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By: Dawn Ryder
Published By: Sourcebooks
Released: Available Now
Details : Paperback from library, 309 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

A partnership with the hottest new rock band, Toxsin, is a major opportunity for Kate's small custom leather shop, but she's determined to resist her burning attraction to the lead guitarist, Syon Braden. Sex is a commodity in his world, and that's just not enough for her. Or so she thought.

With the multiplatinum success of his band, Syon thought he had everything he'd ever wanted…and then he met Kate. He knows that sleeping with her could distract him from his music and even interfere with his close bandmate friendships, but despite all this, Syon just can't seem to keep his mind—or hands—off of her…


Alrighty where to start with Rock Me Two Times? Now bear with me as I explain my personal thoughts, that are mine and mine only.

I did enjoy this book and especially Toxsin’s (band) characters. I virtually read it all in one sitting, bar falling asleep for a few hours.

There’s gonna be the good with the grinding-on-me-as-a-reader-thoughts.

This book has rated fairly low on Goodreads with not a lot of ratings and I can understand the other reviewers thoughts. Not enough to give it lower than 4 stars because the majority of the read was bloody brilliant, sexy and all things I want in a rock star read...but...

I note when reviewing and this time by page 25 of my paperback I was admittedly reading out parts to hubs, who was admittedly asleep and snoring next to me and I thought, ‘Dang, am I gonna be able to get through this book?’ By page 50 I knew I was going to finish it pretty quickly. I had started to see the light and became hooked.

I am so glad I kept reading...hence the book virtually read in one sitting. I'm gonna hit you up with the grind-on-me-as-a-reader-thoughts first. Stick around for what kept me reading.

I could not get into Kate Napier straight off the boot for several reasons. It was just the way she was written, but then I loved her. 

There is something about a female character that is admiring herself that irritates me, in the whole context of the start of this book.

She pulled on a pair of leather pants and tightened the laces that ran up their sides from ankle to hip. They fit her like a second skin, and she admired the way the blood-orange leather cupped her ass.

Don’t ask me why, but Kate grated on my reading-female-nerves at first until I simply adored her. I liked that she was torn between letting herself enjoy Syon and professionalism and what it meant to her business, Timeless Custom Creations. I liked that she was holding on as best she could to her integrity, even though it was damn hard.

Then we have the book cover, a blatant marketing misrepresentation of Syon’s stage character, the Marquis. I quote.

But what made her feel dizzy was staring at her from a pair of caramel eyes. The lead singer of Toxsin had a head of dirty-blond hair that was spiked out and falling past his shoulders. His eyebrows were slashed that angled up. His shoulders were wide and cut with hard muscles that his thin T-shirt showed to perfection.

He looked like the
Goblin King from Labyrinth.

Okay, from where I’m sitting, no real resemblance from dude on cover. I appreciate a creative courtesy, but dayum! On a side thought, I’m not seeing anything sexy about looking like the Goblin King. Is it just me? 

No offense David Bowie you legend, you.

I will be fair and say Syon really got on my ugh boyfriend list when I first met him, based on how he was written...but after page 40ish...

LAWDY hallelujah!! He redeemeth himself.

Then we had these weird words in a sentence that were meant to be descriptive, but! I shall pluck out a few.

He leaned down, hovering over her ear. “Passionate,” he bit out, slipping his hand back to cup her nape with a grip that twisted her clit.

Erm...??? Twisted her clit? The power of grabbing ones nape?! It's not a pretzel.

He was being serious. Dead, hard serious.

Erm...??? How can you be hard serious? Or am I being picky?

She was gasping, so turned-on she was in a daze. 

Hmmm...not sure about this one. *scratches head* Let's chalk this one up to being picky. I am visualizing her being dazed, it felt odd and probably looked pretty funny too. Syon really should have been waving his hand in front of her face to see if she was still with the program.

It was like he was pushing the music out of himself, almost as if he were giving birth.

Okay now that one needs a standing ovation. WT??? Giving birth? *cocks head on side* I've had three children and the visual...gahhhh!

She arched up, her body tightening around his fingers as she climaxed. It wrung her like a dishcloth.

*looks sideways to see if everybody is with me on that one* A dishcloth? I kinda almost go ewwww here. I may never look at my dishcloth the same ever again when I wring it out. I get that there is such a thing as female ejaculation, which is brought up, nothing to be embarrassed about lady folk. But a dishcloth? Really?

Now those were some of my weirded-out small personal chalkboard scratchy moments.


*claps hands like a seal*

It all fell into place for me and praise the lawd these men were rawrrrrr. I just had some pages to hack my way through before it felt like a rock star book that I so loved...except for Cid who was a very weekly written character, for me. I really had to put that in.

Now to the good stuff.

OH MyyYyyYyy the band members, once I got over my initial Syon issues. They simply turned the pages and I was a biatch in heat. Once I forgot Syon could look like the Goblin King. I reverted to Mr. Spunky on the cover.

Kate realized why the crowd was roaring, why she was on her feet shaking her fist in the air. It was because he was a leader, setting them all free, saying exactly what was on his mind, singing it out without remorse for who was offended.

Everyone wanted sex, but Syon was bold enough to say it out loud. Ramsey backed him up, completing the moment as the lights flashed around them and the song came to an end.

Drake is the drummer, Syon is on guitar and lead singer, Taz is bass guitar and Ramsey is guitar.

Taz looked ready to kill.

His black eyes were like obsidian, his expression tight, and she realized the little zip she’d heard was a set of ultralight nunchaku. He flipped them a few times in the air as he pushed her back behind him.

I absolutely adore Taz, he is the wingman who brings the Asian gorgeous to this book.

Ramsey was a long-legged, lean hipped animal with dark hair that flowed over his shoulders in unruly waves. It wasn’t feminine in the least—just sexy in a savage, no-holds-barred sort of way. To her right were a pair of wide-chested guys spotting each other on a weight training bench.

Ramsey is the uber naughty one. There was a fans-one-self scene with Syon, Kate and Ramsey. I loved that it was a real tease to where the author could have gone.

When I first started reading this book and I saw Sylvia Day had blurbed the front with, ‘Deeply romantic, scintillating, and absolutely delicious.’ I really wasn’t believing this blurb...until I got past those first 40 odd pages. Then I was nodding away and appreciating Sylvia’s blurb as the truth. I certainly thought it was one of the better rock star books I’ve read of late as the writing (apart from the bits that weirded me out) was very good. 

Cid, really needed to be a better character because something was simply too easy and then the way he behaved...ugh.

I would recommend this first installment as the lads are so delicious once you get into the book, and I do have Ramsey’s book here, Rock Steady to crack open. Again, I see readers have been maybe a little harsh on Goodreads and Amazon. I would like to see more readers give this series a go and write their thoughts on those sites.

OOHHH! I nearly forgot!

Conan, the man with the chopper bike, I must point out as there is also a chopper helicopter in here too. Giddy up. I need more of him. Rawrrrrr, he tickled my lady boner.

I do hope this series is continuing because I want me a Taz book for sure! So people readeth and if you enjoy, review and there may be more.

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