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I would like to welcome Becca Fitzpatrick author of Hush Hush, Crescendo and Silence, to Australian book blog, Novels On The Run and thank her for taking the time to answer some questions for my interview.

Congratulations on the success of your Hush Hush series. I am a rather excitable Patch fan. I have a bit of a joke with a friend that we slap on our ‘Patch’, patches to give us a fix until we get to read another book.

I have been doing some research into other interviews you have done and have learnt quite a bit about you as an author.

I know that you listen to your IPod whilst running and plot to music, but you don’t listen to music while writing. Hush Hush took you 5 years to write. Hush Hush is now a graphic novel and there will be 3 graphic novels. 

I would like to share a couple of inspiring quotes from a couple of your previous interviews that I think should be framed on every budding writer’s wall.

“Uncertainty is the most difficult part. Take a deep breath, focus on the journey - the writing - more than the outcome....... If all that it amounts to is a labour of love, a story for my eyes alone, so be it!”

“I’ve got one shot at this life, and I should fill it with things I love.”

I really like the way you look at your writing process and life.

Interview Time!

MICHELLE:  This will be your first trip to Australia. Is there anything anybody has told you, you MUST eat, drink, visit or hold? ( I am thinking Koala here, people!)

BECCA:  I have heard I should absolutely NOT eat Vegemite, no matter how much I am pressured, ha! Of course, being the curious sucker that I am, I probably will. I also really want to see kangaroos in the wild. But I'm thinking that's unlikely, since I'll be spending so much time in the city...?

 (I funnily enough found a recipe for Vegemite Beef Tacos I felt inspired from Hush Hush and the Taco making that went on there)

MICHELLE: Becca, you will be getting the East Coast flavor of Australia with your visit, Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland, (my particular neck of the woods, although I have lived in all 3 states.)Will you be visiting any other parts of Australia for relaxation purposes, or is it all work and not a lot of play?

BECCA: This time around, it's definitely a work trip. As soon as the tour ends, I'll be heading to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for a family ski trip. It will also be a bit of a research trip, too, since I'm planning to set my next book there. (The book won't be part of the HUSH, HUSH saga.)

MICHELLE:  Is there anything you can divulge about book 4, maybe a non spoiler quote between Patch and Nora, or anything really, a morsel is all I am asking. ( Like I wasn’t going to ask THAT question...hee..hee.)

BECCA: Quote.

  I pulled my blankets up to my chin, felt the soft, blissful tug of a dream beckoning me closer, let it drag me under— And then the mattress sunk with the weight of another body. “Not sure why you're so enamored with this bed,” Patch said. “It's twelve inches too short, four feet too narrow, and the purple sheets aren't doing it for me. My bed, on the other hand...” I opened one eye and found him stretched out beside me, hands clasped loosely behind his neck. His dark eyes watched mine, and he smelled clean and sexy. Most of all, he felt warm pressed up against me. Despite my best intentions, the close proximity was making it increasingly difficult to concentrate on sleep. “Ha,” I said. “I know you don't care how comfortable my bed is. You'd sleep just fine on a pallet of bricks.”

MICHELLE:  What songs would you use to describe, Patch and Nora's relationship, Vee, Nora & Scott's friendship, Patch and Nora?
I love to put the song vid clip onto my interview that matches the character as you have written 3 books, I thought it would be nice to hear these character’s or their relationships songs. It’s a great way of also hearing new songs and the songs connection to the character.



“Just Like Heaven” by The Cure


“Lovefool” by The Cardigans

( Ha!..Perfect!)


“Mad World” by Tears for Fears



“Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones
 “Back in Black” by ACDC

( Woo hoot! )



“Gravity” by Sara Bareilles

( I don't mind admitting this one had me reaching for the Kleenex, I was fogging up my reading glasses, nice pick Becca! I've not heard of this song before, Beautiful!!)

MICHELLE:  Could you give me 5 words that describe the fourth book in Hush Hush series?

BECCA:  Revelatory, sinister, explosive, twisty, seductive.

