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By: Karen Chance
Published By: ROC 
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from library, 374 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Clairvoyant Cassie Palmer has inherited new magical powers-including the ability to travel through time. But it's a whole lot of responsibility she'd rather not have. Now she's the most popular girl in town, as an assortment of vamps, fey, and mages try to convince, force, or seduce her—and her magic—over to their side. But one particular master vampire didn't ask what Cassie wanted before putting a claim on her. He had a spell cast that binds her to him, and now she doesn't know if what she feels for him is real—or imagined…

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

In my review of Touch The Dark, the first book in the Cassandra Palmer series I did want more doing and less info dumping.

Karen delivered that in this installment.

With a nod to The Wizard of Oz, three old women, throw in some going back in time, some handy dandy tattoo wards, a total character 180 degree makeover in Pritkin, a pile of shenanigans and you have yourself a fast paced and entertaining read.

I say fast paced, but at the same time I found myself rereading parts, quite often, I think my mind was wandering a little again. I'm not sure why I do that with this particular series.

I love Urban Fantasy and the worlds that get built for me, but I did catch myself doing it again in this installment. I'm aiming for book # 3 to fix that.

I liked Mircea’s character much better in this installment, even though Pritkin was in it more.

Between Mircea, Pritkin and Tomas, I have three male characters who interest me in winding up with Cassie.

They all got a character makeover and raised the bar from book # 1.

The Graeae were the entertaining sidekicks in this installment.

Tony was eluding everyone, Myra was trying hard to do away with Mircea and Cassandra was under a geis that had powerful and painful results.

I was rather surprised at who got to claim Cassandra’s ‘V-card’ , considering book # 1, but unpredictable this installment was.

I liked what Karen did with Billy Joe’s character and Mac was a character I really wish stuck around a lot longer. I like him.

There once was a ghost name of Billy,
Who got in a jam rather silly,
He found a beautiful lass
And quick made a pass
Forgetting he only had mist for a willy.


With nods to Bram Stoker, Dracula and good ol’Jack is back, getting a bit of his own medicine.

For all the build up of getting into Faerie it was rather a short stay and I was kind of confused by the quick departure considering what they came for.

I had some questions about the whole going back in time and how that impacted the ‘now’ of the story. But, hey, let’s not think too hard about all that. I think it was explained to me, but then...

Anyhoo, moving on.

A lot is thrown at Cassandra, she has no time to even pee. It is all go, go, go.

It may be me, but some things I got a bit lost in with the geis, and the other geis and Mircea and Tomas.

Pritkin was my biggest surprise. He really was an ass in Touch The Dark but he is extremely likable and sexy in this installment. I was yo-yoing whether I could trust him.

Cassandra really grew on me in this book. She is kickass, doesn’t complain and is forever out to save somebody, even a clay man. She is learning how to use what she has and has to make a lot of quick thinking decisions.

I am enjoying her getting better kickass chick lines too.

“Girlfriend,” I told her, blinking to clear the blood out of my vision, “you so do not want to fuck with me today.”

Up next is, Embrace The Night.


Recently named the world’s chief clairvoyant, Cassandra Palmer still has a thorn in her side. As long as Cassie and a certain master vampire—the sizzling-hot Mircea—are magically bound to each other, her life will never be her own…

The spell that binds them can only be broken with an incantation found in the Codex Merlini, an ancient grimoire. The Codex’s location has been lost in the present day, so Cassie will have to seek it out in the only place it can still be found—the past.

But Cassie soon realizes the Codex has been lost for a reason. The book is rumored to contain some seriously dangerous spells, and retrieving it may help Cassie to deal with Mircea, but it could also endanger the world…


  1. yes its 1 of them series that your mind does tend to keeps your interest then all of a sudden you trying to find where you were.
    That being said it is a fantastic series....I'm all caught up and waiting on Reap the Wind November & Masks 20/3

    1. Hi Debbie,

      I am so glad it isn't just me. I NEVER mind wander, but for some reason I find myself doing it in this series and it kinda bothers me. I don't want to do that. # 3 will be the one to break that :D Thanks for stopping by!



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