Tuesday, November 8, 2016


By: Kathryn Kelly
Published By: Kathryn Kelly
Released : Available Now
Details: Kindle, 199 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Megan 'Meggie' Foy Caldwell is finally getting everything she’s dreamed of, a child, a husband, and family (of bikers) that would truly do anything for her. Her life is finally on the right track. When Meggie asks her husband, Christopher 'Outlaw' Caldwell, MC President of the Death Dwellers’, for a church wedding, he agrees because keeping his new found love happy is everything to him.

But when a ghost from the past rolls into town and targets Outlaw Caldwell and his family, it forces him to make decisions that could cost them their happily ever after. Threatening their newfound peace, will Meggie and Outlaw’s love conquer all, or will they both fall back into their destructive patterns that could tear their lives a part?


I absolutely loved Misappropriate.


Now when I say that, I am fully accepting these rough, crude talking bikers for who they are.

No judgement.

I adore these characters because they pull no punches, they don’t hold back, they make no apologies for who they are, their voices are so addictive.

Christopher and Megan are back and Christopher has fully grown on me. I love how much he stands out when reading him. The way his dialogue is written brings a very 3D character. The quote below doesn't show this, but I loved this quote.

“There’s my girl,” he whispered. “And, her beautiful fuckin’ laugh.” He kissed her again. “I’m your man, Megan. You’re like the air I need to breathe, so I’ll be the strength you need to carry you.”

So far Johnnie is my fave and I am indeed reading Misunderstood and loving him even more.

Wait to you read how he kisses...sure we read about oral a lot in books of the adult MC nature etc, but...woo...eee!

Johnnie’s blond hair, longer on top than on the sides, made his silver-gray eyes stand out. The heat of his gaze lasered her profile and she shifted her weight beneath his scrutiny. She didn’t have to look at him to know he studied her. He always did. And not in a brotherly way.

All the Death Dwellers have such individual voices.

Mortician, Enforcer of the club and the man with a variety of handy skills, folded his arms, muscles rippled on his dark brown skin, while the skull ring he never seemed to remove leered from his middle finger.

He was taller than his older brother, a little less broad in the shoulders, arms, and chest. Mortician was ripped. Digger was muscled but...she frowned. Was she actually sizing up her husband’s officers?

Dinah Nicholls shrank back when the biker with the bald head, silver beard, and eye patch swung the car door open and held out his hand to assist her out of Johnnie’s Navigator.

“Babe, I don’t have time for this shit,” he snapped. “Give me your fucking hand so we can get you the fuck inside.”

She thought his name was K-P, but she wasn’t sure. He was one of the older bikers, a little older than her forty-three.

Now the scene that earned an extra star from me, purely for its crude talking, hilarity, I can’t tell you what scene it is for spoiling, but I giggled so much and maybe shook my head a few times. It goes down as a most memorable scene in my mind.

I will admit Kathryn Kelly was a new author to me, but now I shout her praises from the roof top.

She takes chances, she won’t give you a fluffy biker book, she will bring the grit and bad behavior and I simply love being in her fictional world.

You simply can’t miss any of these in between books (.5's = #1.5, #2.5, #3.5 etc) . Each book in the series should be read in order.

Bravo Kathryn.

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