Friday, March 11, 2011


I am hanging for 'City Of Fallen Angels'..I make no secret of this. I am seeing Cassandra Clare in the flesh in May and I am attempting to dress as a!!! ( granny Shadowhunter coming through...)   I will be armed with books for signing as I adore Cassandra's stories . I am very excited. I shall refrain from squeeeeing...well here on the I don't squeeee...cough, cough...

If you haven't read Cassandra's books, well it's never to late too catch onto the craze. Just remember take a number when it comes to!! That means you too Marissa..back of the line...hee..hee.



  1. I have read the first book in her new series but I haven't read the MI books. I will someday just have to many books to

  2. Hi ladystorm,

    I love them. I would read TMI series book 1 -3 first then Clockwork Angel which is a lot different to TMI series..much darker. Then read City Of Fallen Angels. Cassandra suggested that order only because of crossover of couple characters, understand better. They are stand alone series but as she is writing them now she suggested that order. The Infernal Devices is prequel series. Give TMI a read, I haven't had one person I recommended them to not love them and get addicted to them.


  3. haha, how cool that you're planning to dress up!

  4. Hi Aylee,

    There are prizes if you dress!! I am letting my imagination run wild. Its being held in a Theatre so I'm rather excited to know what will happen. My first ever signing, might as well be with Cassandra Clare:D
    I'll put pics up here if I can nab some, she may be uber uber busy. But I'll try. 10 weeks today I fly over to meet some friends who are coming with. One lives in Melbourne and the other coming from Western Australia. So yipee!!!
    I'm probably going to be a very sad looking Shadowhunter!!! But sometimes you just have to have a little fun in life.



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