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By: Penelope Louleas
Published By: Penelope Louleas
Released : Available Now


Harbour Manning's life wasn't going to plan.

After finding her boyfriend, Derek, between the thighs of another woman, she was forced to re evaluate her life. When an offer to uproot and move to New York is presented to her, she grabs it with both hands and runs with it.

Lincoln Whitmore's engagement to model Rachael started with fireworks, but soon the love they shared diminished. On his final night in the city before a much-needed escape, Lincoln meets a gorgeous and funny woman, a woman so refreshing he is torn between wanting to stay and wanting to run.

A chance meeting has Harbour unable to forget the mystery man who captivated her instantly, and she once again finds herself thrust into his world.

What would you do if you found the one? How long would it take you to realize you couldn't live without them? And what happens when someone from your miserable past comes back with a reason for you to let go of your happy future?

When all the odds seem against her, will she stay and fight or go running back home?

Life doesn't always go to plan, but that doesn't mean you're heading in the wrong direction.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

Australian author, Penelope Louleas has made a smashing entrance with her debut novel, Harbour.

I really enjoyed meeting Harbour and her friends. Pierce is a bit of a fave of mine. He is both fairy godmother and loyal friend, to the core. I want me a Pierce.

“I like cock,” he whispered. I’d released my breath and laughed hysterically, so much so that people were staring. I’d finally stopped because my stomach was hurting.

“Me too.” I replied, even though I was completely inexperienced with them.

Pierce is the epitome of sexy. It’s like God spent a bit of extra time molding him perfectly, gave him this insanely sexy and charismatic personality, a great sense of humor, intelligence and then thought, I’ve made the perfect man. Women will fall all over themselves to be with him, so ha, ha, I’m going to make him attracted to men. Suck it, ladies!

Harbour is taking up a position in New York which allows her the freedom to flee from a creep who is her ex, in Australia. She grew a backbone and dumped the chump.

A masquerade ball leads to a kiss from a masked guy.

Enter Lincoln.

I got to say, I fell for Lincoln, hard. He is sexy, smart, he ticks the boxes a girl would dream of in a guy, but...


Did I just smash a mirror?

I think, if I was to be honest, Lincoln did drop the ball and crushed me a fair bit. He's a character that I loved, so he kind of hurt my fictional feelings.

He knows he dropped the ball. 

There were ways around it, but he did what he felt he had to do in the moment.


I absolutely adore Lincoln’s family. They are solid people with a good heart.

This is a story about second chances, and a girl with a past that fell hard for a man that was qualified to be her future and villains who come in all shapes.

A sexy read, that flowed very well, the pages kept turning, I got knocked around a bit with my emotions like a rugby tackle.

I look forward to reading the second installment in this series. 

Well done Penelope!



  1. Wow, Michelle! I want to read Harbour, meet her and Pierce and Lincoln! Those quotes about Pierce had me giggling. :) And you know, I think it must be good writing if a fictional character can hurt your fictional feelings. Great review, my dear!

    1. Brandee, oh so true. I always rate a book higher that can make me feel a lot of emotion towards its characters. I never lower my rating because of the bad feeling I have, because it still made me feel. I think of the other aspects of the read that I felt may have needed something a bit more to make it a 5 , for me personally. I do love a book that I call a 3D read that makes me 'feel'.

      Grab Harbour, I think you will fall for Lincoln too and Pierce, well I think every girl needs a Pierce in their life :D

  2. Ooo you have me curious to read this Michelle! Wonderful review :)

    1. Another Aussie author we have spat out :D


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