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I've just spent a wonderful hour listening to Cassandra Clare's live chat on USTREAM. I will note the information I learnt.

CITY OF LOST SOULS to be released May 2012
CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE to be released September 2013!!!

CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS  to be released April 5th 2011.

WOW!!! There were 4,000 participating in the chat!!
The average time it takes for Cassandra to write a book is 1 year. She spent 2-2.5years writing City of Bones.
Cassandra was asked a fun question: Which of her characters would she like to meet?
Answer: Magnus Bane as he throws the most parties.
The book covers, City of Bones ( Jace), City of Ashes ( Clary), City of Glass ( Sebastian). The models used for the person were photographed, painted over , photo shopped.  Jace's image on cover of  ''City of Bones'' , was actually 2 people.

Cassandra  didn't reveal many details about the upcoming sequels in The Mortal Instruments series, she did however say,  that the main antagonist they will face is someone who has been mentioned (but no one seems to have correctly guessed who that is yet). Hmmmm..puzzling. There will be a new Inquisitor and new Consul as you need those. I personally wouldn't be putting my hand up for Inquisitor job..they don't seem to survive very well. I personally am sooo looking forward to reading more about Jace ( yummy) and Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus, Luke , Jocelyn, Shadow Hunters and Downworlders, Runes and steles some vampires thrown in ..just magical creative writing.

Time lapse between City of Glass and City of Fallen Angels is 2 months.
1 new male and 1 new female character will be introduced into City of Fallen Angels who may impact relationships. ( exciting!!)

Clockwork Angel was originally called Clockwork Kingdom but changed as Tessa wears a Clockwork Angel pendant.
Clockwork Angel has 2 more books in series: Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess.
Will is on the front cover of Clockwork Angels. Jem will be on front cover of Clockwork Prince and Tessa will be on front cover of Clockwork Princess.

If you notice all The Mortal Instruments books have the characters face horizontally missing on covers. Clockwork Angel , Will's face is side on , not fully shown. So keeping with theme of not showing faces.
Clockwork Angel book trailer may be released next week.

On Cassandra's USTREAM page on Facebook will be the widget countdowns to all her books.

To read more about announcement for 5th and 6th books  visit The Mortal Instruments website  or Cassandra's live journal

To view the 1 hour archived chat with Cassandra Clare click on link below. 

Did any of my questions get answered..nope..LOL!! But it was an excellent live chat, worth watching. At one stage over 720 viewers. Rather hilarious end to the live chat when bless they didn't know how to turn off the chat. This may not be shown on the archived show. Over 450 viewers stayed and listened to them whispering!! Myself being one of them..sorry it was too funny. The funniest part was when the Clockwork Angel poster was put in front of computer screen to hide them whilst they tried to work out what to do. TRUE STORY!!!


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