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Today on Novels On The Run I am rather excited, like, bouncy bouncy excited. Not only was I uber , uber, excited after reading Rule, by self published, debut author Jay Crownover, but then I got to interview her.

Yeah, I know!


I simply have to giveaway some digital copies. If you are of maturer reader age, and you haven't read RULE, well darn it, I am going to give you the opportunity to win one of three digital copies. 


You might just find an AWESOME exclusive teaser quote from Jet, Rule # 2 in this interview. Woot!!

It has come to my attention, because Jay said so on her FACEBOOK PAGE , that she has sold nearly 50,000 copies, in less than a month!!! Holy Batman and Robin!! 


Outstanding for a self published debut author. I read RULE around the 10th January 2013. I was perusing Amazon, looking for another book, I am now totally invested in Jay's writing.




Rule is now edited , Jay has an agent, and if this book doesn't get published, well I'll be a stinky goats lunch. 

Jet , book # 2 is looking at a May release date. I simply can't wait for that Rocker guy. This chick needs more of Jay's writing.

My review of RULE


*puts my nerd glasses on*

Jay: I totally have nerd glasses too.

Michelle: Nerd glasses rock. 

Hi Jay, thankyou again for letting me interview you. I think you know by now how much I LOVED Rule. Such an awesome debut!

Michelle:  What 5 words describe Jay Crownover, writer/author?

Jay:  Potty-mouth, Blunt, Sarcastic, Loyal, Delightful

Michelle:  Jay you are a debut author that has rocketed into the book world with Rule a story about grief, families, a girl and a guy who are both working through their own inner demons, and about finding your place in this world. If you were to tap somebody on the shoulder in the street with a copy of Rule in your hand and sell the book to them in a paragraph, what would you say in your own way?

Jay:  That’s not really my style. I’m not about self-promotion and tooting my own horn. I guess I would be like “Hey I wrote this book and it has a hot guy and a kick ass girl and if you wanna read a pretty neat story you should try it out.” I’m like that in the bar too. I don’t go for an upsell on anyone but if they want a killer strawberry jalapeno martini I’m your gal J

Yum that sounds delicious.

Michelle:  Rule is a most stunning character who has layers. He covers a lot of pain up and expels some of his demons with non attachment sex. He is a tattooist and loves his piercings. Even ‘nerd alert’ me wants a nose piercing, would love a navel one, but me thinks after 3 kids that ship may have sailed, lol! Did you give Rule any of your tattoos you have inked on your body? If you didn’t, what is one of your fave tattoos you have?

Jay:  We both have horseshoes. I have one on each arm that say mom and dad because unlike Rule I have great, I mean super fabulous, amazing parents and I do believe a right side up horseshoe holds all your luck in. My favourite tattoo on Rule is his name across his knuckles with the snake tongue for the L, come on that’s just badass. My favorite tattoo on me is my Colorado tattoo. It covers half my calf on one leg and has the mountains and columbines and a mountain lion. I love my home state and for sure have Colorado-pride like only a native can!

I have authentic old horseshoes nailed to two fences either side of my house, both right side up.

Michelle: I would like to ask Rule a few questions. Hey Rule! Shaw is your girl. Your love.

(a) What 10 words would you use to describe Shaw?

Rule:  Only need 1…everything. She is everything to me. 

This is why I love this guy.

(b) If you could pick a song for your mobile phone ringer, that means Shaw is on the other end, what song would it be?

Rule:  “She’s a Knock Out” by Social Distortion 

(c) What song would you like Shaw to put on her mobile phone that says Rule is ringing and he wants Shaw?

Rule:  Right now I think its “These Old Shoes” by Deer Tick, but it changes based on how happy she is with me at any given time. Last week I’m pretty sure it was “Hang Me Out to Dry” by the Cold War Kids. She’s all over the place with that shit.

(d) Who do you think would do a great job cast as yourself if the movie Rule was ever made?

Rule:  No one they’re all too short and none of them are inked or pierced and I refuse to let anyone try and portray me if I know for a fact I could kick their ass. 

(e) What is your favourite part of a woman's body to put a tattoo on?

Rule:  As for my favourite part of a woman to tattoo, that’s easy…the back of the neck. They have to move their hair. They have to bend over, it’s normally something girly and delicate. It’s hot plain and simple. Ask Shaw how much I like those snowflakes I put all over her…wink wink


Michelle:  I got a really cool insight through Rule about the tattooing world. I really liked the part where you said about the intimacy of putting a tattoo onto a person, the art of it. Rule really enjoys what he does and he is so good at it. I know you have a play list for Rule but what song do you think best describes Rule the character?

