Saturday, September 6, 2014




Did I have a fun time today, or what!

 I kid you , not !

Today was my very first Comic-Con experience ever and I was like a kid in a candy store.

Total nerd porn.

I was like one of those clowns at side show alley at a carnival. My head was swiveling back and forth, trying to take it all in.

Husband, mini-me and I took the near two hour trek to Brisbane, aka Brisvegas to the Brisbane Convention Centre.

We got there around 11.30 am by the time we got inside the Convention Center and donned our wrist bands.

My first impression was, busy and lots of cosplayers.

We headed straight to Jemina's table, which happened to look over at the photo section, William Shattner's and Orlando Bloom's lines.

Naturally you can see nothing of these stars as they were hidden behind a black curtain. We saw Jason Momoa, if you looked hard between the peeps lined up. But William and Orlando were nowhere to be seen...but they were there.

Beam me up Scotty!

At a right angle to Jemina's section on the side wall, were the voices of tv shows. How cool to see the people behind Squidward ( Sponge Bob ) and Winnie The Poo and others.

Jemina took us under her wing from the get go and we were escorted about. We bumped into a friend of ours Nathan , who had a gig as the photographer. His camera lens put mine to shame.

Hubs got in a quick snap with Wonder Woman.

Then off to the gold coin donation photo area where you could hold a light saber with Star Wars characters, get inside the trash compactor with a Storm Trooper ( we got to slap his bum, mini-me was not amused, LOL! ) We got to get inside a toy packaging for a Star Wars toy.

The trash compactor cost $5.00, because we got to do 4 poses and get a photo. 

We got an Imperial Citation for:
Smuggling Druids
"Aren't you a little short to be a Stormtrooper"
Being part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor

DUDE! I was having a ball.

Hubs picked up a Doctor Who print from a local artist, mini-me got herself a grumpy cat print from an artist, I bought an Infernal Devices print off Jemina and a photo booth Fault In Our Stars print. We bought eldest man-child a Khaleesi print from artist.

Mini-me and husband played with toys, the one that you think of Hunger Games with the bow and arrow.

We stopped off to say hello to Felicity from Penguin who was working the Book World booth.

Mini-me and I tried on animal long hat things. We bought her one.

I played about with steampunk goggles. I LOVE steampunk. There was a booth there called Love Lemur Clothing, or something like that and it had THE BEST steampunk outfits. I was in heaven. It is my dirty little nerd secret. Corsets and layers, long skirts with frills and those goggles! 

That right there is my nerd porn.

Hubs having a ball. Leeloo from The Fifth Element.
Sucker Punch and Walt - Breaking Bad

I took loads of cosplayer snaps.

We had snaps standing in the Doctor Who phone booth. I was hoping to be taken somewhere exciting and on an adventure. But sadly nothing happened.

Faulty booth!

I popped back a few times to see how Jemina was doing. She was doing well. Some peeps had asked about my book flyers and the book. So that was cool. 

After five hours, mini-me was getting a bit cranky and over it. Hubs and I were still powering on, but we had to call it a day. The eleven year old wanted to go home. 

I was getting sore feet, but I could have powered on some more.

This week has been an awesome week, quite out of the ordinary in our quiet lives. We went to  Boyce Avenue concert and back to the green room for nearly an hour with Boyce Avenue after the concert on Wednesday with Kirsty Dallas and her sister-in-law, Kylie and then today. Two trips to Brisbane in less than a week. 


For us, that is a lot. We spent ten years not going to Brisbane at all.

Totally awesome day. Totally recommend going to Comic-Con. It was just a whole lot of nerd fun.

We didn't spend that much money in there either. Prints were cheap, and gold coin donations for fun and shenanigans with the photo background scenes. Bit of lunch, which was sangas and a drink from the coffee mobile places and an animal hat thingy for mini-me. 

Next time I might line up for a photo with a star, but for newbie first timers, this was an awesome kick-start for future events.


  1. It looked so fun! And I just love the pictures! thanks for sharing!

    1. Melliane, it was a whole pile of nerd fun :D

  2. Yup, so much fun and mini-you is so pretty!

    1. Hey Miss B, mini- me was having a lot of fun, until she ran out of steam and then she pulled on her cranky pants :P

  3. Looks like you had a hoot !! Great pics

    1. It was a total hoot! Hubs had a lot of fun. He loved chatting to artists. He is more of a sports person so I was surprised how much fun he had:D


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