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I would like to welcome JOSEPHINE ANGELINI author of STARCROSSED, to Novels On The Run and thank her for taking the time to answer some questions for our interview and for writing such a gorgeous book.  I highly recommend 'Starcrossed', the combination of Greek mythology in modern day times, a gorgeous boy and a romance that The Fates , can not allow , makes for a wonderful read.
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MICHELLE:  Congratulations Josephine on your debut novel, ‘Starcrossed’. Where is the first place you will go on May 31st 2011 to see your book on the shelf for sale to the public?

JOSEPHINE : Thank you, Michelle! On May 31st, I fully intend to haunt every bookstore in Southern California. I’m going to start at the Barnes and Noble at the Grove and go from book seller to book seller, asking them if anyone’s bought a copy yet!

MICHELLE:  Have you anything planned special to do on the day 'Starcrossed' is officially released?

JOSEPHINE: Once I get back from pestering all the local bookstores I’ll probably just sit at home and vibrate, although I think my husband has different plans. I noticed he recently bought a bunch of tranquilizer darts. He said they were for bears, but I don’t know….

MICHELLE:  I personally had not heard of ‘The Iliad’. You made me curious to find out about this book and Greek mythology in general. How does it ‘feel’, to know you have possibly awoken the Gods and Greek mythology within YA readers who are curious to know more , like myself.

JOSEPHINE: I certainly hope I inspire a lot of YA fans to read the old Greek myths. They’re so exciting and dark, but above all, they’re just great stories.

MICHELLE:  ‘Dreamless’ is book # 2 in the ‘Starcrossed’ series. Are you able to give the readers a short teaser quote from, ‘Dreamless’.

JOSEPHINE : “Don’t waste a perfectly good act of heroism with a bad one of your own! You don’t have to out-valor everyone, you know.”  Orion

MICHELLE:  Orion is a new character you will be bringing to ‘Dreamless’, are you able to give me 5 words that describe Orion?

JOSEPHINE: Big. Beautiful. Brave. Understanding. Wise-ass.

MICHELLE: Thanks for that teaser quote .. Orion sounds nice. * waggles eyebrows* 

MICHELLE. How does it ‘feel’, seeing blogs around the world, reading, reviewing, chatting about Starcrossed and its characters with enthusiasm?

JOSEPHINE: Amazing! Because I get just as excited about books I love, too. I know what it feels like to get attached to characters and want everyone in the world to know how great a story is. To know that STARCROSSED is making other people feel like that is humbling. I feel very lucky.

MICHELLE: My father is one of 8 kids, he being the youngest , just like yourself, so I know big families and all the kids, grandkids and funny moments that come with it. Do you have a memorable response from any of your family members when you told them you had a 7 figure 3 book deal?

JOSEPHINE: Big families are a trip, right? My family has been so supportive of me through all of this. My sisters and my brother have all been cheering me on, telling all their friends to go out and buy a copy as soon as it comes out. They aren’t the best at giving criticism, because I’m the “baby” and to them, everything I write is brilliant, but that’s just fine with me!

MICHELLE:  Will you keep a scrapbook or keepsake of your debut of ‘living your dream’, for one day your family to be able to read about their mum or show your nephews and nieces?

JOSEPHINE: That’s a really good idea. I should do that. I think I will keep a digital scrapbook now—thanks for the suggestion, Michelle!

MICHELLE: I hope you all enjoyed the interview as much as I enjoyed chatting with Josephine. She has a wonderful sense of humor. Marissa and I wish Josephine all the success with 'Starcrossed', not that she needs it, as,  WOW!!!

I can't wait for 'Dreamless', book # 2 in the , 'Starcrossed', series, due for release in 2012.

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