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Tim's son Tom, 15yrs old designed this cover.
By : Tim O'Rourke
Published By: Tim O'Rourke
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital, 183 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

With the Skin-walkers closing in, Kiera and her friends flee across the English countryside. Learning Potter has been keeping secrets from her, Kiera makes the painful decision to split from the group and leave her friends behind to go in search of her father. Can Kiera reach him before she turns into a statue, like the ones that appear to be following her?

Desperate to win back Kiera’s trust, and fearing she is walking straight into a trap, Potter goes after her. But with a more desperate and cunning enemy anticipating Kiera’s and Potter’s every move, will Potter’s past secrets ultimately lead to the death of Kiera Hudson?

‘Dead Statues’, the darkest and most disturbing adventure in Kiera Hudson Series Two.

Now available as ebook and paperback!

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle :

“See you later, alligator.” 
With a lump in my throat, and unable to look back, I whispered, “In a while, crocodile.” 

I’m going to say it. Dead Statues is the BEST book so far in the second Kiera Hudson series. I wouldn’t normally choose best books, but, Tim had my cheeks hurting within the first five chapters. I’m not talking my sweet-cheeks, I’m talking my face, lol!

I know, that wasn’t funny:(

Murphy and Potter together just ‘feels’ like home to me, they are so comfortable with each other and I sensed that it gave Potter a bit of a reprieve from being the oldest one. He got to have his older friend to shoulder some of what is thrown at them. Murphy brings out that banter and snark that I love about Potter. But we also get to see another deeper , more caring side to Potter....*sniff* 

Tim had me laughing, and then I was getting thrown into those action scenes that Tim does so well. Whether they are on a moving vehicle, in the air ,or on the ground, when the wings come out, the action was on, double time!

I did laugh at all the potty mouth that all the characters were using. Everybody was putting money in the swear jar and I LOVED it!

   “I hardly touched him,” Potter said. Then looking down at Sam, he added, “You’d better man-up or wolf-out, boy, because some of your furry friends are getting ready to tear us all a new set of arseholes!”

   “Really?” Potter barked. Then turning his attention back at Sam, he added. “Did you sue him?” 
   “Sue who?” Sam asked confused.
   “Your fucking hairdresser,” Potter grinned rolling up his sleeves, readying himself for the Skin-walkers who were growing ever nearer. “If I came out looking like you with hair and shit sprouting outta me, I’d be demanding a refund.”

   However hard you try Kayla, you can’t polish a turd.”
   “I’m not a piece of shit!” Sam barked at him, his eyes glowing
   “Glad to hear it,” Potter smiled at him. “Because now you’re gonna get a chance to prove it.”

This book is from Kiera and Potter’s POV’s . Potter stole the show for most of it. Whether he was bantering with Murphy, Sam, getting deep with Kayla, putting his foot in his mouth with Kiera BIG TIME, or just having the gang back together and being Potter.

Between you and me Kiera, Potter really does have to explain that Sophie business.

* raises one eyebrow at Potter *

I felt very sorry for Kiera, I don’t blame her for thinking what she was thinking. 

   “Don’t you dare call me that!” I shouted, just inches from his face. “I’m not your tiger – sweet-cheeks – or anything else. Why don’t you just fuck off?” 

Tim has sown those seeds again, little bits. The statues have got my theory juices bubbling away. We learn more, but Tim only lets us in on a bit. The statue morsels he spreads about like breadcrumbs, my theories are getting a bit more solid now.

Poor Kiera and the choices she is being forced to make. Tim you are being rather hard on Kiera. I 'felt' ALL of that particular scene between Kiera and........ 

In true Tim style he gives us the mystery and action mixed with some smexi that is....................... lordy, Potter has some explaining to do. The gorey scenes are still there, the LOL moments and the banter that I love.

Tim is just so comfortable with Potter and Murphy. These two are the odd couple with Murphy and his pipe and comfy slippers , they are so good together. I laugh so much when these two are together.

With his thick, white hair blowing back off his brow, and pipe
dangling from the corner of his mouth, he roared up at us, “What are you waiting for, you fucking Muppets! Jump!”

   He looked down at his slippers which were now covered in mud. “Oh sweet Jesus,” he groaned.
   “Is that all you’re worried about?” I snapped at him as he stood looking down at his feet in the pale morning light.
   “I’ve had these for years,” he grumbled at me.

   “You could’ve fooled me. You went screaming across the roof of that train like fucking Beaker. All you needed was the bright orange hair and I would’ve never known the difference.”

   “I’m sorry to piss all over your fantasy, sarge,” I cut in, “but can’t you just take your shirt off a little bit quicker and get your claws out?”
   “Okay, okay, don’t hassle me,” Murphy complained. “You know I don’t like to spoil my uniform. I just hate those goddamn creases you get when you just rip your shirt off and...”
   “Fuck the creases!” I shouted. “Claw up right now or we’re gonna die!”

   “Just like old times,” Murphy grumbled, as he lashed out at a
berserker who dared to stick its snout through the window.
   “You wouldn’t want it any other way, you old fart,” I said, burying my right claw into the eyes of a berserker which was scrambling through one of the broken windows.

This installment in the series was particularly made for a movie I thought. Visually awesome, dialogue was hilarious, and touching, with a touch of manic thrown in there for good measure.

If you haven't started Kiera Hudson series, start off at Vampire Shift and work your way through to the second series. I can assure you , Tim has a unique style of quirky, British humor, with characters you connect so well with, and a mystery that he weaves through each series that would stump Inspector Morse. 

I 'feel' very invested in this series and indeed in all of Tim's works. He just has that 'Tim Factor'  he stamps on each book that has us coming back for more, demanding when the next book is releasing.

Little brother from another mother, you've got a gift:)



  1. That is probably the single creepiest cover I've ever seen! The book sounds good though. I've never read any of the Kiera Hudson series before but all these quotes are convincing me I need to!

    Jesse @ Pretty in Fiction

  2. That's so weird that the cover looks so creepy and the book turned out to be funny! It's kind of cool, though.

  3. Hella funny and sad at the same time



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