Saturday, January 2, 2016


By: Becca Fitzpatrick
Published By: Simon & Schuster
Released: Available Now
Details : Paperback from publisher for honest review, 454 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Will love conquer all?

Nora and Patch thought their troubles were behind them. Hank is gone and they should be able to put his ugly vendetta to rest. But in Hank's absence, Nora has become the unwitting head of the Nephilim and must finish what Hank began. Which ultimately means destroying the fallen angels - destroying Patch.

Nora will never let that happen, so she and Patch make a plan: lead everyone to believe they have broken up, and work the system from the inside. Nora will convince the Nephilim that they are making a mistake in fighting the fallen angels, and Patch will find out everything he can from the opposing side. They will end this war before it can even begin.

But the best-laid plans often go awry. Nora is put through the paces in her new role and finds herself drawn to an addictive power she never anticipated.

As the battle lines are drawn, Nora and Patch must confront the differences that have always been between them and either choose to ignore them or let them destroy the love they have always fought for.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I made a resolution to finish off the last book in a lot of series, so I started off with Finale.

I have always loved this ever popular YA series. Patch I think was pretty much my first YA book boyfriend...that taco scene...

Patch is missing from a fair bit of Finale which had me turning the pages looking for him but I dig what Becca was doing. This series is about Nora and her adventures and Patch kinda stole the show so she is letting Nora take the limelight and be the heroine.

Nora does change quite a bit in this last instalment and there was some predictability and I am so HAPPY to say I got some twists too.

Huzzah! I love a twist or two.

I did think possibly Vee and some things there were a little rushed and we were more told a bit last minute but eh, not my story to tell.

Nephilim vs Fallen Angels with betrayal, suspense and G rated love thrown in along the way, made for a fitting Finale to this series.

I do feel sad it is over.

I feel sad Patch wasn’t in it more but I am glad I can close the book knowing I had an awesome ride with this series.


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