MICHELLE:  Is there any new characters that you are bringing to the fourth book? If so, can you describe one of these characters only, in 5 words or less, we don’t need a name.

BECCA:  Readers will get to meet an archangel, and I'd describe him as suspicious, cagey, and possibly up to no good.

MICHELLE:  Can you tell us the top 5 things you must have in your writing space?

BECCA:  A glass of water, red pens, a space heater (it's winter here!), index cards, and a cork board.

MICHELLE:  I know you are an ice cream lover, ( my snooping interview special powers). I am a Rum & Raisin ice cream girl, only flavour I touch..... I know, the world of ice cream is bigger than just the one flavour. This is a fun question. What flavour ice cream would you give these characters, as in what suits their personality?

Patch, Nora, Vee, Hank, Marcie, Scott, Nora’s Mum.


Patch: Rocky Road

Nora: Pistachio

Vee: Vanilla (that way she can top it with anything she wants)

Hank: Raisin

Marcie: Something fat free

Scott: Cherry Garcia

Blythe: Mint Chocolate Chip

MICHELLE:  I have a couple questions for Patch if he is available? I know from a previous interview you have done that you are afraid of albino bunnies..ha! I have an albino guinea pig, and yes the red eyes are freaky, I call her Rosey and she is my little vampire piggie.

Would it be accurate to say that another fear you have is not getting what you want most, a human body? What would be the first and foremost thing you would want to do if the Angel hierarchy was smiling down on you and gave you the gift of being human?

PATCH:  Take a guess.

Oh, ha! I think that might have been a daft question * rolls eyes*.

MICHELLE: What 5 words ( If you need that many) would you use to describe Scott?

PATCH: Scott isn't me. That says it all.

MICHELLE:  Becca, when you are in Australia, you will have to try a Lamington, some Pav ( Pavlova) , Caramello Koalas ( no we don’t eat real Koalas dipped in caramel and dribbled with chocolate) , Tim Tams - HEAVEN!! (Often also dipped in coffee, I personally don’t do coffee but I hear it’s a goer).

We have gotten rather enterprising and have lots of Tim Tam flaves now, but Original flavour ,just a tad melted, is delish.....oh and a pie floater....and we all know a good Vegemite sanga ( sandwich) , not too heavy on the vege or else...

Caramello Koala
I personally like a nice baguette, vegemite, no butter, bacon and lettuce ( ha! .... don’t knock it until you have tried it) and I am a happy camper......also.... Slip, Slop, Slap! While you are here, yes, it’s our motto for putting on sunscreen and enjoy your time Down Under .

I am looking forward to saying howdy to you at The State Library Black Hand Ball in Brisvegas ( Brisbane) , 10th December, I’ll have my own Patch with me, my hubby.

Thankyou to Becca and Patch for answering my Q's.

See you there!


Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for the great interview! I will see you in Brisbane (where it should be toasty hot, right?) Thanks again for everything! -Becca

Becca Fitzpatrick

New York Times bestselling author of HUSH, HUSH and CRESCENDO

SILENCE Released October 2011


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Big Thankyou to Caroline Payne from  Simon & Schuster Australia for organising this Blog Tour and to Becca Fitzpatrick for taking part in it.


  1. Great interview Michelle, I know you were so excited. I am sitting at the airport at the moment waiting to go to Melbourne for Friday night's Black Hand Ball with Miss Suzi. Can't wait!

  2. Pffffffffft!! Vegemite is delicious! On toast, in a sandwich, layered thick over a crumpet... you'll love it :D Maybe. Potentially. Let's hope haha.

    Hee, love the little teaser quote from book 4! (However, all I really processed from that was "PATCH. BED. PATCH. BED). Such a fun interview! :)

  3. HA!! I'm with you Brodie....he was in/on Nora's bed....*waggles eyebrows*

    Have fun Carolyn with Suzi, give her a hug from me:D


  4. Awesome interview!!! I stopped by as soon as I got home this morning from the ball! I love the Aussie-ness of it ;)

    Hope you can check out my recap of the Brisbane event!!


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