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TITLE: Control Me
AUTHOR: Elle Raven 
SERIES: Barossa Series – Book #1 
RELEASE DATE: August 4th, 2014

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By: Elle Raven
Published By: Elle Raven
Released : Available Now
Details: Kindle for honest review, 176 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

He knows what he wants.

He wants her.

Only on his terms.

To save her failing family empire, the stunning yet feisty heiress Jada Sinclair must find a way to keep the Sinclair Winery in the family. She is barely keeping things afloat due to her father's bad business decisions. The only person who can help her family is the multi-billionaire tycoon Max Brunetti. Can she trust him, or will she be selling her soul to the devil himself?

Ruthless and powerful, Max Brunetti wants to take over the Sinclair Vineyard to expand his own family corporation, and he will do everything in his power to get it. In order to gain the vineyard, he needs to make the Sinclair family an offer they cannot refuse. And he knows exactly what he wants in return.

*The Barossa Valley is one of Australia's oldest wine regions. Located in South Australia, the Barossa Valley is about 56 km northeast of the city of Adelaide.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

This was a really good start to the Barossa series. I was intrigued to read this series the minute I spotted the series title. I was born in the Barossa Valley, Angaston to be exact, and it is a beautiful area. I myself have lived in Adelaide for 20 years and my nan lived in Angaston. I was always up at nan’s sleeping over in her little semi.

I think Elle can go a long way with this series and the beautiful setting behind it. I am a little jelly that she thought to set it in the Barossa Valley.

Awesome!!! Brilliant!!!

Control Me is a reasonably quick read filled with lovely lads and the chicks are very likable with a sinister side to the story.

Elle likes using character names starting with ‘M’. We have, Mia, Max, Marco, Miccah, Michael and Milan. I do love the name Milan for a girl.

Zane is a character I am very intrigued to read. He just connected with me in a rawrrrrr kind of way. 


I loved hearing a couple of the towns in the Barossa named in this book, Tanunda and Lyndoch, I know them well.

Our leading man Max, I will admit I didn’t really connect with him at the start as he was a bit of an ass, but I grew to really like him in the end.

I am a little intrigued by Miccah too. He is currently only named in this installment, he is away elsewhere.

Mia, Max’s sister, I wasn’t sure of her rather brusque attitude towards what happened to Jada at the start of the book, but I really liked her by the end.

I thought Elle did a wonderful job of her first installment in this series, I hope Angaston gets mentioned in an installment and Nuriootpa. Time will tell.

I look forward to getting a little deeper into the characters and finding out more about them.

Jada and Max were a great couple in Control Me. I hope they pop up again in further installments. Marco has me intrigued too, that would be Max’s brother.

This was a great start to this series which I hope to see more of the beauty of the Barossa Valley brought into the story line as it is a stunning and fabulous setting.

Well done Elle.



He didn’t answer me. He only stared at me, his eyes squinting.

“I’m not joking, Jada; I’ve had enough of your crap. I want you to take off those white, skimpy shorts and show me that ass now.”

“No. Fucking. Way.” I ran to the barn door, pulled it wide open and walked away towards the main house. I noticed as I bypassed the kitchen that Max was following me. I did not want to deal with him right now; my blood was boiling. I took the stairs two at a time, but I could feel he was catching up to me.

Shit. My heart nearly beat out of my chest. Adrenaline soared through my body, and I was panting.

As I opened the door to my old bedroom, I felt a strong set of arms circle my waist. I screamed, but he didn’t care; he lifted me off my feet and threw me on the bed not caring how I landed.


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Elle Raven is a new and upcoming Aussie author who lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband and three young children. Elle can usually be found with her iPad or laptop computer permanently glued to her. She began writing from a very young age. In fact Elle used to write plays and musicals when she was in high school. Having such a flamboyant personality she even performed in them herself always an 'actress' and always the star. 

Elle loves reading and writing about an alpha-male hero. If she can't read about one that is alpha enough to suit her she will take it upon herself to write one. 

Elle's books will feature an alpha-male hero who will come tumbling to his knees in lust and love when he finally meets the heroine of his dreams. Rest assured that in an Elle Raven book, the hero will never cheat. 

Elle would love to hear from you. Please email her or visit her Facebook page. She loves connecting 
with people and having a chat with the readers about her books or any other books you may have in common. 




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  1. It's always nice to read a story set in a location you're familiar with. (one of the reasons I love Rock Chick so much!) I like the sound of Control Me, Michelle. It seems to have some interesting characters. I'll have to add it to my tbr. :)


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