Friday, June 21, 2013


Today on Novels On The Run I have an author spotlight for Paul Loh. He has included some images of his books and a character. Check him out. He sounds like a very colorful author.


Author Bio:

Paul Loh is an ex-Navy submariner. He has dabbled in paranormal investigation, improve comedy and stand-up comedy. He has been a teacher's aide, sonar technician, pizza delivery driver, faux painter, furniture salesman, etc. He has written several children's books, poems, short stories, comic strips, songs and a series of New Chinese Proverbs. He is currently in the band Chief Loh and has written two zombie novels.

Book synopsis:

Zombies are running rampant all over the world. They've been reduced to their basest instincts and can tell the living from the dead by the smell of fear. They behave like animals with a pack mentality. A man who thinks he has been chosen by fate to lead them has no fear. He believes he is the Hand of Karma, sent to rid the world of humanity's evil. Can anyone stop him?


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