Tuesday, October 16, 2012



16th OCTOBER 2012


Rachel Caine - Morganville Vampires Series

Cold Fury by T.M. Goeglein

Black Springs by Alison Croggon

Breathe by Sarah Crossan

I made Lattes for a God by Wendy Harmer

Dear Dork - Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

The Diviners by Libba Bray - Badass Thick Book!!!

Study Series by Maria V Snyder



  1. That was a lovely gift for your birthday, I hope you enjoy the Study books... it's a great little series, I think Maria V Snyder doesn't get as much attention as she deserves. I also liked her dystopian duology... ermmm *face palm* can't remember the name of them now, but there's tunnels lol!

    I like your cover of The Diviners, is that an arc copy? We have the big blue hardback and I just really dislike the cover, but the one you have is lovely. I haven't picked it up yet, I've just heard really mixed things... I think I'll wait and see what you think.

    I haven't read any of the Morganville books, but I do have them all, just waiting for Bitter Blood and the final one then I'll get on that. I like the covers for the bindups a bit more than the singles, same goes with the Soul Screamers covers, the bindup covers are SO pretty!

    I thought your daughter did a great review of the Dork Diaries, did she draw the cute pics too?!... Big well done to her!

    1. Lousie = TBZ...Howdy!

      I shall write comment in a few hours, I just have girls coming for lunch in 40 mins and house needs some lovin'.....be back later, thanks for dropping by:D


    2. Hi Louise,

      I have read read Inside Out and I have Outside In here to read. I really enjoyed the first book and got a bit of a shock with the story . I started Outside In but then time got the better of me:)

      Yes , it was a lovely gift to be given. I am very happy with getting to read more Maria.

      The Diviners cover we have sounds like it suits the story/era more that the keyhole style cover I have seen about. It is a MONSTER sized book. I must get onto it soon as I have Q & A's to organize.

      I have just read another couple Morganville's and they are a great YA series. I feel like I am one of them. They are always getting into some sort of trouble Claire and the crew. Myrnin is my most fave looney character he is a scream!

      Soul Screamers series I LOVE!! I have some more to read there too:) Same with Mv and SC the books get better and better:)

      Yes, Willow did the drawing. She just looks at pictures and draws them. She gets her proportion right. If I tried copying the same pic the girl would be too big for the chair etc. I scanned the review into the pc so that it looked like a page of the Dork Diaries book, kind of:S

      I hope she does another review , I want to encourage reading as I have such awesome YA books then...eventually...adult book series she can read off my shelves. I want to give her my signed books one day and hopefully the boys may appreciate them too??

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting, much appreciated:)

      Hope all well in your neck of the woods:)


    OK, seriously, I'm with Louise. Maria V. Snyder is SERIOUSLY underrated. Poison Study is one of my FAVORITE books, and... seriously. V A L E K ♥♥♥

    (Also, the dystopian/sci-fi duology is Book 1: Inside Out, Book 2: Outside In).

    And the Diviners? I'm nearly finished. I'm LOVING this book.

    1. Hey Sarah ,

      You got a mention on my vid for the Diviners:)

      I shall start that badass thick masterpiece shortly!!

      Challenge Accepted!!



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