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I would like to welcome the lovely KRISTY BROWN  to Novels On The Run and thank her for taking the time to answer my Q's I put to her. I LOVED Kristy's take on the fairy tale genre, if you haven't read her book, I highly recommend it:) MY REVIEW HERE



Michelle: If you could only use 10 words or less to promote Kiera’s Quest, what would they be?

Kristy:  Friendship, betrayal, loss, confusion, first loves, fear, terror, escapism and fantasy.

Michelle:  You have had such a wonderful ,positive response to Kiera’s Quest - Awakenings, book # 1 in your series, book #2 ‘Sacrifices’ will be released in July 2012. Will this be a full length book or is your style going to continue being a shorter novella sized read for each instalment?

Kristy:  The second book is roughly the same length as the first book. Book three is shaping up to be a little longer, but still with the same ‘mini-series’ feel.

Michelle:   Could you please describe in 10 words or less the difference between ‘Awakenings’ and ‘Sacrifices’?

Kristy:  Awakenings introduces Kiera as something special. Sacrifices explores her potential.

Michelle:  Could you please give us a no spoiler quote from ‘Sacrifices’? I don’t need to know who said it.

Kristy:  “You deserve to die and my queen will see to it that you do. Now be quiet.”

Michelle:  The Wicked Queen is quite a character, I love her. What song would best describe her personality and who in your mind do you think could play your Wicked Witch on the big screen?

Kristy :  Perhaps ‘Evil Woman’ by ELO! I haven’t really got someone in mind, but I guess somewhere in between Glenn Close and the amazing actress who plays Anna in the new series of V. (Morena Baccarin) 

This did put a smile on my face, it's been a long time since I have heard an ELO song.

Michelle:  Zakk, Prince of Zantar, who in your author mind, comes close to a visual that we can relate to, whether it be celeb, or model, fits Zakk’s descriptive.

Kristy:  My image of Zakk isn’t based on anyone at all, but when I see him, I’ll let you know!

Michelle:  What 5 words describe Zantar?

Kristy:  Colourful, mystical, dream-like, shining and blissful.

Michelle:  What song would best describe Zakk? 

Kristy:  ‘Wherever You Will Go’ by The Calling.

Michelle:  What 5 words describe Kiera in both ‘Awakenings’ and then 5 words describing her in ‘Sacrifices’ ?

Kristy:  Awakenings: unsure, scared, lost, determined and hopeful.

Kristy:  Sacrifices: focused, eager, confused, aware and willing.

Michelle: What were you doing when the idea for Kiera’s Quest Awakenings came into your head?

Kristy:  I was actually watching my son sleeping, way back when he was just 7 months old. I looked across at my niece’s doll’s house and the idea just came together.

Michelle:   What song best describes Kiera in ‘Awakenings’ and why?

Kristy:  Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’! Every event that happens to her makes her a little wiser and stronger.

Michelle:  If you could be in a Fairy Tale, would you rather be the princess type character, the character batting for good, or the wicked type character, whether they be a minion or a wicked queen, the one batting for evil ( *wink* cause we know how that usually pans out..hehe!) I found myself personally wanting to be the Wicked Queen as she has some great one liners...ha!

Kristy:  Definitely the princess! Although I’m a Tom-boy, I do love a happy ending. I love writing the Witch Queen’s lines though. She’s so twisted!

Michelle:   I shall finish off with a Q I have funnily enough, been dying to know the answer to. Who was ‘weedy’ and who was ‘speedy’ in ‘Awakenings’ out of Maddy and Kiera? Hehe!

Kristy:  Now that would be telling! And I couldn’t possibly hurt either of their feelings!!

Thanks again for your support. It’s great to know that people out there are enjoying my book. x

Kristy Brown

Hi I'm Kristy and I live in the U.K. I have always written short stories and poetry. I went to university to study acting which I loved, but my real passion has always been writing. So now I write the kind of stories I would have wanted to read when I was a teen. "Kiera's Quest" is my first ebook. There will be four in the series. Book two is out July 2012(Muse It Up Publishing) Book three is a work in progress. My dream is to have them in print someday! I love reading YA angels,vamps etc. I love my kids and hopefully one day they will enjoy my crazy tales!xx 





  1. Kristy's Kiera's Quest ~ AwakenIngs has been a guilty pleasure for me. Guilty? Only because I am probably 3 times the age of her target readership; young adult. But I don't care, Kristy has an incredible imagination and has the skill to take her reader to a world of her own creation with relative ease. Looking forward to the release of the next one in July x

    1. Hi John, I totally agree with you. I am a wee bit older than her target audience too, but I loved it and I have 3 kids, so I have sat through quite a few fairy tales. I think Disney would make a fun movie with her story:D



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