Monday, July 4, 2016


Have you met the gorgeous Men Of Ocean Beach yet? 


Retro Cooper. This sexy straight talker knows how to rock a vintage tee. He has no idea the woman who stole his heart in college has been waiting in the wings for him all these years.

Birdie Evans. Gorgeous, interior designer and best friend to Holland Baxter. Birdie lives every day watching the man she loves from afar, waiting for him to see her and remember what they had.

Six years ago fate played a dirty hand, leaving tragedy in its wake, their love for each other crippled by lost memories.

But, this story isn’t just about Birdie and Retro.

Beautiful photographer Faith Reed has lost too much. Punished herself for too long. Now it’s time to pull on her big girl panties and head to Ocean Beach with her brother, Chance, one last time.

Throw five sexy tattooed men into the mix. A brotherhood stronger than blood. A real family who watches out for each other, bound together by grief and love. They have all waited patiently for this moment, their secrets now ready to be shared with Faith.

Life is about to get a whole lot more emotional and funnier in OB . 

Harley Madden. Security empire owner and the self appointed protector in this group of men wants the crew’s secrets revealed on his terms. Naturally things don’t go according to plan with Keanu Lee putting his hand up first.

While Retro is making up for lost time, Faith has decided she needs to stay in OB because she can’t leave until the most broken man, the one who hasn’t uttered a word in six years, speaks to her.

This one man who carries the biggest burden. 

They say love can heal, but sometimes all you need is a little faith.


Do you fancy a bit of dark romance?



Dallas ‘Edge’ Masson lives by this rule. He is a killer.

No longer a military soldier who served his country and saw unspeakable things, he now claims the title of the Soulless Bastards MC enforcer. He has his own way of serving the club, his own little bag of tricks to enforce justice which is an art form to him, dolled out creatively and without conscience.

Sex and justice are the two things Edge understands and thrives on. He is a voyeur. Sex is hard and rough, just like his life started out, before he found the family who took him under their caring wing, who have now forgotten he exists. 

If you are on his radar, be prepared to pay the ferryman, but sometimes things aren’t clear cut. Sometimes there is a grey area, but when you are trained only to see black or white, shoot first ask questions later, that’s when things get royally fucked up.


Whisper has lived a controlled life under the evil hand of William Dupre’ and her mistress. Opportunity knocks and she escapes into a world she was forbidden to enter.

Fate finally chose to be kind to Whisper. Trust and respect are two things Whisper did not understand. How could she?

Miss Catherine is smart and wise. She feels things in dem bones of hers.

Boxer the gentleman has his secrets, he has his contacts, and together they become Whisper’s guardian angels. 

Whisper lost her existence, her identity to William Dupre’, Hell’s bastard.

Miss Catherine and Boxer gave her dignity back to her. Trust and respect is a two way street.



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Hell's Bastard # 2

Coming 18th July 2016 


I was never meant to be free.
Evil has taken from me again.
I’ve lost the two people I’ve grown to love because another of Hell’s bastards has staked his claim on me and stolen me away.
What gives another human being the right to take another’s innocence and try to destroy their soul?


We were never meant to meet.
Our lives collided and spun out in different directions.
Now it’s a race against time.
Time she doesn’t have.
This is on my head.
I f*cked up.

What happens when a Soulless Bastards MC enforcer is on the hunt for the f*ckers involved in taking the sweet n' wild girl? 

No Mercy happens.

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