Friday, September 15, 2017


By: Tiffany Snow
Published By: Montlake Romance
Released: Available Now
Details: Kindle purchase, 444 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

When Kathleen Turner, office runner for the prestigious Indianapolis law firm of Kirk & Trent, started dating the boss she knew the risks. Senior Partner Blane Kirk is known for being a notorious player - the Baskin Robbins of dating with a different flavor every month. Kathleen is the happiest she’s been in a long time, especially as Christmas approaches, but she’s always known there was a termination date on her relationship with Blane.

She just didn’t expect that termination to be her funeral.

A festive afternoon of Christmas tree shopping turns life-threatening when Kathleen and Blane become targets for an unknown gunman. They make it home alive, but Kathleen realizes her boyfriend has been keeping secrets. The deadly kind.

Blane’s current case is drawing heated debate and stirring the pot of public fury. Kathleen is horrified by the threats – and worse – being directed at him. A former Navy SEAL stands accused of the wrongful death of an American citizen during a military operation overseas. The case has far-reaching political and military implications. Someone with a lot of money, and even more clout, wants Blane to lose.

As dead bodies of people connected to the defense start piling up, it becomes painfully obvious that disappearing witnesses and altered testimony are no longer enough for whoever is intent on guaranteeing the SEAL gets convicted. Kathleen and Kade, Blane’s brother and ex-FBI-agent-turned-assassin-for-hire, are on the trail of the killer.

Unfortunately for Kathleen, he’s already moved for the end-game – by painting a target on her...and pulling the trigger.


I went into this installment almost #teamKade from the start. I really did.

Blane and Kathleen are making me want to be #teamBlane, but Tiffany keeps shoving Kade in the way and he just seems to be more on her level.

Blane says a few things that got up my team nose and I am wondering how deliberate they were by Tiffany.

Kade…oh mYy!

Kade got up and walked toward me, stopping when he was a few feet away. He reminded me of a cat, the way his body moved—fluid and silent. In contrast my body felt like a violin string pulled too tight.

“Don’t try to rescue me, Kathleen,” he said flatly, a bitter smile curving his lips. “I’m beyond saving.” His face and voice were both as cold and remote as the arctic.

I know I am swinging on the #teamKade line at the moment. I simply can’t see past them being so much more compatible.

But then…Blane.


I think it is starting to distress me. LOL

I do really like Kathleen’s character, she is bumbling and she can show a lot of intelligence—sometimes—and these two men simply make this series.

The action and villains can be a little predictable, but I am a fan of Stephanie Plum and that series is much, much, more silly and without a lot of growth, but the lads, Ranger and Joe keep me coming back for more.

There is growth in this series and also lots of emotion with Kade and Blane. I like that a lot.

I did take a break from reading #2.5, Kade’s Turn, only because I was getting a bit exhausted with my emotions with these two lads.

I do love them both.

I feel like Tiffany is setting the reader up for THE MAN in Kathleen’s life, already, with certain things she is throwing at us, but I will wait and see, even though I think I got the spoiler when I hit book two in Risky Business. (dang it!)

So I stopped reading after this book and went onto Power Play (Risky Business # 1) and then Playing Dirty (Risky Business # 2).

I am swinging back around to Kade’s Turn (Kathleen Turner #2.5) now.

I am preparing myself for all the Kade pov.


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