Jay:  Beat the Devils Tattoo by the Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club: It’s perfect it’s dark and gritty and all about what happens when you can’t return the love you are given fully.

Michelle:  Jet, is your next book due approximately May 2013. He is a rocker. I personally can see him flooring the readers. You gave us such great characters in Rule. All of them have a voice that makes us want to know more. I know you want to give all your boys a story. Are you able to give us a teaser quote from Jet, please. I don’t need names, just a quote, would be awesome...but you don’t have to. I don’t want to mess with your mojo.

Jay:  (It’s not edited yet so don’t holler at me about commas)

The corner of his mouth kicked up in a grin that made my skin tingle. “As long as I can continue to write songs that are good enough to bring beautiful, dark haired girls knocking at my door I can be happy. I’ll sing you anything you want Ayd if it means you keep looking at me the way you’re looking at me right now and the long run can take care of itself.”

I knew if I let him he would own me. If he sang to me with that beautiful voice, played the guitar for just me with those hands covered in heavy rings and tipped in black finger nail polish that he would just simply own me that was all there was to it. He was already close and I was doing my best to keep him at a distance because I knew none of those things, his beautiful voice or his wild hair and ink covered skin belonged in my long term, but letting that take care of itself was sounding better and better by the second. I slid my hand a little farther up his thigh and watched as little sparks shot off of the golden outer rim. He was my temptation, had been for a long time now and good Ayden, or bad Ayden, we both wanted him, only him.

Michelle:  What was the average day like for Jay, before Rule was published and only those close to you knew you were writing? 

Jay:  Well no one really knew what I was doing, including me. I just wanted to tell a story and I had a lot going on so that was my outlet. That’s why it isn’t really edited so great. I just kinda wrote it and decided now I have this book I guess I should publish it and see what happens. I’m so glad I did but now I wish I had been more careful, more vigilant about the editing and proof reading part of it. I work at a bar so my day is really my night. I get up, mess around with three dogs, go to work and now come home and write. It’s pretty chill and I don’t really have any complaints.

Michelle:  What is now your average day like, now that Rule is getting so much interest and social media has its doors open to you and readers want to talk to you?

Jay:  I have an agent now. She seems to think Rule and his boy’s might get picked up by one of the big publishing houses, but I don’t know about all that. I try and keep up on Facebook and Twitter and I blog here or there. I like interacting with people but I’m on a review reading ban because I know about the editing issues and some of the stuff out there if I got into I would just get mad or let it twist my head up and I honestly don’t have time for it. I think its super neat I get to interact with people in different countries that have read it and loved it. I like aspiring writers that wonder how I did what I did. I’m on the fence about bloggers still, some I adore and think are fun, some have written really not so nice things then asked me to comment on it and I’m like you can’t print what is gonna come out of my mouth lady!!! I dunno right now, I’m just rolling with it so I’ll just have to see where I end up and how I rock it out.

Michelle:  You appear very humble about your writing gift. For a debut author, I was just blown away with your story. To me you are already up there with my fave contemporary authors. You just tell a great story and write great characters. Have you written any of yourself into any of the characters or people watched and found inspiration for your writing?

Jay:  Well that’s very flattering and I don’t know if humble is the right word, maybe realistic. I know I can tell a good story and I have a pretty good way with words, but everything else is just kind of hit or miss with me. I have to feel it, be invested in it to make the story breathe and if I can’t do that I normally just walk away from it and it dies a painful death on my computer. Rule and Shaw were just too hard to ignore.

I don’t write about me per-say, but I do write about things I know and love so it’s my world for sure. I love tattoos, I love music, I love Colorado and I think all of us try every day to be the best us we can be and some days are more successful than others. That’s where great stories and unforgettable personalities come from.

Michelle:  I just love Rome, he made me sad when he said he had buried more friends than made. I want him to get himself a chickie babe. I just loved how loving he is towards his family. Rule has such a great brother. I want Rome as my brother. I loved reading about his scenes. Love his saying ‘Atta boy.’ You have written all the guys that you have let talk to the reader, appear all quite different. Rome is the soldier, Nash fellow tattooist and best friend, Jet the rocker, lots of opportunity for developing story line. From your fb page you said you set yourself a thing to write a story by New Years, correct me if I am wrong. How long did it take you to write Rule and what made you decide to write in this genre?

