psychological thriller.

I have to take my hat off to Aleatha Romig, she is quite the master or mistress of plot.


I did not read the blurb for this book. I saw Braine was uber excited about it on her blog Talk Supe at the time. I think this is a book that should be blurbless. Yes, I did say that word, blurbless because you really, truly, need to go in cold turkey like I did. I kept away from reading anything about it. I saw key words like mind fbomb ( being polite) . I am a Curious George by nature and I knew I had to read it. Time passed on and then I find myself on the Convicted blog tour.

Time to read a trilogy in a week.

Was I prepared mentally for this challenge? In hindsight. I think not.

Aleatha is crazy guuuuud at what she will do to you.

Aleatha will play with your mind.

Aleatha will play with your emotions.

You are her play toy.

Aleatha will give you a male lead that was very unexpected.

I’m not going to lie to you, some readers for their own personal reasons will find Anthony Rawlings’s character very hard to read.  I have never been affected by someone like Anthony and I found his actions quite hard to swallow. Parts are very hard to read. How could they not be?

This is what Aleatha wants to do to us. She is an outside-the-box writer. We often read about a guy who ends up our book boyfriend.

Anthony should be nobody’s book boyfriend.

Yet, we continue reading. We can’t look away. We want to find the good in Anthony. Is this all a huge colossal mistake? Is this a dream?

What the hell is going on?

I was trying to imagine Aleatha at her computer writing certain scenes.

Those , scenes. 

I think they would be hard scenes to write from an emotional point of view. As females we don’t want that to ever happen to us.

Aleatha is a brave author and it has worked for her. She has written two characters, Anthony and Claire who will leave you at times utterly...this is where I would bring out my thesaurus and dump a whole pile of words at you.

You will know what you are feeling. You won’t be alone.

I couldn’t but have this inner monologue war of words going on with Anthony and for different reasons, Claire, when reading. I have never read a book so far, that had me rambling on to myself in my head.

At one stage... trust me there will be many, but, there will be one that will out do the others, where you will be spluttering a whole pile of monologue to yourself.

You will know when you get to that one.

This is a very 3D read. Anthony did not stop surprising me. This book can’t help but give you an ever changing opinion of Anthony and Claire.

I found it went in peaks and troughs. This is very clever writing on Aleatha’s behalf. She will reel you in and then she will throw you in the deep end and then bring you back to the surface, repeatedly. Often spluttering for air.

I don’t think I truly appreciated this story until I got to the end.


When I review I always note. I wrote all my feelings down when reading this book. I wrote down my theories and the little seeds that Aleatha was dropping oh so subtle in this book. I was scooping them up and writing my thoughts next to them. I was doing some piecing. I now appreciate that cover to this book with the puzzle piece.

Everything Aleatha does is very deliberate. Very concise. Precise.

The thing is no matter how much you want to look away, once you start this book, you can’t. You are intrigued to understand what the hell is going on. That is why this trilogy is so popular.

I was a little exhausted after finishing this book and kind of sat about rambling to myself like I needed a quiet corner to unwind.

But that is the brilliance of this book.

This is not a fairy tale, this is a well thought out, plotted story that is amazing when you get those final pieces at the end.

Is the picture complete? No. That is why we have Truth and then Convicted to complete the picture.

This is a very addictive read. You will be confused, asking yourself all sorts of questions. You will be questioning Claire’s actions and her behaviour. I actually sat back for a while analysing Claire and my original thoughts on her character changed.

Claire’s character’s survival instincts kick in straight away, but when do those lines blur into something else less understanding for the reader. It is always easier looking through a window from the outside and judging.

If I was in Claire’s shoes, I think my mind would have been broken. I think that is when I appreciated how strong Claire really is. Maybe we don’t see this at first, but then we do. Sitting in my bed watching Claire and being Claire are two different things.

Her mind was beyond comprehension; thinking outside of the box was more than she could handle. She remembered an agreement with herself for self-preservation, conceding to demands. Yet at this moment in time, Claire didn’t know or understand what she was doing, agreeing to, or being forced to do.

Anthony is a character that sends greatly differing signals to Claire. My head was quite thick and heavy when watching Anthony. I was overloaded with disdain. I was imagining rather evil thoughts of standing over him while he slept with a sledge hammer. I felt exhausted with all that Claire was put through.

I think that is when I really appreciated Claire’s character. She has people like Catherine, the jury is still out on her with me, who tell her what a wonderful man Tony is.


"Ms. Claire, you have had the rare opportunity to get to know Mr. Rawlings in a way most do not."

"Mr. Rawlings is a good man, Ms Claire. He truly is."

There are two sides to this man.

Both come with consequences.

He has business’s, he makes gazillions , yet he has so much time to focus on Claire. She felt like prey to me. Prey he toyed with. The mental games.

Aleatha is just brilliant at how she will get her characters under your skin.

This I appreciated.

There will come a time when you thought you couldn’t loathe Anthony anymore than you already did, but ... there will be another.

A totally unexpected read, that had me buried deep emotionally within the pages of love, lust, betrayal and intrigue. This really is a must to read. The writing will hold you captive and at times emotionally bruised.

I can’t say I am not nervous about Truth and what Aleatha has in store for me. I am really having trouble imagining how she can top what she did with Consequences. This is where Braine said she would be laughing quietly at me because she knows what I am in for.

Will you be left with a couple questions rattling about in your beat up brain? Yes.

And this is what makes me want to open Truth , ASAP!

Strap yourselves in and be prepared for anything to be thrown at you, I highly recommend this read. 

It is not often we meet a character that is so deeply unnerving like Mr Anthony Rawlings.

"Yes, I understand behaviors have consequences."

Answering honestly, she said, "Other times, I don't like you."


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