Friday, February 17, 2012


I know.....I have yet to read the books!!!  And I have some serious couch time owed to me so I can plow through them in time for the movie!!
My husband came to me a while ago and asked if I had any books on my shelves that would be good for I said why not try The Hunger Games?!  He has nearly finished Mockingjay and is now VERY MUCH looking forward to the movie release.  He checks out all the trailers and tidbits hoping to get a sneak peak at more stuff each time!!!  
He even has chatted via Skype with blog partner Michelle about the book!!!

So I trolled on the net and came across the countdown widget above....I think it looks great! So I thought I would share it.  I've put some trailers below - just in case there are few that havent seen them....or even just for those that can't get enough! 



  1. OMG. 33 DAYS. 33 DAYS. JUST 33 FREAKING DAYS LEFT!!! WAIT. WHAT?! You haven't read the books yet?! *GASP* Oh Marissa, this is one of the seven sins of being a blogging - to NOT have read THe Hunger Games. But provided you DO make good on your words and read it before the movie, I'll consider not pushing you into the arena myself :P

    So happy your husband loves them, though! They really are such an AMAZING series, I really hope you end up liking them. The movie looks incredible. I always complain when a book-to-movie adaptation is butchered, but I really think THG is going to blow me away. SQUEEEEEEEE A MONTH TO GO!

  2. Thanks Riss for the countdown, also means 32 days until we see Claudia Gray.

    I am having the day off on the Friday (23rd) and going to see it then. I so can't wait.

    Get busy reading woman because if your hubby wants to talk about Mockingjay, we all know he can't do that with Michelle. Maybe both hubbies will shame their wives into reading it

    1. Now Carolyn,

      hehe!! I AM going to read Mockingjay...Hubby is nearly up to it!!!!I can not have him read it before me...cardinal sin!

      PHOBIA!!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!!! PLUS I HAVE A NICE PRESSIE WAITING TO OPEN!!!!..see I'm not scared...truly:D


  3. Brodie you crack me up!! I knew I was risking it by announcing my non-read status of the series!! hahah!

    I'm feeling the PRESSURE!!! But don't despair.....I WILL HAVE READ THEM BEFORE THE MOVIE!!!

    I am reading BALTHAZAR in time for meeting Claudia Gray - and yes there will be an interview with her!!!

  4. 32 days for The Hunger Games, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA D: The trailer still makes me shiver, even after watching it 2462162 times! Loved the countdown!! <3


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