Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We would like to wish all our friends

Thank you all for your following and friendship over the past 12 months
We look forward to a bigger 2013 and hope to see you all along for the ride!

Marissa & Michelle

Growing up....Christmas to me was a long lunch at my Nan & Pop's.....everyone trying to get the best recliner chair located in front of the air conditioner, climbing trees out the front, and lots and lots of food and punch!  Though my Nan & Pop are no longer with us (Rest their beautiful souls), I will always have the reminder of Christmas with them through the one and only Christmas album (yep it was a vinyl record!) "Bing Crosby - White Christmas"... :)
This is my bit of tradition I share with you all.


From Michelle

I have had a blast meeting soooo many blogs and making wonderful friends via cyber space. Chatting to publicists and authors has been a very 'cool' experience.

To my girls Braine and Cimm at Talk Supe who ALWAYS have a posting up that supports the Indie authors who are doing it for themselves...'I have gotten some awesome recommends from you girls. Merry Christmas, mateys.' To all the International bloggers who pop by and comment, your comments are appreciated. 
Love you guys!

 To all the Aussie bloggers who are pumping out awesome heart felt reviews. I may not drop by and comment as much as I should, but I do read most of your postings. 
You guys rock!

To ALL the publishers who have sent books our way for review, THANKYOU!! They haven't all been read, but we hope via vlogs etc we have shown them off to our readership. They will get read down the track. 
Challenge Accepted!! 

Bookish Louise, you are a champ watching my vlogs. Thankyou for encouraging me. You have no idea how much I sweat making those, lol!! Jenn and Lisa and Claire , Louise ,over at Tim O'Rourke's fan page, you girls are sooo sweet. Popping up on our FB page and commenting. We are having fun in the sand box , throwing sand , reading each others recommends. You have put me on to some great reads.

I love the blog, it is this creative outlet for this mum of 3, that I am rather addicted to. It is my Zen place. It gives me a place to release the words that bobble about in my head when I get a bit over excited about a book. Now I have my kindle, look out!!! I am on fire! Unless I pass out because the brain says 'enough' and I wind up dribbling on my pillow. True story! 

Anyhoo, bottom line is a book is a wonderful escape, it can take us places we never dreamed of going. It's been an awesome year in reading for me, especially. I have laughed out loud, I have cried like a baby, all because of the power of words. 

Pretty Cool!!

Merry Christmas everyone! If I have missed your name, I haven't missed you in my thoughts .

Hope Santa gets you a little something you really would like, even if it is a hug and a kiss from a loved one. I'm sending some Michael Buble your way........such a pure voice.




  1. Merry Christmas to you too! I wish you another wondeful year of blogging and make sure you enjoy your holiday with your family :)

    1. Merry Christmas Vonnie to you and your family too:)


  2. Happy Christmas and more importantly, Happy New Year!

    You guys run a fantastic blog and it's been great reading your reviews this year :D

    1. Happy New YEar! Mandee! Woot!! Hope you had a great night:)

      You have a fantastic blog too. I love seeing Molly and all the cats accessorizing with the books/reviews!!




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