Saturday, February 11, 2012


If you have read any of my reviews of books by author Jennifer L. Armentrout , well you know I love her stories. I have such fun reading her books. They are a wonderful escape.

Anyhoo, Shadows a Lux Novella is being released 21st February 2012 Daemon's brother Dawson got a look in and he has a story to tell us.

Obsidian got a cover makeover so I thought I would show you the two covers together . I can't wait for Onyx.

Aren't they gorgeous!! Jennifer is really making a name for herself. If you haven't read any of her books, well high time you did. I HIGHLY recommend her stories. Check out my reviews in the left side bar under her name. I give no spoilers. I like everybody to find out for themselves , especially the beautiful guys she writes so well in her books. No wham bam insta love here!

Half-Blood and Pure ( Covenant Series) I absolutely adore Aiden St. Delphi, stunning guy character and Alex is an awesome female lead.

Obsidian, well all I will say is , an Alien ( Daemon)  has NEVER EVER been hotter . Who knew I would love a YA book with an Alien male lead? Jennifer has so much wit and fun with her characters at the same time delivering us action and wonderful stories. Onyx book 3, can't come soon enough. Yes, Shadows is not a half book it's classified as # 2.

Oh and we have many more books to come from Jennifer, she has written 13! The lady is on fire! In my opinion, if it's got Jennifer's name on the front, you are pretty much guaranteed an awesome read.

Oh yes and notice the words Bestselling Author...very impressive Jennifer:D



  1. I like the new cover cover but I liked the old one too!

    1. Sorry Shari I meant to say 'I do know what you are saying'..typing too fast:D


  2. Hi Shari,

    I do not what you are saying. I think Daemon looks a bit darker in this newer cover. I did like the old one too. I think another book also used it too, so I think it was nice making it more individual. I don't like seeing copycat covers. It's a pet peeve of mine. Authors go to so much work to write a book and then slap a copy cat cover on it by publishers is, not good. Then it's who had the cover first?? So I am glad it is different now, but Daemon just looks a bit dark.



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