Jay:  It took me six months give or take a week. I wanted to write new adult because in my twenties I thought I had it all figured out. I knew everything, was going to do all the things, be spectacular and have zero consequences for my actions. Well now I know none of that is particularly true but those choices and that time in my life led to where I am now and the person I have become (which is pretty freaking great mind you) so that’s why I write in that time frame. Life is more forgiving in your twenties, it’s fun and you’re trying to figure out who you want to be.

Michelle: This author title you now sport, due to public response, looks like a blossoming new career for you. You still have the day job, like so many authors both published and self published so you have only a certain amount of time for writing, sleeping and eating. What went through your mind, if I can ask, when Rule started garnering the attention it has. How did you feel? Were you prepared for a book 2, book 3...... had your thought process gone that far?

Jay: I knew Jet and Rome were both going to get a story regardless of how Rule did. But now I’m thinking Nash and Rowdy need one too. My motto for the moment is ‘let it ride’, I’ll write and I’ll get it out there and we’ll just see what happens. I was initially overwhelmed, then freaked out because even though I was trying not to see what people were saying it’s hard to bury your head in the sand when so many people are talking about something you’re so intimately attached to. I was so humbled by all the positive feedback and the people that loved it, but I felt really guilty for having so many people being mad about the lack of editing. It was a weird line to walk, so now I’m just like whatever. The edited version is out there and there are enough reviews that everyone should know what they are getting into with it. I just want to tell fun and interesting stories with hot dudes and cool chicks. If folks want to take that journey with me than hop on the train because I’m  moving right along J

Rowdy , just his name makes me think this boy has an awesome story. I'm on the train.

Michelle: I have been waving the Rule flag about, because when I like a book I have to tell everybody. I was just buzzing about on Amazon, looking for another book and it was like the brakes on a car screeched in my mind when I saw Rule out the corner of my eye. I went ‘whoa Nelly’ let’s back this up a bit, lovely cover choice for Rule. Then I did a bit of investigating ( true to my nerd form) and then I started hollering about Rule without even reading it as I like to do that sometimes when I spot a book that looks like it is going to be a good one. Have you chosen Jet’s rocker face yet?

Jay:  No not really….I see him in my head but no one I really relate him to that exists in real life just yet.

Just asking. * innocent face*

Michelle:  Do you have a favourite book and author? 

Jay:  In all honesty I love JD Salinger and George Orwell but for sexy time books I run the gambit: I like Jessica Sorenson’s stuff, I like Abbi Glines, I like Laura Griffen, I like Shelly Laurenston I’m a HUGE JR WARD fan and cannot wait for Lover at Last. I read a lot so if it’s a big hit it’s probably on my Kindle. I love football so my one-click addiction tends to lean towards any book with a football player in it J

Ooo YES!! Lover At Last , Team Qhuay = Qhuinn and Blay, humma, humma!! * waggles eyebrows* 

Michelle: Fun question to wrap up the interview, if your life was like a box of chocolates, what flavour would it be and why? Now if you don’t like chocolates I can go with icecream J

Jay:  Ice cream…last year rocky road and that’s self-explanatory this year I’m going with chocolate chip cookie dough because my life was already pretty great, but now it has something amazing and tasty and extra awesome added to it with this book and the amazing people that embraced it, just like cookie dough in ice-cream!

I'm a solid Rum n' Raisin girl. It may be the Rum part, lol! But I just like it.  

Michelle:  I really want you published, traditionally, because you are that good, but all those time lapses for your books, I am not sure I can wait that long. I hope you sell enough to keep you self published as, I ain’t getting any younger. Trust me you are younger sister age to me.

Jay:  Getting signed would be cool, but honestly I’m kind of a do it yourself girl. I like not having a boss and like just letting what’s in my head go unleashed on paper. It‘s fun and it worked okay so far. But thank you, seriously thank you for thinking I am good enough to run with the big guys!!

Michelle:   I noticed we have the same star sign. I am very calm.

Jay: I think my sign is a joke. Libras are supposed to balanced and even tempered….trust me I’m a real life red-head with all the temper and attitude to match…balanced is the last thing I am!!

