Thursday, June 23, 2011


By : Rachel Caine
Published By : Razor Bill, Penguin
Released : Available Now
Details : Paperback , 356 Pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

In the small college town of Morganville, vampires and humans lived in (relative) peace-until all the rules got rewritten when the evil vampire Bishop arrived, looking for the lost book of vampire secrets. He's kept a death grip on the town ever since. Now an underground resistance is brewing, and in order to contain it, Bishop must go to even greater lengths. He vows to obliterate the town and all its inhabitants-the living and the undead. Claire Danvers and her friends are the only ones who stand in his way. But even if they defeat Bishop, will the vampires ever be content to go back to the old rules, after having such a taste of power?


The marathon reading of Morganville Vampire books is still on. I am up to book #8 'Kiss of Death'. To me these books have come a long way from 'Glass Houses'. The characters we really know them now. We are rooting for them to succeed, to survive what Morganville and it's villians throw at them. I believe Claire has finally mastered how to treat Monica, a far cry from in 'Glass Houses'.

Bishop has decided to get proprietorial with Claire and Michael using his Jedi mind tricks to treat them like puppets in a bad play.

Poor Shane is spending some quality time with his father, Frank. Will it be constructive to repairing their relationship?

Myrnin, bless him, is still Myrnin. I love Myrnin's character, he is just so waaayyy out there with his actions that it's very hard to determine what he is up to. I love his relationship with Claire, it is dangerous but I believe it will last, no matter his slip ups. I wonder if he has a crush on Claire?

Myrnin has a powerful and kind of creepy secret and he is going to let somebody in on it.

Claire is just sooo determined to be the saviour to the ones she loves. She is one 'cool' chick.

Friendships waver, love takes a leap of faith *waggles eyebrows*, there is sadness and betrayal.

All in all, this instalment really quenched my thirst and I can't wait to get onto 'Kiss of Death', the title has me worried.


“Where’d you learn to be a vampire?” Claire demanded, angry because she was scared and hating it. “The movies? Because you’re one big , walking, stupid cliché, and you know what? Not impressed.”

“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid.”
She couldn’t promise that. She had the feeling she’d already been stupid three or four times since breakfast.

“I hate kissing you through prison bars,” Shane said. “I’m all for restraint, but self-restraint is so much more fun.”

“My boyfriend’s still evil. Your boyfriend’s still in jail. You’re still sucking up to the Dark Lord of Mordor. By the way, I’m going to start calling you Gollum, you little creep.”

Myrnin smirked. “There is no drama so great as that of a teenage girl,” he said.

He shook his head. “I’m just afraid. And that’s rare. That’s so very rare.”

“Come on; you know it’s true. Morganville. Come for the education, stay for the terrifying drama.”

“I don’t see how getting cold and losing feeling in my body is going to help. Also, I need a bed that isn’t a bunk, and hasn’t been the previous property of some dude named Bubba with a farting problem.”

“The funny thing is, I don’t need you any less now. I think I need you more.”


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