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I would like to welcome Amy Plum to Novels On The Run and thank her for taking the time to answer some questions and for writing such a gorgeous book with a lot of heart and soul.

Amy's debut novel 'Die For Me' ( Revenants # 1) will be released May 10th 2011. I highly recommend it. I had a great time chatting with Amy, she is very sweet and approachable and look forward to reading more of her work. Currently there will be 3 books in the series.


Michelle: Congratulations Amy on your debut novel , ‘Die For Me’.
Where is the first place you will go on May 10th to see your book on the shelf for sale to the public?

Amy: Well, if I drive 45 minutes from my house, there is 1 English bookstore in Tours, but it’s teensy-tiny and I doubt they will have it. So I could drive 3 hours to Paris and go to W.H. Smith to see it. And if I get inspired, I might just do that. But I think I’ll have a Parisian friend send me a photo instead!

Michelle: How will you celebrate on the day it is released?

Amy: I had thought about going to Paris ahead of time and shooting a homemade video that I will put on the Internet the day of the release. That way all of my family and friends and readers all over the world can celebrate with me!

Michelle: All the boys in your book are gorgeous. Jules stands out as he is so unashamedly flirtatious. If you could go on a date with flirtatious Jules, where do you think he would take you?

Amy: Jules would probably take me to an art opening. The exhibition of some new, hot artist in a trendy gallery with a crowd of beautiful people—half of whom he has probably already dated.

Michelle: Will you keep a scrapbook of your debut for your family to reflect on their mum ‘living her dream’?

Amy: *laughs/blushes* Living my dream. Well, that’s definitely what I’m doing right now. But I have actually already lived a lot of dreams in my life. I keep a record through my writing, though, not really through objects. Ever since my mom’s death, things...objects...have seemed very impermanent (and unimportant) to me.

I keep scrapbooks of my kids’ stuff just so they’ll have something from their childhood when I’m gone. I have the baby book that my mom made for me, and it’s the only link I have with my early childhood.

But I fully expect my kids to achieve more than I do. To have lives that are so exciting and creative and productive that my own achievements will pale in comparison.

That said, I have kept one of each of my ARCs, the first run of the American cover, and other memorabilia for when I’m sitting there pinching myself thinking, “Is this all real?” Which happens pretty often.

Michelle: By now you would have met via twitter or blogs or other media, passionate fans of your book. I think I was in there!!
How does is feel to meet the more passionate fans?

Amy: It feels great! To know that other people love my characters as much as I do. To see people getting swept away by a story that I wrote. And then to see that story take on a life of its own, with people writing what they think about it, making videos about it, discussing it with other people. Knowing that something that I wrote is entertaining so many people—making them react and respond—it’s truly an incredible feeling.

Michelle: What 5 words describe how it feels to call yourself a published author?

Amy: I feel...Awestruck. Grateful. Honored. Ecstatic. Inspired (to do more!)

Michelle: What is one piece of advice you would tell an aspiring author.

Amy: Read a lot. Write a lot. Get critiques from several people of diverse backgrounds. Do not despair. (That’s 4 pieces of advice, but there you go.)

Michelle: I really enjoyed Die For Me and can’t help thinking I would love a spinoff of Ambrose. Leaping forward 3 books and a couple years, is a spinoff a possibility as you really laid the foundations for all your characters, making me personally want to know more about them at some stage. I picked Ambrose as I hope he gets together with Charlotte. ( the matchmaker in me)

Amy: That would be so much fun. In my mind, I know all about the characters, where they came from, what they were like. I know their past, but I don’t know their future (beyond Book 3). So it would be fun to do historical spin-offs, leading up to the present. Ambrose’s past is incredible – what a hero.

Michelle: Thank you Amy for such a wonderful story, so beautifully written and for taking the time to chat and just quietly I do hope it gets made into a movie as it will be visually breathtaking..... oh err...the scenery will be too...hee..hee

Amy: Thank you for inviting me to interview, Michelle! And who knows if a film will be made. But, as a cinephile, it would be amazing to see my characters brought to life on film. I have already seen it all in my head. Viewing it on screen would be incredible.

We wish Amy all the success with her debut novel. It has been added to my list of favouriteYA books.
 To read more about Amy click on this link and it will take you to her page. She has lots of  'cool' stuff you can click on and learn more about her characters and FAQ's.
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  2. What a gorgeous interview! Amy is fab. Nice work and I am just gasping for Die for Me.

  3. Hi Leigh,

    Thanks and yes she is uber lovely. I can't wait to get my copy, I am in love with Amy's characters.

    All the best with Carrier Of the Mark, beautiful cover:)



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