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By: Aleatha Romig
Published By: Romig Works
Released : Available Now
Details: Kindle, 480 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Book #2 of the Consequences Series:

Claire Nichols endured the CONSEQUENCES of Anthony Rawlings’ vendetta.

When she first arrived to his home, her goal was survival. Through strength and compartmentalization Claire captivated her captor. Her resilience in the face of his rule threatened Anthony’s well developed plan. He thought he taught her to behave-but domination became desire and Claire taught Tony to love.

Their passion and adoration in a world of opulence appeared perfect, yet the reality was a roller coaster of emotion. Claire’s world teetered on the edge of sanity as Antony monitored her every move. When given the opportunity to flee, Claire drove away—a fateful decision which began a well laid plan.

Unbeknownst to either of them, there were others who saw past the perfect facade of Anthony Rawlings. There were others who saw the TRUTH. Conspiracy and unfulfilled promises result in an early prison release for Claire. Not just a release—a pardon. According to the law, her crime never happened!

Will it be that easy? Faced with freedom from her past—can Claire seize it? Can she build a new life, mend her broken spirit, become the woman she once was, and seek her own revenge? Or is it all a game? And does the game master have different plans?

How does Sophia Burke fit into the puzzle that is Tony and Claire? Will her presence affect the future of this well esteemed man? Can he dominate twice? Is that his goal?

TRUTH continues the tumultuous saga of CONSEQUENCES, introduces new players, and uncovers more intrigue. Aleatha Romig skillfully weaves past transgressions through current deception to create a fervent world of obsessed desire. In this reality can an all-consuming relationship survive?

When buried sins are discovered they threaten not only Tony and Claire’s future—but their very lives! Will the TRUTH be revealed in time?

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

Love can conquer all, but at what price?

It doesn’t take long and Aleatha has me back in the ‘ ring ‘ sparring, dodging her words.

Can a leopard change its spots?

Can a square become a circle with some manipulation?

What draws a moth to a flame, a bug to a bug zapper?

Aleatha is a writer who will draw you into her books like a moth to a flame. You will be that bug that gets zapped several times emotionally and you will be wondering if a leopard truly can change its spots, or are you that square with enough manipulation and coercion can change shape into a circle and wind up back where you started.

Truth be told, Truth had me twisted up like a pretzel when it came to Claire’s character. I was one of those nice straight pretzels that look like a stick, and then I became one of those twisted up pretzels where the ends don’t meet.

What I appreciate about Aleatha’s writing is, everything is so well thought out. Her plot thickens and then it thickens more and when you don’t think it could stand to thicken any more...well, it does.

If I could have been captured reading this book and drawn as a loony tunes cartoon, I would have been pulling all sorts of faces while reading this book. I could pick up a cartoon hammer and pound away on my head with little consequence to myself, be Wil E. Coyote and hold a stick of dynamite and wait for it to explode.

One scene in particular deserved a W.T.H.J.H, T-shirt. Aka, What-the-hell-just-happened.

Claire and I were doing so well. We were cruising along our head held high. We were in control. We were da bomb.

"You say you love or loved me, past or present. You don't know what love is. You have an obsession, and it really needs to stop. Stop watching me. Stop having me watched. Your fun is done. It's over."

And then... a web caught us. We did little to struggle. My nice strong square became a circle.

There are so many ‘whiplash’ moments in this book. Many moments where I was yelling at my kindle screaming nooOOoOoooOOOo!!

Many moments that will hit a new raw nerve with the reader. Oo yeah! You are not alone.

To assume with Aleatha’s writing is dangerous. Assumptions can come with a twist.

Aleatha is one clever, clever, woman.

I was going to give this book 4.5 stars at one stage, to be honest I did have trouble with Claire’s reasoning’s and Tony’s apologies and I am a bit of an elephant when it comes to not forgetting. Unfortunately my downfall is I forgive too easily.

A lot can happen at Aleatha’s fingertips in 10% of a book.

Holy. Mother. Of. Pearl.

Now I will say in this installment I did start piecing things together more easily, but in saying that, Aleatha still threw me these AWESOME placed twists that I didn’t see coming. Some I was sitting back waiting to be proven correct. I so appreciate an author who can still knock me off my theory pedestal.

This series is a patchwork quilt of lives and deceit and some of those patches will have a question mark on them as I just don’t understand some peoples thinking. I don’t understand Tony and the why of his more horrendous anger... after reading this installment. I don’t understand his ability to find reason for cause, but a master’s ability to move on from the past with little conscience. We do see more inside the man, but I am waiting for Behind His Eyes to get that explosive POV. I mean who isn't going to be a Curious George and want inside Tony's head. 

With the ending of Truth, I have learnt not to assume anything Aleatha is dangling in front of me, or my understanding of it.

Again, this is an enormously talented author when it comes to mind twisting.

I can’t think of another author I have read that does it so well.

This I appreciate.

An enormous amount of plotting has gone into both these books. I need a breather before my blog tour stop for Convicted # 3, but time is of the essence so I must get onto Convicted ASAP.

OOo my poor brain.

The book cover truly represents this story within the pages in many ways. I have to admit no matter what we think of Anthony Rawlings and Claire’s reaction to a man who could quite well go down in history as the most conniving, manipulative and a whole thesaurus of words, man, I have ever read. There is something that intrigues us. We are a voyeur in these couples lives that we can’t seem to get enough of.

No matter how confronting.

It takes two to Tango, do the dance of love, no matter how warped it can be at times.

With new sub characters brought into the mix, this installment delivers. By the time you are finished you have a patchwork quilt of faces and scenes that will stay with you and moments that will derail you. 

I take my hat off to you, Aleatha. You know how to do the twisted Tango.

Am I Team Tony? Not at the moment. I need a lot more convincing. Sorry Tony fans. My star sign is Libra and with all things I weigh everything up. I can see Tony is trying, but dang, there are visuals that I am having trouble overlooking. I think I am confused by a man like Tony. I see what he can be, but I also have seen what he has done and is capable of, and that just frightens me. 

Tony looked perplexed. "It was the only way to save you."
Claire tried to comprehend his words. "I have no idea what you're saying. Save me, from what?"
Tony looked down, his tired eyes suddenly dark and gloomy, and his voice flat with restrained emotion, "Me."

There are many things that make a woman want a man like Tony, many that are materialistic, many things that look on the surface all shiny and pretty. Women would line up for the Tony they see on the surface, but then there is the real Tony. The one that few people know.

When a vendetta runs that deep, it consumes you. I find that too dangerous for me. He has ways of dealing with people I can't overlook. I do see a heart there, but, it is for the select few, anybody else is open season. 

Am I Team Harry? Yes. He makes me smile. I would feel safe.

When they reached the threshold, Harry stopped and asked, "Are you letting me in, or pushing him out?"

With Tony there are consequences and a game.

Now , I am even more nervous about Convicted. What I do know is it will be one hell of a ride. Once you pay the entrance fee, strap yourself in for this series because once you are on, it is hard to get off.



  1. I really wish I read this with you! I love our offline convos and we have the same thoughts more or less although you seem to tolerate Tony more than I do. My lips are sealed but prepare to be devastated yet again in Convicted!

    1. Yes! We should have held hands together. I am getting my cyberhand held now, lol!! I just have to release every now and then, so you and Aleatha get hit up with my rantings, lol! I have cracked open Convicted and yup I am devastated by the FIRST CHAPTER!! Lordy!




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