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Kiera Hudson Book #2
Crikey it’s cold, dark and creepy out here. Where is that Summerhouse ? Hallowed Manor grounds are so spread out. I am supposed to be meeting Sergeant Murphy, Potter , Luke and Isidor for my interview in 5 minutes. This lantern isn’t giving off much light, I wish I could see better.... I think it’s time to turn around and go back the other way.

“Oooomph!” Okay who put that wall there? With a reflex movement my left hand reaches out, pushing me back a step, my palm slowly moving over a hard surface, left, right, up and down. “This doesn’t feel like a wall ,” I whisper to myself, swinging the lantern higher as I look up into a smirking face . “Eeeeepp!”, stumbling backwards I trip over a rock, landing spread-eagled .

“Oh! um... hello Potter, it's Michelle from Novels On The Run, nice to see you again.’s that Manilow thing working out for you?”

Oh crap Michelle, you are so babbling.

Potter: Hey guys, guess who I’ve found creeping about the Manor? It’s sweet-cheeks from down-under. You know the one – she can’t take her eyes off me!

Michelle: * blushing profusely* Ha! Like I was creeping, electricity is a wonderful invention, this place could do with some. You just give me a hand up and take me to the rest of the guys.

I so was not creeping, I may not be able to keep my eyes off him, but I so was not creeping. Did he just call me sweet-cheeks, again? Not that I am counting.

Michelle : Thanks guys for letting me come down and interview you again. Tim sure gets you guys out and about. I’ll start with you , Potter.

I am so trying not to ogle him, maybe if I focus on a spot behind him.

Michelle: I noticed in Vampire Wake you were making the most of ‘when opportunity knocks’ with Kiera. Do you feel at all bad for taking those opportunities, as there were a few?

Potter: Listen sweet-cheeks, she threw herself at me. I’m not falling for all that damsel-in-distress-stuff. Kiera thinks she’s this hot little Nancy Drew wannabe, sniffing around the place all the time, picking-up on the smallest of clues and she really wants me to believe that she didn’t realise it was me? Yeah right.

Kiera Hudson # 1
This was the cover that
just grabbed me and made me
want to know more.
HA! I would like Kiera’s version of that.

Michelle: How do you feel about the new kid on the block , Isidor? I loved your Madonna comment, not a tad jealous are we?

Potter: Take it easy-tiger! Jealous? You’ve got to be kidding me right? He’s just a boy and has a lot to learn. And what does he think he looks like swaggering around the place with all those rosaries? I mean that is so eighties! What is he anyhow? Some kinda new-romantic!

..and one easy-tiger, not that I am counting.

Michelle: You seem quite blasé about fighting. Is there anything that rattles you?

Potter: Apart from Isidor, not much rattles me…but then again, I think you could rattle me sweet-cheeks – but in a good way. You know that offer of some Manilow is still on the cards - It’s just a short walk from here back to the gatehouse and I’ve got his greatest hits just ready to roll. How about it tiger?

Michelle: Errrrr...ummmm .....Oh! The Gatehouse.....Luke! When there is an action scene , you are always diving in protecting Kiera, you are quite selfless. The Ragged Cove left you worked over, how are you feeling now?

*heart pounding* I am so all talk...please let my face not be bright red. Not that listening to some Manilow hasn’t crossed my mind. Well, duh, this is Potter.

Luke: Hello Michelle, nice to see you again. As for saving Kiera, I just can’t help myself. I mean she is so special and I think the world of her. I’d hate to see her get hurt. As for how I’m feeling – well, you know, I’m feeling a lot better than I was, but I’ve just heard what Tim has in store for us all in ‘Vampire Hunt’ book three and to say I was worked over in book two is an understatement. I don’t think we actually stop running – from the very first page the pace is going to be relentless.

My review for VH to come shortly
Kiera Hudson # 3
I have read Vampire Hunt and Luke isn’t joking. It is relentless and a rollercoaster ride that had so many emotions going through me, totally awesome!!

Michelle: Just between you and me, do you have any idea where your next assignment will be?

Luke: Like I said, the third book is a non-stop race against time. We have to find Kayla you see but we’re being hunted throughout the whole book. But for the most part we are racing across the mountains in Cumbria, which is in the north of England. We spend most of our time hiding out in outhouses and derelict farms. We have to travel by night as we’re still healing from the wounds that we received during our final hours at Hallowed Manor and LOT 13 has run out so things are pretty bad for us in book three.

Michelle: If you thought, ‘this is it, my number is up’, what would be one of the last things you would want to do, if opportunity knocked?

Luke: To be with Kiera. Since meeting her at The Ragged Cove, we’ve never really had a lot of time together. There is always so much happening – so just sometime with Kiera would be great – I love that girl.

