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Who hasn't heard of the Night Huntress series?

Who hasn't heard of Bones?

If the answer is yes, you need to take the walk of shame.

It's lucky I do this posting on a Saturday, so I can enlighten you.

Bones and Cat

This is some of the sexiest fan artwork I have seen around for Cat and Bones. Lexie Bennett has it up on her Deviant Art page.

I absolutely adore this series. The Night Huntress has sadly come to an end with it's final book, Up From The Grave. I shall miss these two characters and the awesome sub characters.

Those that know this series, know what I'm talking about when I say , Bones owns his name. He is a dead sexy, brilliant male lead. 

He really is something special.

Cat, is the lucky woman who nabbed him. I think this series really took off for me from book # 2, One Foot In The Grave. It has that famous chapter 32. 



I started reading this series in September 2011. Three years later I'm still as addicted as I was back then. Now I have Vlad's spinoff to keep me warm.

This was taken from my review for 
Halfway To The Grave.

Catherine aka Cat, half human, half vampire. Blame her father who raped her mother while he was a new vampire and still had some giggle juice left in his loins... 5 months later out pops Cat.

Now Cat is 22 yrs old and she has spent the past 6 years slaying vampires, using herself as bait , a total of 16 vampires she has notched up. Slaying vampires keeps her mum happy as mum has a rather large chip on her shoulder when it comes to vampires. Mum needs a bit of a wake up call, in my opinion.

Enter Bones...the British ex pick pocket, beggar, ex whore, now vampire bounty hunter, who lives in a cave and is over 200 years old.

Now, I didn’t watch a lot of Buffy , but the bit I did see , I can see where Bones visually has a bit of a Spike thing going on. Bones having got his fingers caught thieving in his early twenty’s was sent to Australia to a penal colony in 1790. He eventually gets bitten by his fellow penal colony mate, Ian, who is now his master. Twenty years later he manages to get himself back to England, having picked up a couple mates from the penal colony along the way who are now vamps as eternal friends.

Bones has great dialogue/banter with Cat. I love the way he calls her ‘Kitten’. He teachers her who is boss, but she doesn’t go down without a fight.

Halfway to the Grave was a nice easy read that I really enjoyed, a fun romp. I do love me a bit of smexi , for book #1, it was reasonably quick Cat’s relationship, considering the number of books in the series, but then I haven’t read past book #1 so things could get hairy. 

There was a fave scene in 'Bite' nightclub, Ralphie and Martin had helped Cat along and it turned into a rather smexi dance.

So, that was some of my first impression of Night Huntress series. Each book for me got better and better.

This was taken from my review for
 One Foot In The Grave.

Where to start with this installment in the series.

I want to go straight to chapter 32...* fans oneself ... and then fans oneself again ... and throws a bucket of ice cold water over my head *, but I will get to that shortly. Well, I might just give you these quotes.

"You’d better out perform any service you gave to her or anyone else, because if I don’t wake up tomorrow red in the face from embarrassment at what you did to me. I’ll be disappointed.”

“...I promise you this...” His voice deepened. “You’ll be scandalized in the morning when you can think again.”

Half Way to the Grave, book # 1 was a fun read and I hoped the following books in the series would get better and better. I liked Cat’s character, but could see that she was still getting her footing in book 1.

Bones was visually too much like Spike from Buffy, BUT!! then we get to book # 2.

Jeaniene wisely gave Bones a makeover, taking that Spike visual away, which I really liked. I wanted Bones to stand out more, get his own identity.

The time lapse between book 1 and book 2 is 4 years. Jeaniene gave Cat and Bones space. Cat has become this FBI paranormal agent who has a team of great guys. Tate, Juan ( Bless Juan and the things he says), Cooper, and Dave. After the Dear John letter, she got on with her life and kept those she loves safe. Sure she sacrificed a lot, but she did what she felt was right.

Don has been keeping things from Cat and she isn’t happy, now Cat is keeping things from Don.

When Bones comes back into Cat’s life he comes back in Bones style. I really love Bones now. I thought he was a bit of a lad in Half Way to the Grave, but in this book you see a much deeper Bones.

Boy, did they get better!

This was taken from my review for
 At Grave's End.

Well didn’t Jeaniene Frost let it all fly in this installment in the Night Huntress series.


At Grave’s End brings the smexi, not as hot to trot as One Foot In The Grave, Chapter 32!! But, seriously, how is that ever going to be topped?

