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So there I was trying to think up what I can do for Tim for his birthday. I hadn't read Doorways or League of Doorways, yes, yes, I could read and review them. I could vlog a review. Then I started reading Doorways and saw how creative his characters were. I had enough trouble with a certain wig *cough*  a while back when I vlogged his Kiera Hudson series one. 

So what could I do? 

I have known Tim since around start of July 2011. He is a powerhouse of a writer. I have had a couple interview dates with Potter * waggles eyebrows* ( Kiera Hudson series)  and an interview date with Harry ( Cowgirls & Vampires name changed to Vampire Seeker) . He is a harder nut to crack that one. (pun intended). 

So I came up with my review of Doorways and a book chat vlog.

Happy Birthday Tim
You don't look a day older than yesterday


Michelle & Family

By: Tim O'Rourke
Published By: Tim O'Rourke
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback , 231 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads
When Zachary Black discovers a door set between two giant cliffs, he realises he has never seen anything so peculiar. Unable to resist the doorway, Zach opens it to find that he is looking into Endra.

Have you ever had someone say to you that they have seen your double? Well, that is your 'reflection' from Endra who has sneaked through one of the doorways. Not usually a problem if they go back, but what if they decided to stay? What if they decided to change something? What if they were trying to kill the person you love?

With the help of a beautiful Vampire named Neanna and a werewolf called William, Zachary's journey takes him across the vast plains of Endra, through the streets of London and across the Atlantic Ocean as they pass back and forth through the doorways in a race against time. But the doorways have the power to change you - altering your appearance and abilities as you pass between the two worlds.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

What a fantastic read.

I was swept away into Tim's rich world of imagination. If you enjoyed Lemony Snicket, The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, you will love Tim's tale of imagination and colorful characters.

16 year old Zach Black loves to run, loves to race the tide. A doorway appears protruding from the sand and Zach opens it and enters the world of Endra.

Endra is Earth’s twin. What a wonderful idea. It is its reflection. Not everybody or every living thing, but some have reflections, if they happened upon a doorway and went through it, they could very well have a reflection on the otherside.

Zach and his dying sister Anna, live with their cruel Uncle Fandel. Zach has gone for a run on the beach and finds himself in Endra. A coincidence I think not.

Enter William the Wolf Weaver, a Noxas, galloping along on his stagecoach with a difference, racing to scoop Zach up who finds out he is a Peacekeeper.

Enter a whole menagerie of interesting and colourful characters, some fighting for good, some battling for evil.

This is a magical world that Tim brings to life with Radan’s, Slaths, Dammed Bandits ( kind of reminds me of spaghetti western Tim style the way they talk), Spiderpedes ( visually these would look both creepy and awesome),Demonic Guardians , Cathedral Knights , the Hollow Child ( ooo creeepppy) and Inferno Berries , now these are a blast, pun intended .

Zach is the guy to save both Endra and Earth. He has to stop the worlds overlapping and he needs help from William and Neanna Cera, the slath.

Throat is a suitable villain using Fandel as his puppet in the human world.

The Queen of Endra must be saved and Zach is the guy for the job. A quest is embarked on to find the key to The Heart of Endra. This trio must survive what is thrown at them, Tim style.

Tim loves to have his characters fighting, and he does it well.

Neanna I really like. She is selfless and puts her life at risk on occasions to save Zach.

This is not a story of romance, it is a fantasy and a fantastic one at that. I mix it between middle grade and a bit older. I could so easily see this book on school library shelves.

I really loved seeing certain characters reflections when they entered the human world. I had a great time between doorways, between worlds, the doors popping up in random places.

Now it would be unforgivable of me not to mention THE DELF! I think there should be a T-shirt for, THE DELF. She needs a drum roll, she is quite disgusting with her snot and maggots hanging off her. Every time I read a scene with the Delf in it, I got a very good visual in my head. Tim writes her like a little boy who enjoys all things gooey and icky.

Visually this would be an AWESOME kids movie based on the character descriptions and the locations Tim will take you.

Trains, planes and automobiles, and spells, spiky tablets of pain, all add to this story. It is these added details that make where Tim takes us and what he does to his characters a great read.

If you are a fan of Tim’s writing you will notice the subtle crossovers that pop up.

I raise my eyebrow at Tim... Declan Tanner. White handlebar moustache, he walks through a doorway into a western setting.

*raises eyebrow*

Sound like someone I know??


Tanner observed him with a disgusted look on his face and snapped, “What’s got into you, man? Die with some dignity can’t you!”



  1. THE DELF. It's catchy.

    So this is Doorways! Very fantastical sounding.

    Happy 21st Tim!

    1. Miss B you are sometimes getting spammed??? I caught this one this morning. I think Tim is writing his best here! I was in a world of colorful characters:)


  2. SO happy to know you enjoyed Doorways.
    Now you know why it is my absolute fave series :)


    1. Yes, Miss Suzi I did think of you when I was reading and remembered you saying it was your fave:)

      I finally got there!!

      Mich xxx


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