Friday, January 26, 2018


By: J.D. Robb
Published By: Piatkus 
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 139 Pages (Midnight In Death). 


Blurb: Goodreads

The number-one New York Times bestselling In Death series explodes with intrigue, passion, and suspense. Now, Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, propels you into the darkest night of Lieutenant Eve Dallas's life...when a killer comes to call...

Eve's name has made a Christmas list, but it's not for being naughty or nice. It's for putting a serial killer behind bars. Now the escaped madman has her in his sights. With her husband, Roarke, at her side, Eve must stop the man from exacting his bloody vengeance...or die trying...


A young man from Eve’s past has reared his evil head and written out his own deadly naughty list to get back at the people who helped to put him away.

Naturally Eve Dallas is on that list and time is of the essence to save those listed above her name.

Now the one thing that kinda screwed the plot a little for me was David wrote the order he was taking people out and left it for Lieutenant Dallas to find. Now bear with me, because I am a stickler on plot not having any flaws, it’s just my little OCD thing with reading a thriller/crime story. David was indeed taking out the people in order, so why didn’t Eve secretly wait with the person who was next on the list and capture the evil prick? If the names hadn’t been listed OR it was random order, then I can understand she simply didn’t know who was going to be taken out next—but she did. The only reason the list changed was if the person was put in a safe house, which was farther down list.

She could have still been investigating and trying to find the ‘hole’ David was in as he worked the people over and used Peabody and company to do the foot work while waiting with the third person on the list, because the first two deaths had proven the list was true. It seemed the simplest solution to me and BAM she would have David.

To further cement my comments, the police guarding one person against David, did not stop him from approaching and kidnapping the person on the list. The kid was simply clever in his approach—the cop was not.

Eve is a very intelligent, methodical character. Roarke is extremely off-the-charts intelligent. Surely giving away the list of names in order of their downfall would have you one step ahead and closely shadowing the next person on the list, like being their sticky-buddy. Hiding in their workplace, the backseat of their car when they went out, especially how the third person was taken. I know the cops were guarding them…but this is Eve and she knows what the kid looks like and again THIS IS EVE!

The kid wasn't that far ahead with his kidnappings and gross killings, which was set out for the reader to plainly see. The next on the list, Eve simply had to be waiting for him, with Peabody and no doubt Roarke.

For me just a simple tweak to the plot with the list would have made this a flawless plot, considering Eve’s personality and intelligence and the way the rest of the story played out.

It is my only gripe because the story itself I enjoyed very much.

Here are a couple of my fave Roarke moments.

He looked so… perfect, she thought. He was dressed casually for the day, in black, his long, lean body relaxing in a chair probably made two hundred years ago.

He had the face of a god with slightly wicked intentions, eyes of blazing Irish blue and a mouth created to destroy a woman’s control. Power sat attractively on him, as sleek and sexy, Eve thought, as the rich fall of black hair that skimmed nearly to his shoulders.

“That’s what I get for marrying a cop.” Ireland sang quietly in his voice, the lilt of a sexy poet. “For loving one,” he added, and tipped her face up to kiss her.

He combed his fingers through her short brown hair. “You’re what I want, Eve, the woman who leaves her home to stand over the dead. And the one who knew what a copy of Yeats would mean to me.”

Due to each Kindle book being a bit out of my price range I have been borrowing from library. #keepinglibrariesalive

I will be buying all the paperbacks for my personal library for my daughter to read one day, because this is such a fantastic series—and ROARKE!

I DID have Conspiracy In Death waiting on the reserve shelf for me to pick up tomorrow (public holiday today), but some inconsiderate #@(*@!!! took the book off the reserve shelf under my name. They took my slip out of it sometime yesterday and decided to jump the queue (who knows if they even swiped their card, because paper trail). 

Really? You can’t wait to reserve the book like I did and I waited like eight weeks for my turn? It had only been sitting on reserve shelf for 2 days! I'm feeling grumbly if you couldn't tell. I'll be pulling a Eve Dallas tomorrow and getting them to see if the dumbass swiped their card and they can ring them, because this is about the 8th time this has happened to me over various reserves I've had, and I am getting a little over it.

Fark me!

But there are worse things in life. :) 

Signed: A little grumbly, only because I'm addicted.

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