Thursday, April 13, 2017


By: Janet Evanovich
Published By: Headline
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 374 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

"I'm Stephanie Plum. My mother says that I'm famous and have to set a good example. She's right, but I'm from Jersey and truth is, I have a hard time getting a grip on the good example thing."

Swing off the Jersey Turnpike and you'll be in bounty hunter Stephanie Plum's neighborhood. You'll know it because all hell will be breaking loose. Not that she looks for trouble - it just seems to follow her. In Ten Big Ones it explodes at a deli, and when Stephanie pegs a robber as a member of a vicious Trenton gang, they peg her as dead. Vice cop Joe Morelli fears she's in way too deep - even with the help of crime-solving, cross-dressing, bus driver Sally Sweet, and Stephanie's friend Lula riding shotgun as backup. With a notorious killer on her tail, Stephanie figures the best hideout is Ranger's secret lair...



Five Stars!!!

Haven’t been able to say that for a few books now.

Aaannd…Ranger wasn’t in it as much.

Go figure.

I’ve flagged so many pages of humor and wit and— Ranger, when he chose to pop up— the sexy beast.

I just have to roll like a bowling ball being hurled down the lane when it comes to Ranger and Joe and Steph. I figure I am in for the long haul with whatever is going on, there. Might as well sit back with the popcorn.

Usual check list for a Stephanie Plum recipe.



Ranger and his Range Men…check!

Ranger and his comments...check!

“Babe,” Ranger said. And he left.

Somebody appeared that Steph went to school with…check! 

*rolls eyes*

I’d gone to school with Robin Russell.


Hell yeah!...Check

Family shenanigans…check!

OOO a new addition…scary mother*cking gang.

For once Steph actually, truly felt like she was in hot water—not luke warm water. This I very much likey. Only thing was, the ending...I was expecting a bit more. For once Steph actually gets a beat-down...then...erm...

Did you run out of ink? 

I can forgive your ink running out because I thought I was in the Bat Cave at one stage…I wasn’t…but we get closer to these Alpha men and a lair.

Giddy Up!

“Hey,” I said, when consciousness returned. “You’re poaching.”


“Stop it.”

“You don’t mean that,” Ranger said smiling.

He was right. A woman would have to be dead not to want to kiss Ranger. And I wasn’t even close to dead.


Then we have the-Tank-tease.

To say Tank is a big guy is oversimplification. Tank is a tank. His freshly shaved head looks buffed up with Pledge. His body is perfectly toned and fat free. His ass is tight. It’s rumored that his morals are loose. And his black T-shirt looks painted onto him. Hard to tell what Tank thinks of me. Or, for that matter, if Tank thinks at all.


I was hot and slippery with shower gel, and I was surrounded by Essence of Ranger. Agony. Ecstasy. I was living a wet dream.

More teasing.

“It’s soap. And it won’t go away.”

“It smells sort of…sexy.”

Tell me about it. I was in love with myself.

The guy really needs his own series.

His mouth curved into the almost-smile. “You’re going to be indebted to me, Babe. You want to start working on that guilt problem.”

Oh boy.

He grabbed me and kissed me, and I felt my toes curl. And I wondered how long it would take me to get him undressed. And just exactly how many minutes did he have before the meeting. I didn’t think I needed a lot of time. After all, he wasn’t wearing any undies.

Women around the globe are requesting a Ranger series. I can only assume this to be true.

Ranger finished his coffee and stood. “I said there was no monetary way to justify your security. The truth is, you’re a line item in my budget.”

I followed him into the bedroom and watched while he got his gun, checked it out, and attached it to his belt.

“I have you listed under entertainment,” Ranger said, sliding money and credit cards into his pants pocket. “This is a high-stress business, and you’re comedy relief for my entire team. Plus, I get a tax break.”

My eyes opened wide and my eyebrows shot up an inch into my forehead. This didn’t sound flattering. “Comedy relief?”

Janet, you really need to consider a Ranger dayum!

Ranger gave me one of his rare full-on smiles. “I like you. We all like you.” He grabbed me by the front of my shirt, lifted me two inches off the ground, and kissed me. The truth is, I love you…in my own way.”

I love you too, Ranger.



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