Wednesday, June 29, 2016


By: Marie Force
Published By : HTJB Inc
Released : Available Now
Details : Kindle purchase, 64 pages


Blurb : Goodreads

Since the debut of Fatal Affair in 2010, Fatal Series readers have been wondering about that “memorable” one-night stand between Sam Holland and Nick Cappuano that took place six years before Fatal Affair opens. Well, wonder no more!

One Night With You tells the story of Sam and Nick’s fateful first meeting in which all the chemistry and heat we have come to expect from them is on full display from the first moments they meet.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I am reading this series in the reading order stated, hence why I started with the prequel even though it was written after Fatal Affair.

This was my first meet and greet with Nick and Sam.

I really enjoyed this prequel into their lives which has the reader throwing Nick onto the book boyfriend list.

There are certainly sexy times in this novella, but I would have loved a bit more of a solid meet and greet for the basis for this long series. What I mean is I have started Fatal Affair and am over half way and the gorgeous Nick and the intelligent detective who I now know more about... it felt a bit quick. 

It was hawt. No doubt about it.

Not complaining about the sexy times, but knowing he was without her for six years due to reasons, this meet and greet was a hook up, but he really didn’t look at another chick for six years based on it or really pursued her. 

I get this is a novella. I get it is one night.

For me personally I would have liked more vavoom injected into this novella for the grounds of what happened in Fatal Affair. Possibly more of the Peter angle popping up to validate certain things. If you’ve read Fatal Affair you know what I am talking about. 

I wanted to be more invested in the validation of the six year gap when I read Fatal Affair. 

But, I still really enjoyed it. I just wouldn’t raise the bar to five stars for this reasoning. 

I’m now going to get back to Fatal Affair because for the life of me, Marie has me totally stuck on the who-dunn-it

This I totally love. She is giving us so many possibilities and this is brilliant. Too many who-dunn-it stories are predictable because you only get one or two suspects. Marie is giving us a boat load and that is very exciting for my mind to churn over as I read.


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