Thursday, October 21, 2010


By : Stacia Kane
Published By : Harper Voyager
Released : Available Now
Details:  Paperback, 408 pages


Book Blurb : Taken From Goodreads

The third book in this gritty, sexy, urban fantasy trilogy. Rogue spirits and psychopomps are terrorising people, and now someone is planning to open the gates to the City of Ghosts and unleash the dead on humanity. Faced with her greatest challenge yet, Chess has to travel to the spirit city to finally lay
all her ghosts to rest!


"The parameters of the Binding are these: That you will not speak of your purpose to anyone but those authorized to know it. That you will not act with disloyalty against the Church. That what you hear of your purpose after the words of Binding are spoken , and until they are retracted, will not be repeated by you to anyone but those authorized. That you will repeat them to those authorized when told to do so. Do you accept those parameters?"

I liked this book the best out of the three to-date. Lots happens in this book, fast paced , smexi and tough with kick butt action scenes.

Chess is on a 'Black Squad' mission with Lauren Abrams , daughter of the Grand Elder.  A 'Binding Oath' is literally put under Chess's skin. Great pain inflicted if she gives information away to other than the Church, problem is Bump wants that information. A pay check of $80,000 seals the deal,  it will keep Chess in plenty of Cepts, Nips, Pandas, Speed...the list goes on . Far too tempting to knock back , but did she really have a choice?

Keeping her drug fuelled days a secret from the Church has taken on a whole new pain in the butt in the form of  Lauren,  her partner in the Church 'case' .

Terrible is still peeved as all with Chess , and his scathing remarks only show how hurt he really is. Bump wants Terrible coat tailing Chess to find the answers to the deaths and mayhem.  Black Magic is being used, ghosts are surfacing and fetish's are being found. Is the Lamaru behind all this evil?

Arthur Maguinness has decided to put down shop in the market selling his potions and what nots.  Who is Arthur Maguinness,  what does he represent?

Chess is in for a whole lot of pain , physical and mental . More is revealed of Chess's upbringing and it wasn't pretty.

Chess needs to get back down into the tunnels she needs Lex to show her . When Chess needs Terrible the most he changed his phone number. Ouch!! That hurt Chess big time. She is beginning to understand her feelings more. Just because she is used by everyone doesn't mean she has to do the same. A conscience is forming.

Terrible's loathing of Chess is starting to take its toll on her she is starting to crumble. Honesty is always the best policy .......and a hissy fit.

All sorts of  information starts to come forth and Chess must make sense of it all with Lauren.

 Then it all takes a turn for the worst.........

Keep an eye out for book # 4 in the series due 2012. I know I will be. I'm hoping for more of Chess's addiction history and more unearthing of her life that made her need to use to forget to keep the demons away.


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