Bones, Cat and her team are working hard to get rid of one bad vampire, at a time. Cat is using herself as bait, disguising herself, she is getting a reputation as the ‘Red Reaper’ and being recognized too easily, which is turning dangerous. Time to find a new piece of bait to help take down these bad guys. But can this bait be trusted?

A very funny moment, I totally felt Bones’s joy, ha!! It involves, Justina.

Oh , Tate and Cat... on the job, of course, but ... OH MY. The things one must do when undercover .

Mencheres is an interesting Master Vampire. I really like him, but even the best of them let a woman rule their emotions and the line between right and wrong blurs. Mencheres doesn’t appear scary the way Cat talks to him, but I don’t think I would attempt to think or talk to him the way she does.

I love Spade/Charles, there is just something so loyal about him.

OH MY... one assignment at Marquis Bar, I won’t say what type of bar, but it is one of my fave scenes. I’ll give a hint it has to do with their clothes.


...and then Vlad enters the story.

I have myself a lady boner for Bones. He simply rocks my Kazbah with his personality and down right smexi attitude.

This was taken from my review for Destined For An Early Grave.

Another, most awesome installment from Jeaniene Frost’s , ‘Night Huntress’ series.

Oh the quotes that I can’t put up. Hehe!

Ms. Frost certainly had me feeling a tad upset whilst reading this book with Bones getting so upset with his Kitten. Be still my heart. I was looking over Cat’s shoulder when she was looking at the Satellite footage and I was holding my breath, inwardly crying, ‘noooOOoo’.

There was a bit of corker biffo going on between Cat and Bones and the verbals... I thought it was very clever of Jeaniene to show us a deeper side to Bones and to show Cat that she needed to wake up to a few things. It made for a real page turner this book.

Gregor, the Dream Snatcher in a way gave Bones a run for his money because Cat has a running list longer than me of all Bones’s conquests and this tipped the scales a bit to show that Bones really had a deep fear of losing Cat. Even though she didn’t remember Gregor and her past with him, no fault of her own * gives Mencheres a dirty look * , she did have a past.

Their passion for each other and their fear of losing each other, made for some fiery Cat and Bones scenes.

Bones has such an incredible fear of his wife being taken away from him due to Vampire Law, first dibs and all.

There is action, loads of jealousy, biffo, some attempted dream snatching, ex wife and a wife ( depends on who you are speaking to), some hot smexi ( like duh!) , ghouls, Vlad needing a bit of a platonic snuggle ( awwww), tempers flare, rescue attempts that aren’t really needed, a past memory erased, trust issues, may the best man win issues, Juan is still Juan. Tate thinks all his Christmas' have come at once.

Justina is still ... well Justina.

As the book blurb states, it is intense and emotional, but it’s also that wonderful rollercoaster ride you take with Cat and Bones like no other Urban Fantasy couple I have read.

Bones is just ... just ... one of a kind.

This is now where I interrupt transmission and we head off and SHOULD read Denise and Spades book - First Drop of Crimson and THEN read Mencheres and Kira book - Eternal Kiss of  Darkness. 

Now , I did not and kept on my merry way reading Night Huntress # 5 and got me some SPOILERS!! :p  Dang! I did not know that!!! That was when I realized I should have read these two books before # 5. It's just my tip for y'all.

I have let enough time go by , I shall go back and read these two books. If you haven't read this series, read # 1 to # 4 and then these two Night Huntress World books and then get back onto # 5 and so forth.

You can find all my Night Huntress reviews including any novella's I've read HERE. I still have a few novella's to read.

I highly recommend this urban fantasy series. Bones is one hell of a character and Ian will have you laughing at his snark. Filled with vamps, ghouls, villains, kickass characters and smexi that made my eyes boggle.

A series truly not to be missed.


Just for kicks here is Vlad's spinoff

Night Prince Series

Bound By Flames - 2015



  1. Ah this series... I loved the books too but I was a bit disappointed by book 6? Book 7 is the last one right? It's the only one I need to read.

  2. Yes, I need to read this. I got my series binge in order though. I'm almost caught up with Elemental Assassin, next on my list is Kate Daniels and then maybe this one just so I can read that infamous chapter 32

    1. Matey, I would hit up this one before Kate Daniels , just a personal order preference. I will say that Jeaniene Frost has bee acknowledged inside a Kate Daniels book , under where the author writes about those that have influenced them, helped them, bloggers etc, all that stuff. JF apparently had told the Ilona Andrews team, and don't quote my exact words, to put some sex into their Kate D series. HA! You may want to get a good dose of Bones before a small dose of Curran :D Just saying . I know time is tight on reading :D


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