Wednesday, January 9, 2013


(A Pandora English Novel Book3)

Publisher:  Pan MacMillan
Format: Paperback, 286 pages
Acquired:  Received from publisher for review


Goodreads Description:
In the third Pandora English mystery, Pandora is still negotiating her double life as a lowly assistant at a New York fashion magazine with the reality that she has great supernatural powers and responsibilities.

With the full moon set to rise once again, Pandora has a very special date looming. Her beautiful spirit guide, Civil War soldier Lieutenant Luke, will be a flesh-and-blood man, if only for the night, and she hasn't been able to stop thinking about it. But a chance encounter with playboy Jay Rockwell sees that very human attraction start all over again – even though Jay doesn't remember their previous relationship, or the fact that Pandora saved him from a gang of ill-tempered undead supermodels.

Meanwhile, Pandora – with her special skeleton key – is slowly unlocking the mysteries of the haunted mansion where she lives with her great aunt Celia. What sinister experiments did the architect Dr Edmund Barrett conduct there before he died? Where is his laboratory? And what are the strange noises emanating from the basement?

On the centenary of the mysterious fire that supposedly killed Dr Barrett, he returns to the mansion. He has a message for Pandora. But he has brought with him a dark force that threatens to tear apart the delicate balance between the worlds of the dead and living...

Back again with Pandora English in the third book of the series by Tara Moss. 

In The Skeleton Key we get to see more events take place and a great "end of world" saga that brings with it, finally, the opportunity for Pandora to use her skill as the Seventh!  It's taken up to book 3 and a whole lot of vague answers from Deus, Lt. Luke & Great-Aunt Celia for Pandora to know one of her Seventh abilities is that of a necromancer.

What do I love about The Skeleton Key? It's got ZOMBIES!! If only for a few pages....but they are there! Oh how I love me some dead peeps!! (Yes....The Walking Dead is my fave show!).

Hidden passages, doorways and Dr. Barrett's lab are discovered with the use of The Skeleton Key!  Tara Moss gives us a lovely dark and sinister walk through the underground passageways of Number One Addams Avenue, Spektor. With mysteries lying further below ground than Pandora should go - she is drawn to what is below the basement.  

With the arrival of Dr Barrett and his widow (both long deceased), come further warnings of something dark and menacing in the mansion......just who has hitched a ride on Dr Barrett's dead travels?  And what has this thing done with darling Lt. Luke to make him try kill Pandora?  eeeeck! 

With every new door and passage that Pandora stumbles across, she comes closer to the dead awakening that will bring about the end of the world.

One question I do constantly find myself wondering..........Tara, with Pandora living on "Addams" Avenue......surely her workmate "Morticia" will have to be involved somewhere!

One little bit of trivia.....I love that Tara has shed the light on some vampire - oops I mean Sanguine - quirks.......throw a handful of rice on the ground and watch the darling dead diva's count!!  The few references of Pandora tossing the rice had me chuckling...I can just imagine the internal angst the sanguine have with having the NEED to count the grains!

So what's next for Pandora English?  December 2013 we will be graced with THE COBRA QUEEN (book4) which Tara is researching ancient Egypt for.


 Tara Moss
I love this pic that features on the inside cover of 
The Skeleton Key 
Tara looks darkly regal!
Another bit of trivia.....this photo was taken in her backyard and the mist rolled in at just the right time! Spooky!!


  1. I haven't read this series before but it sounds really good! And I really love that author pic too. So spooky but perfect :)

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Hi Jesse - Tara's pics are awesome and suit the series so well. I did find the second book a little flat compared with the this third. though the more little tidbits are revealed throughout each book the more you sit back afterwards and can't help but wonder if all the little clues and trivial things will add up to one big event!


  2. I love how I feel like I've read the books already just by reading your reviews. I love all the lovely covers and the rice counting sounds hilarious!

    Braine @Talk Supe

    1. Hi Braine <3
      Hopefully you are left with enough need to read them!! LOL!!
      Riss xx


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