Awwww.... Luke loves Kiera. Oh hang on...that doesn’t bode well for Potter.

Michelle: Hey Sarge, how are those slippers and pipe going? Are you still making sure you get nice and comfortable at the end of a hard day. I didn’t think Tim gave you that much comfort this time round. He gave you a bit of a work out.

Murphy: You only know the half of it Michelle. Tim has put me right out there in book three. If you think I had a rough time at the Hallowed Manor then just wait to you read what he has planned for me in book three. I mean – this guy is going to take me to hell and back.

Michelle: Who do you think has a better shot at getting the girl ?

Murphy: It’s hard for me to say as I think of Potter and Luke as my sons – even more so since the death of my daughters. I’ll leave it up to Kiera to decide. After all she’s a switched-on cookie and will make-up her own mind. Kiera is her own woman and even if I did have an opinion she wouldn’t listen to me – she never does!

*Kleenex moment* . Poor Murphy and his daughters.

Michelle: What’s one thing that Sergeant Murphy would call, ‘heaven on a stick?’

Murphy: My pipe!

Enough said...that was a daft question of mine .

Michelle: I only have one question for you, Isidor. What do you think of Potter?

Isidor: I won’t say what I really think as I don’t know the age of your readership – but the guy is a total plank! I hate the way he keeps calling me ‘kid’ the whole time and making snide comments. But things get a whole lot worse between us in book three. I don’t know why – but Potter really doesn’t like me. I’m sure Tim will reveal all soon enough! I know he has a lot planned for me.

Potter: Okay, kid, I don’t think she came all the way from down-under to listen to you harp on about how hard-done-by you are. So when you’ve quite finished whining, me and sweet-cheeks have some Manilow to listen too.

Well he does sing , ‘My Eyes Adored you’ beautifully...what?...we are just going to listen to Manilow faves.

Michelle: Thanks guys for talking to me today it’s been fun and now Potter could you walk me out ..* wink*... well I did got lost earlier.


The two different styles of Bookplates
They are peel and stick
I will have to cut them up as 8 per sheet
FIRSTLY : With every paperback purchased from Amazon of Tim's first book in the Kiera Hudson series, Vampire Shift, email me your Amazon receipt number showing paperback purchased as proof and I will send you a Bookplate signed by Tim O'Rourke for you to peel and stick in the front of your book. Email address:

I have a limited number of Bookplates, so first in get 1 bookplate per book purchased. Purchase 3 books, get 3 bookplates.  Incase you want to buy for your friends and save on postage from Amazon. Time limit is until I have no more to give.

Ok for this official interview giveaway I have :

Note I will choose one Bookmark from
the two different types Miss Suzi has made.
1 x A4 Pic signed by Tim of Vampire Shift - I like to frame these

1 x Signed Bookmark - Vampire Shift

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So 4  Prizes to giveaway. Suzi has to complete the bookmarks and when I have them back I will post out to winner.

These two images , this one and the one to the
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Uncompleted. I will have completed shortly.

A4 sized signed pic
There's a bit of glare off
my flash on camera.
Here are the pics of the prizes and Bookplates I will give out to people purchasing the paperback of Vampire Shift from Amazon from 30th October until I run out. I will give updates on how many bookplates I have left. Early Bird will catch the worm.





Random Org will choose winners.






  1. I love character interviews and this is one of the best I've seen in a while. I've never heard of these books, but after this I definitely want to read them. These guys are awesome!

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  4. This giveaway is so cool! Thank you so much for the chance and for international entries! :)
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  5. I'm guessing you are loving getting called Sweet Cheeks.

    Really must read these at some stage

    GFC name Carolyn

  6. Hi Gisele and Carolyn.

    Ha , Yes Potter likes to call me sweet-cheeks and get me to listen to some Manilow. I just go bright red and babble...hee..hee.


  7. @chelleyreads Thankyou, it's always fun talking to Tim's boys:D


  8. The covers of this series are amazing and the story of course.
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  9. The covers are GORGEOUS!! I love them, very striking!


  10. Oh, that was fabulous Michelle! Can't believe I've never seen it before!!! Oh, how I love Potter. And the other characters, of course.....

    Hmmm, sure we can share Potter, but I think we may have Keira to contend with *grumbles* Silly girl, she should leave Potter all to me, err, us ;)

    Yes it is. I love a lot of Natasha's music--she writes such great songs.
    Thank-you, that's so kind of you!

    Haha! We sure do know how to pick 'em, and lucky for us Tim knows how to write 'em!

    Oh, that's a good idea. I'm gonna do the same in case you post any more fab Keria Hudson series related posts :)
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  11. Hi Rachel,

    I think Potter is going to have a lot of female fans:D




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