Libra is a brand of girlie product over here, so you can imagine the boys in high school....dudes.  Really!! 

Michelle:  Thank you again Jay for bursting literally onto the contemporary, author scene and writing such heart felt, real , characters. I know there will be many new readers following you in the coming weeks, who will be waiting very excitedly for more books from you. * double thumbs up* Awesome job!

errr... ‘Atta girl.’ J

Jay:  Totally Atta Girl …thanks for wanting to hear anything I had to say…that parts still a little strange for me!!

I'm waving the pom poms for ya, just don't ask me to dance, hubby says I dance like Elaine from Seinfeld....hehe!!






Jay's twitter @jaycrownover


  1. I like that your interview is both in-depth AND fun and it made me want to read Rule (although all the flag-waving lately did make me curious anyway!! ;-) )

    1. Got to wave the flag, heheeee!! Jay gave awesome responses. :D:D


  2. Great interview, Michelle! I've been telling all my friends about Rule. He's too yummy not to share :)

    1. Thankyou bb!! Yes, wave that Rule Flag about bb ...woot!!!

      Michelle xx

  3. Great interview! LOVED Rule. Such an amazing debut novel. Can't wait for Jet and Ayden's book!

    1. Howdy Anonymous:) I am H.A.N.G.I.N.G for Jet! Woot!!


  4. The fact that Rule joined you guys! You know how much I'm wanting to read this! I need to grow another head and move to Mars maybe so I'll have longer hours.

    1. Hey Miss B,

      I shall move to Mars with you and get a tan :) This one just grabbed wasn't on my schedule, but when I see one, I get my vibe and I got to crack it open...then Whahhhhhh!!


  5. This sounds like a great read! Plus I love reading debut authors work.

    1. Hey Melissa,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes this is an AWESOME debut! Woot!


  6. I loved the nerdy girl glasses :D I'm looking forward to Rule, thanks for the giveaway :)

    1. Hey Arely,

      Nerdy Girl Glasses rock! Good luck on the entry!


  7. Great interview, Michelle and Jay! Oh I am absolutely SO EXCITED for this book! I think I need so Rule in my life :)

    Jesse @ Pretty In Fiction

    1. Hey Jesse,

      Thanks! We made a great Team. Team Nerd Glasses :) Good luck with the entry!

      Mich :)

  8. Just getting to meet a debut author is very exciting. It's like watching a baby bird take flight for the first time.

    1. Hey Mary, nice to see you back. This birdie she soared!! Can't wait for Jet he is going to be a missile:)


  9. I love hearing about why authors write about what they do and I'm surprised that it only took 6 months. I've been super anxious to read this book! Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Howdy Erika,

      Got to be in it to win it and this is an awesome prize to win. I want this in Paperback , so I can snuggle it ;)


  10. Awesome interview! Michelle, I so say we should kidnap Jay and have her as our own personal writing slave. :P I call dibs on the Weekends.

    PS, I can't believe you beat me as to posting the interview. I shouldn't have waited 27 days to post it. Procrastination doensn't get you anyhwhere in the blogging world. *pouty face* Although, I did find an amazing new blog.

    - Courtney W. Courtney's Book Nook

    1. Hey Courtney, I found your blog too:)You asked the Q I wanted to ask but didn't. The name Rule, where it came from as it is such an original name for a character. I asked Jay if I could interview her, then I spent about 5 days getting my Q's sorted.I just LOVED RULE. I originally read it on 10th January for a couple days and loved what a reviewer on Goodreads had to say about it. I think Jay is going to be very , very popular. I like to do interview Q research on authors and I saw nobody had interviewed her, so then I got a little nervous as I hoped I was asking good Q's. Jay is a real down to earth gal.

      There are going to be plenty more interviews coming her way. I am so looking forward to JET! DAng, that boy is going to Rock!


      Thanks for dropping by!


    2. p.s. I tried to see your review for Rule on your blog but you didn't have one. I am loving reading everybody's reviews ;)


  11. WOW!!!!!!! Rule was a great read. I just finished it this morning and wish there was more to read. I didn't want the book to end. I can't hardly wait for Jet to come out. Reminder set!!!! Thanks Jay for a wonderful book that I could really get invested in. Can't wait to read more from you.

  12. I have been searching the web for a release date on Jet and ran into this interview. I now am deeply looking forward to may....AHHHHH!!! CANT WAIT FOR JET AND AYDEN'S story


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