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I would like to welcome author ELIZABETH ISAACS, to Novels On The Run and thank her for taking the time to answer some questions for my interview.

This is part of , 'THE SECRET OF THE KEEPERS', Blog Tour I will have the book review up shortly.

Michelle: What was the last book you read that really blew your mind?

Elizabeth: I love to read, but mind blowing books for me are few and far between. The last true book that was so creative that I marvelled at the imaginative mastery was probably the fourth book in the Harry Potter series.

Michelle:  You are such a creative person with your writing style. I was just wondering do you have a special place where you go to write as four walls in an office seems at odds with your writing style.

Elizabeth: I have an old kitchen table set in the laptop, printer, paper for notes and scripting something out. It’s a simple set up, but what I love about it is that it’s quiet. I find that I cannot write with music blaring, and if I try to take the laptop outdoors or to a coffee shop I’m too distracted with the sights and sounds around me. I have to have complete quiet when I write, and I often write in the dark. It helps me focus.

Michelle:  What 5 or 6 words would you as the author use to describe the following: The Light of Asteria, The Secret of The Keepers, Gavin, Nora, Rune.

Elizabeth :

The Light of Asteria-- A story of love and forgiveness.

The Secret of the Keepers-- A story of dedication and devotion.

Gavin-- Warrior, protector, one who understands love.

Nora-- Pure, devoted, one who understands intent.

Rune-- Fierce fighter, guardian, original, loyal

Michelle:  I sometimes ask this question , what song would you use to describe Nora and Gavin’s relationship.

Elizabeth: This one’s a toughy. There’s not a popular song that I can think of ... what reminds me of Nora and Gavin is this old Celtic tune that has a sweet, haunting melody on the sopranino (like a baby recorder of sorts). It haunts me in my dreams. The music on the trailers is close, but it isn’t the same melody. I’ve looked for three years for the music. I know I’ve heard it somewhere but have no idea where or when. I just know it’s their song.

Michelle:  I personally have tried to think of actors and actresses that would fill the shoes of Gavin and Nora and Rena and Tark. Who would you choose to cast as these characters?

I once wrote an interview about the fact that Rena’s character originate from my best friend in college. The real Rena was a dancer and a fighter. She hailed from Chicago and had seen more in her short 17 years of life than I believe I have today. Her small stature and fierce determination always struck me as the most original combination. The real Rena asked a long time ago that I refrain from pulling out the old college photos and posting them for the world to see. And so, if I had to choose and actress, Rena would be cast as Rachel Lee Cook. Her smile lights up her face, and she looks great in a tan in darker hair.

Nora is an extremely difficult character to cast because she has to have this innocent , pure quality , and yet not come off as a cream puff. There is a strip of steel running through her that would humble superman. The audience would have to "feel" that coming from her, and so I knew we'd need an accomplished actress. One who would portray Nora in an authentic way, and Amanda Seyfried fits the bill nicely.

Gavin is in a category all his own to me. I see him clearly in my mind's eye . He has to be a door full of man. He has to have a gentle quality tempered with steel. He has to have the sensitivity of a poet, the heart of a warrior, the brains of a scholar , and be able to lead an entire nation. I know, Gavin is larger than life. I've never found an actor that compares . But if I had to come up with someone Tatum Channing comes awfully close.

Tark would be Hayden Christensen. I love that he has this quality about him that seems laid back, yet there is something simmering under the surface. He smiles like a man whose seen more than his young years should know, and he seems like he could turn on a dime and be ruthless. After Elias, Tark's character was the easiest to pick. If anyone in the film industry is reading , I'd personally love to see ole Hayden in some main leads that would explore this side of his personality . I'm just sayin!

Michelle:  Rune is a wonderful new character you have brought to The Secret of the Keepers. How did you come to develop him as he is a great supporting character who I think readers will call one of their favourites.

Elizabeth: Rune originally started as a shy, childlike creature that Nora happens upon in the caves. I quickly discovered that his voicing was off and my mind’s eye didn’t have a clear picture of him. So I went back to the drawing board and came at it from a different angle. I threw out the character sketch I had of him and allowed him to become an unknown. It wasn’t until the second revision that his character blazed to life in my mind. I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out.

Thank you for stopping by Novels On The Run and we wish you all the best with your book.

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