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DAY 13: I've travelled across to Tasmania on my magical Kombi van to meet up with Jenn Roseton for a chat . You can read about her 4 Quick Things and have a read of her excerpt from Coldwater Springs #3, Curves And The Rancher.

Giddy Up!

Welcome Jenn.


Jenn Roseton believes that romance and happy endings go together. When she’s not writing, she indulges in delicious gourmet chocolate.

Although she’s spent time in Wyoming, unfortunately she didn’t meet a sexy cowboy of her own.

4 Quick Things

A quote that means something to you. 

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” - Ayn Rand

Who is your book boyfriend? 

My book boyfriend is Raul Vega from Staking His Claim
 by Lynda Chance.

He’s one hot alpha hero who makes my toes curl!

Who is your book girlfriend? 

My book girlfriend is Sarah Dearly from the Immortality Bites series by Michelle Rowen. She’s funny, feisty and tells her hero exactly how she feels about him.

 Author that inspired you and why? 

Jayne Ann Krentz. I discovered her a long time ago and she has remained my favourite author throughout the years. I love her heroes and heroines, her plots and her phrasing.

 Will you be attending the Indie Author Down Under Gold Coast event 22nd March 2014?

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No, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it as I live in Tasmania but it sounds as if will be fun!

Title of Book : Curves and the Rancher
(BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 3)
State : Tasmania
Author: Jenn Roseton
Series Title: Coldwater Springs
Published By : Self Published
Date Released : 12 October 2013
Genre : Sexy contemporary romance

When Cassie’s car breaks down in Coldwater Springs, Wyoming, she’s in a bind. On the run, she doesn’t know who she can trust.

Until she meets Luke Jackson. The hunky rancher captures her heart and helps her face her fears. But can he convince her that he’s fallen in love with her, and her curves?

This is a sexy contemporary romance novelette of approximately 12,700 words.

Excerpt for Curves and the Rancher 
(BBW Romance - Coldwater Springs 3)

"So now you’ve been here awhile, what do you think of Coldwater?” he enquired. 

Quivers of excitement danced down her spine. Luke made her feel as if she were the only person in the world. “I like it here,” she murmured.

His lips curved in a slow smile. “Good.”

Bang! Bang! The hail had slowed down for a few minutes, but now it returned in full force. Luke reached out and tucked a strand of auburn hair behind her ear. “You’d better stay here tonight. There’s no knowing how long this storm will go on for.”

Relief coursed through her. Although she’d been trying not to show it, she’d been worried about driving home in the storm. “Okay,” she agreed, leaning into him as his fingers caressed her hair.

His eyes snared hers and his mouth slowly descended. She held her breath, waiting for the moment when their lips would touch. He slanted his mouth over hers, his tongue coaxing her lips to open. Cassie parted her lips in surrender, her pulse beating erratically. Luke gathered her to him as if he was never going to let her go...


Michelle:  What five words describe Jenn Roseton the AUTHOR?

Jenn:  Funny, romantic, sweet, sexy, love.

Michelle:  What five words describe the person behind the author?

Jenn: Shy, good sense of humor, positive, thoughtful (I try to be), chocolate.

Michelle: If you were given the task of walking up to somebody random in the street and you were to explain your Coldwater Springs Series to them in a short speech what would you tell them? Not your book blurbs, but something more...deeper.

Jenn:  Big beautiful women who have twinges of self-doubt now and then about their figures find true love in Coldwater Springs with men who love every part of them - their figure, their brains, their looks and their personality. And help them celebrate their curves.

Michelle: Curves and the Rancher is the third book/novelette in your Coldwater Springs series. What ten words describe Luke Jackson?

Jenn: Strong, silent, dependable, kind, hot, sexy, appreciative, skilled, cowboy, Wyoming

Michelle: What ten words would Cassie use to describe Luke?

Jenn: Amazing kisser (is that two words?), skilled (LOL), passionate, yummy, incredible, thoughtful, kind, strong, capable.

Michelle: What quote do you think is the most powerful from Curves and the Rancher?

Jenn:  “Now seemed like the perfect opportunity to tell Luke what her feelings were - if she had the courage.”

Michelle: Is there a song you listened to the most while writing this novelette and why?

Jenn: I don’t listen to music when I write as I think it would distract me. I need total peace and quiet.

Michelle:  What song best describes Luke and why?

Jenn: I don’t listen to much music so I haven’t thought of Luke in those terms. It would have to be a song with a strong beat and a decent melody.

Michelle: Casting call. Who do you see in your mind when writing Luke and Cassie and do you have an image of each?

Jenn: I have an image in my head of what they look like. The male model on the cover is pretty much how I picture Luke. For Cassie, a curvier version of Galadriel Stineman comes to mind.

Michelle: What has been the one thing that stands out to you in your journey as a writer?

Jenn: To never give up. Every time I put out a new book, I wonder if people will like it.  I’m very grateful that readers seem to like my Coldwater Springs series.

Michelle: Where were you and what were you doing when you came up with the initial idea for Coldwater Springs series?

Jenn: I was at home, trying to come up with ideas for a new book, and thought, why not make it a BBW romance, because my previous BBW book, BBW Needs Hot Sex, was one of my favourite books to write, as I’m a BBW too :-) And then I came up with the idea of my BBW falling in love with a cowboy. And when Curves and the Cowboy did well, I thought it would be fun to write about Sarah’s cousin in Curves and the Sheriff.

Michelle: What has been the most memorable book signing or book event you have been to and why?

Jenn: The Romantic Times Convention in Nashville a long, long time ago, LOL. I listened to Nora Roberts speak, as well as meeting a lot of lovely authors and had a great time.

Michelle: If your life at this point in time could be described in a chocolate flavor or an icecream flavor, what flavor would it be and why?

Jenn: Dark chocolate orange. Because I love gourmet chocolate, especially 55-88 %, and the dark smoothness of the chocolate combined with the sweet tanginess of the orange describes my life pretty well at the moment.

Michelle: Thankyou Jenn for taking the time to answer my Q’s and all the best with your writing.

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Tomorrow stop by as I am visiting Rhian Cahill and L.L. Hunter.

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