Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today on Novels On The Run I have the Author Spotlight on Aidan Lucid author of The Zargothian Tales series. 

Aidan has been very patient with me as I should have done this a couple weeks ago. Many apologies. 

Aidan Lucid hails from a small town called, Ballyheigue in County Kerry, Ireland. He has been writing since 2002 and in 2004, he first began to send out his material to magazines, newspapers etc. and was published seven times that year. Since then he has been published widely in many ezines and poetry anthologies. In 2005, while recovering from a car accident, Aidan wrote his debut fantasy novel, The Zargothian Tales: Return of the Son of Hamorin, (, which was published by WordTechs Press in ebook format in December 2010 and in paperback in 2011.

Despite being born with a very rare syndrome known as, Moebius Syndrome, Lucid has never let his disability hold him back and he has received diplomas of distinction in freelance journalism and creative writing from online courses and was a film reviewer for his local newspaper, The Kerryman, for nine months in 2007. 

Aidan is now working on book two of The Zargothian Tales series and has his own film review blog – The Lucid Review where he reviews all the latest cinema and DVD/Blu-ray releases. Mr Lucid is also branching out into writing screenplays. For more information about this author, go to:

Zargothian Tales Blurb 

When Air Force Pilots Edward Johnson and Conor MacCall flew a routine patrol over the Atlantic, the last thing they expected to encounter was bogeys. Even more unexpected was the nature of the bogeys – large flying reptiles belching streams of flame. In their efforts to evade, the two find themselves in a strange new world, a world at war, and in urgent need of a leader. Could the long awaited leader be found in a quiet high school boy?

You can catch up with Aidan on his blog : Aidan's Blog

Read Aidan's reviews of all the latest cinema and DVD/Blu-ray releases every Monday on his film review blog - The Lucid Review -

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  1. The author's info sounds fantastical. Is that really real? LOL it's like a book hero's backstory

  2. Yes, Braine, it is real! ;).

    Unfortunately, I have to add that the ebook version is no longer available as my former publisher, WordTechs Press and I have parted ways. I do, however, still have some paperback copies of my novel available at my site -

    Thank you.

    Aidan Lucid


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