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Aussie Covers for books # 1 - # 12
There are 15 books in the series.
US covers
Books # 1 - # 12

So, I am a HUGE fan of Morganville Vampires. It is a YA paranormal series and I have put readers of ALL ages onto this series. It is simply brilliant fun. I would probably say it is my favorite long YA series out of everything I have read YA to date.

I was totally sold by book # 3, Midnight Alley and I was addicted. I think each book definitely gets better and better , until insanely good.

The characters are ALL brilliant. I think Myrnin is one of my faves. I think he comes into the series from book 2 or book 3. He is a little crazy, a little addictive and a little brave and swing back around to cray cray. He is quite a unique character. I don't think I have read anybody quite like him to date.

I have read and reviewed the first twelve books. There are fifteen in total. I am excited to binge on the last three in a row as this series is very binge-worthy. 

Shane, Claire, Michael and Eve are your main characters and then you have a pile of sub characters that Rachel juggles like a carnival pro.

You can read my reviews on the first twelve books HERE scroll down to them. 

I also have a pile of other postings on this series. Plus among all the postings I have some video I took of a signing when Rachel came to Australia in 2011. She was at a Dymocks signing and I went down and met her.

A while back Rachel was looking for financial backing/sponsorship for a web TV show of Morganville Vampires. She got the backing to kickstart the series and you can read more about it HERE. Scroll down to 11th June posting and you can see what she did. I ummed and ahhhed about putting in some small dollars. It was in pledge groups of a certain amount. But peeps came through in droves and she had the $$$ before she could blink. That's saying a lot for the series. It is enormously popular. I totally dig it. 

The thing is when a series is coming to an end and I love the series, I always have trouble reading the last book. I have always read this series in groups of books. Like three or four at a time. I can't just read one. 

I have the last three to read and it will be kind of sad when I finish Daylighters # 15.

If you haven't started this series you can binge away to your hearts content without having to wait for the next book.

TRUST ME when I say it is a brilliant series. It is YA for both teenagers and adults. It flows really well and Rachel will give you an entertaining ride. I just think each book gets better and better until I was on one of those reading highs when I finished Black Dawn # 12 and I was yelling Yehaaa!

Over half a million ratings on Goodreads for the series. There's a bunch of novella's I need to read too. I do love a good novella. I think these would be great to read.

I can only say you are missing out if you don't pick up this series. If you already have read this series or started it, then you know what I am talking about.

You can pop over to Jemina's facebook page, I only cyberpsace met her the other day and she is a brilliant artist. She does some fabulous artwork on Morganville Vampires. Here is one image I took from her page to show you. And see if you can see Bob the spider.  I also love she put in Myrnin wearing his bunny slippers :D



  1. I only read a spin off adult series by this author but I'm so curious about this series after all the wonderful reviews I saw! I know I need to read it, I bought the 2 first books to a friend and thought she would let me read them, but she isn't my friend anymore and I need to rebuy them now. But so curious!

    1. Melliane, you have to read it. Wonderful series !

  2. I love Morganville too and I backed the kickstarter so I've been getting to see a few pictures from filming. It looks fantastic!

    1. Well done on backing Rachel with her project :)

  3. I know we've spoken about this series, but I still need to read the majority of this series. I've read the first three (I think) but I own up to Ghost Town. Guess I'll get to them one day. Thanks for sharing though Mich--I LOVE this segment!

    1. Rachel, the more you read this series the more you will get addicted. Rachel does a brilliant job of ALL the characters and she will take you on a really wild ride :D

      Thanks :D

  4. I'm not caught up on this series, Michelle, but I LOVE it!! Funny story...I had been wanting to start this series but just hadn't picked up #1. Then one day, while at Borders, I picked up Glass Houses, sat down and began reading Ms. Caine's front material. AND found out she went to the same university I did! Well, I had to read it then. And Morganville has a distinctly "Texas Tech University" feel to it. ;) I was thrilled to get to meet Rachel last year at RT. We got to chat a bit about Texas and our college. :)

    Happy Mother's Day, Michelle! (and happy birthday to your kiddo!)

    1. Thank You Brandee :D I have 3 kiddos and they are all getting older. Gahhhh!!!

      I can't remember if you are a mummy , but Happy Mother's Day anyway :D

      This is a really cool series, I put a lot of UK readers onto it, ladies of all ages and I told them for me , personally the magic really started from # 3 onwards. They kept in contact and told me how much they loved the series. That's great you got to meet Rachel and chat about Texas college. I don't really know college life as I never went to Uni . I live vicariously through college life in books :D


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